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#01 rules
•This is for one on one roleplay searching
•Yaoi, yuri, shota, crack, kings, NC17, whatever your poison, you're welcome here (mature themes to be posted under a cut! Anything more than "Smut Y/N" HAS to be put under a cut!!).
•Please remember to tag your applications with the series you RP in (each post must have atleast one tag).
•Please play nice. Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable, but flaming and bashing is just plain rude. This is a friendly environment, please don't ruin that.
•Pimpng your journal RPs is acceptable. This is only for independent roleplayers (NOT GROUPS)
•If I receive multiple complaints about a member concerning their conduct, I reserve the right to ban them from the community
•This is for finding another one on one partner, not for a group. I may make another journal for groups.
•Please only post ads
•Do not post ads with pictures, if you feel the desire to use pictures in the post please use a text link to themonce a week. Repeatedly posting ads every few days will result in a warning, followed by being banned from the community if the warning is ignored.
•Even if the ad has completely different content, do not repost it. Edit an old post to update it. If this is not done, and posts continue to be made more often than once a week I will still issue a warning
•If you see someone breaking these rules please let me know here moderate_me.
•When posting your RP request (introduction) for a partner, please use this form and for goddness sake paste the code in HTML, not rich text!
•If posts come through the queue and they do not have any tags on them, they will be rejected. This is simply to help you and others find each other!
• If your roleplay search has 18+/Mature themes please put it under a cut, there are people out there who feel uncomfortable with being faced with these themes
•Be smart and remember to paste the forms in HTML not rich text or else your post will end up improperly formatted.
•If you have a problem with a partner you meet here at rp_me. , please message the mods (moderate_me. ). Any user reported more than once will be banned from the community. e are serious about keeping the great environment here.
Accepted Complaints are things like: sexual harassment, unnecessary name calling, cyber stalking. Complaints must include some form of proof, perhaps a snippet of the inappropriate conversation.
•Have fun meeting new people!

( The Cr )
#02 the creeper
Unfortunately there is a creeper running rampant around the internet, targeting female het roleplayers in particular. His livejournal accounts are regularly blocked from this community and his contact information is continually updated and posted for members to avoid.

Visit this Insane Journal post for more information about him.

Here are a list of his more current AIM screennames:

aprilbabehunter, cocacolaprofits, gunsnhendrix12, hotinthecar, jimmybloffetsuk, winwinhoooorah, greengrassin2011, PepsiGeneration6, largemountains, hotdayagaintoday, dogschewalot, openeddoors6, papv12, wouldulikechips, happysnacksordie and drpepgirl2011

His YIM screenname is:


His MSN screenname is:


Good luck avoiding him, because although he is a harmless loser, he is annoying and very persistent.
.hack, 3x3 eyes, air, akazukin cha cha, akira, angel sanctuary, angelic layer, anime, appleseed, armitage 3, astroboy, ayashi no ceres, azumanga, bakuretsu hunter, bastard, battle angel alita, battle athletes, berserk, bleach, blue seed, blue submarine #6, boys be, brain powered, bubblegum crisis, candidate for goddess, captain tylor, card captor sakura, castle of cagliostro, chobits, clamp, comic party, cowboy bebop, cutey honey, darkstalkers, di gi charat, digimon, dirty pair, dna2, dominion: tank police, dragon half, dragon pink, dragonball z, dual, el hazard, escaflowne, excel saga, final fantasy, flame of recca, flcl, fruits basket, full metal panic, fullmetal alchemist, furi kuri, fushigi yuugi, gatekeepers, ghost in the shell, grave of the fireflies, gravitation, gundam, gundam wing, hana yori dango, hanakimi, hand maid may, hikaru no go, inu yasha, kamikaze kaitou jeanne, kanon, key the metal idol, kiki, kimagure orange road, kingdom hearts, kodomo no omocha, laputa, last exile, love hina, lupin iii, macross, magic knight rayearth, magic users club, mahou tsukai tai, maison ikkoku, manga, marmalade boy, megaman, megazone 23, mononoke hime, nadesico, naruto, nausicaa, neo ranga, neon genesis evangelion, ninja scroll, noir, oh my goddess, ojamajo doremi, one piece, orphen, ouran koukou host club, parallel dual, paranoia agent, perfect blue, pokemon, prince of tennis, princess mononoke, project a-ko, ranma 1/2, record of lodoss war, revolutionary girl utena, robotech, roleplay, roleplaying, rp, rurouni kenshin, saber marionette, saikano, sailor moon, saint tail, sakura diaries, sakura wars, samurai champloo, scry-ed, serial experiments: lain, shaman king, sister princess, slam dunk, slayers, sol bianca, star ocean ex, strawberry eggs, suikoden, tenchi, tenchi muyo, tenipuri, tenshi, those who hunt elves, to heart, tokyo babylon, totoro, trigun, urusei yatsura, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, vandread, video games, video girl ai, weiss kreuz, x 1999, yami no matsuei.

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