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Find an RP Partner~
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#01 rules
All RP Characters and Roleplayers must be 18+ or please find another community to search for RP partners.

We have zero tolerance for pedophilia/underage type of RP's. Such posts will be rejected and you will be banned from the community.

• This is for one on one roleplay searching as well as for small-scale group rp's. (Less than 5 members.) If you are the owner of a rp search community or a larger group rp, please contact me directly (Private Message or on Discord: Cluttery#3953) for a partnership.

One advert per person per 7 days. Even if the ad has completely different content, do not repost it. Edit an old post to update it. Extra ads will be deleted and you will be warned. If you continue to break this rule you will be banned from participating in the community.

All adverts have to be Safe For Work (SFW) Mature themes are to be posted under a cut! Anything more than "Smut Y/N" HAS to be put under a cut. This includes limits and kinks.

Advert Length Limit: Everything above 300 words has to be put behind an lj-cut. Alternatively if less words are used but spaced oddly, half a Word document page is the limit, anything more has to be behind a lj-cut. This is to prevent excessively long posts that break member's friends pages.

• Please remember to tag your adverts with the series you RP in (each post must have at least one tag). Use the tag ‘original’ if you do not RP in a fandom.

Do not post ads with pictures, if you feel the desire to use pictures in the post please use a text link.

• Please play nice. Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable, but flaming and bashing is just plain rude. This is a friendly environment, please don't ruin that. Do not take passive aggressive jabs at anyone for their preferences. Live and let live, folks.

• Have fun meeting new people!

• You may use the following form for your advert, or create an advert individual to you. Copy & Paste this form and post it in HTML, not rich text!

•If you see someone breaking these rules or you are having trouble with a fellow community member please send a PM to moderate_me !

( Also check out! )
#02 rp_me partner communities
We’re happy to announce our first partner community!

Roleplay Meets Reborn is a Discord-based roleplay search community that caters to one on ones, group rps, and even other Discord communities. If you’re looking for new partners or players for your group rp we have a roleplay search section where you may advertise for all mediums. If a big server-wide group rp is more your bag we have several partner servers that cover most every genre.

Come join us! Take part in chat, read through the ads, post your own, or just lurk.


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