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another PJO ad? maybe so

•Multi paragraph or novella, past tense, third person
•Doubling and side characters are fine, not required
•Romance! Only M/M or F/F, though

Hello… it’s me again… yes I know… what a surprise… 👀

My last few posts had some solid hits! The only reason I’m posting another ad is because I’ve had a few people drop out either once we’ve started roleplaying or planning, which is fine; I’m very ditch-friendly and alright if you lose interest or are too busy to roleplay, so I’m just looking for other people to fill in those gaps. :)

Anyway, I’m looking to roleplay OCs in the Percy Jackson universe, mainly the original series focusing on Greek aspects since I’m very… not fully set with HoO or other Riordan books yet, but I’m alright with incorporating Roman aspects and such depending on the plot. I have a few plot bunnies you can check out here in this Google doc, but none of them are a prerequisite for the roleplay, just some ideas to get the ball rolling. If you have your own ideas or want to expand on any of these or combine a few, let me know!

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Name: Anna
Age: 29

Timezone: gmt+1 but I'm on at the strangest of hours

About Me: I’ve been writing RPs for about half of my life by now. 99% of those are Yaoi aka MxM and that's what I feel most comfortable with. I'm very fine with adult content and usually write around 200-300 words aka about 2 or 3 paragraphs? I guess that's my ideal post length for both giving and receiving.

What I’m Looking For: I'm looking for some nice Rp with a good amount of romance and story, but I’m not opposed to some smut when the scene is right. Generally I prefer to play the bottom part in bed but that doesn't mean my character is a girly, shy, blushing uke all the time. I also am willing to play a switch that still leans towards bottom in the beginning. Generally my characters have a spine and can dish out just as much as they can take.


Idea No.1: Emperor & Conquered Prince (bdsm'ish)

The war with the empire had been quick and merciless their small kingdom not standing a chance against the might of the fast growing empire. The last thing the crown prince (MC) remembered from his home was the burning flames devouring the castle and the terrified screams of servants. His father had been slain and he had been captured and collared intended as a present for the young emperor (YC). MC expected to be nothing more than a slave, used and abused. Little did he know that there was more to the emperor than just a war hungry brute and he had to realize that he enjoyed submitting to the emperor's dominance who in turn kept him safe from dangers he hadn’t even known existed.

Idea No.2: King/Prince & Crossdressing Prince

The night before MC was born, his father, the king had a prophetic dream that a terrible fate awaited the prince. Fearing for the future of his country the king made an unusual choice. He decided that instead of a prince, a princess had been born, thinking he could fool the fates with this charade.
Years later one of the neighboring countries wants to form an alliance by having the ‚Princess‘ marry YC who is either the young recently crowned king or the crownprince of that country.

Idea No.3: Lord & Crossdressing Servant

This is loosely based on a webcomic I‘m reading. MC has been pretending to be a female maid for a while, working for a Lord when that Lord‘s daughter is told to marry another Lord who has only recently risen in ranks. But since the daughter wants to marry higher in rank she uses MC and sends him as a decoy to the Lord, hatching a plan to have the Maid take all the blame for the decoy.
Little did the woman know that the Lord she was meant to marry actually does enjoy male company more and seeing through MC‘s disguise he decides to agree to the marriage anyway which only benefited both of the men. The Maid had a secure position and power and the Lord had a ‚wife‘ to present to the King so he would stop nagging him to marry anymore.

Fandoms I’d also be happy to plot something for Canon x Canon (and characters I know I can play):
Hakuoki (Okita),
Touken Ranbu (Nagasone, Kashuu, Kikkou, Souza),
Prince of Tennis (Atobe, Gakuto, Akaya, Sanada)

Also I'm more than happy to expand side characters to secondary pairings where I'm willing to take on a more top role as well to balance things out.

Contact: you can reach me under minazu.ruka[a]gmail.com if you are interested. I also have Skype or Discord if that is more your type of communication.



A drell who is stuck on that shady asteroid known as Omega, works as a personal guard and assassin to the leader of a criminal organization. He’s in the claws of the eclipse hold, indebted to them trying to run away or someone that can help him get out to a new life or at least help him take out the guy who holds the end of his leash. He's desperate to get out or bring down the organization being one of the hanar's highly trained makes it no easy task alone. Along with keeping his baby daughter a secret and out of reach of his owner's knowledge makes it an even dire challenge.

(This will be all in the setting of the original mass effect trilogy. Because honestly Andormeda as a whole story boiled down is a near carbon copy of the original, that is more like a spin off and a hot mess that can't be fixed.)
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Looking for that Someone Special


Hello, hello~ My name is Su and I’m currently searching for a long term partner for a modern fantasy roleplay! Ideally, you would be open to incorporating all the different sexualities and identities in our little world, however, it is not required. I lean very heavily toward yaoi (mxm or m//), and it is my preferred choice. I write in third person, past tense only. First person has never agreed with me. I average five paragraphs and would like the same of my partner. I’m not a grammar nazi, but please, have a decent grasp on the subject. I do have a generalized plot in mind and want to believe it has the potential to grow into something so much more. By generalized, I mean just that. I have basic ideas as that is what I tend to roll with, and develop them as the story moves along. If I haven’t lost you yet, here is the link to my full ad; https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uZ2f8Se9FGSgaAm-PAPxs1jQumDusS0Sks_i1WpxirQ/edit

Thanks a lot for reading and hope to hear from someone soon!



Looking for an RP Partner

Hello there. Im looking for someone to RP with over email. First let me talk a bit about myself. Im 21, female. I work at an Internet company. I am expecting twins in a few months ^_^. Im up to RP pretty much anything. Some of my favorite types of things to RP are supernatural/people with powers Like X-men,Pokemon,Zombie Apocalypse,and Aliens. Oh and I also love humanoid creatures. Like Nekos and Dragon people! How much Im able to write: It all depends on how busy i am. Other than work im not all that busy. So ill be able to post pretty often ^_^. Also the length depends on whats going on in the story. My limits: I dont really have any limits. Anything goes! You can contact me at silverfox191@outlook.com thats the easiest way to get ahold of me


Hello! My name is Satirical, I'm 22 years old, and I'm looking for someone who is 18+ to roleplay with. I am looking to roleplay one on one in Skype, Steam, Tumblr, or LiveJournal, and I would like the roleplay to be kept private.

Here are the roleplays I'm interested in: (Extra roleplays are in the spoiler!) If you're not interested in any of these, feel free to check the spoiler for other things like TF2, Overwatch, Friday the 13th, AvP, Transformers, etc.

*Star Wars* For this roleplay, I'm interested in a partner that can play Darth Vader against my Medical Trooper. Later on, roleplay will involve my character's experimental skin grafting/organ augmenting treatments, which eventually leads to Vader being treated to the point of no longer needing his suit to survive(although he will obviously still wear it.) Further details will be discussed in private! I'll be using my female character Eileen, who will start out as a Private, and eventually rise up in the ranks as we progress.

*Original* I love original rps! Sci-fi, drama, horror, romance. I can do FxM, MxM, or FxF. For obvious reasons, I'd only like another female partner for FxF rps. For romance, though, I don’t enjoy human x human in M/F pairings unless my partner’s character is very particular and interesting. I'm interested in playing Rory and Rozalia again at some point, but Rory is particular, so we would have to discuss further. Any of my OCs are available.

[Characters, Extra rps, Contact Info]My characters: (I can MAKE new ones for the rp)

Eileen Mason(Human) - 22 years old, pansexual, loves non-human partners. Female, oblivious, into medicine.
Eileen Mason(Fox girl) - 25, pansexual. A roboticist, and a full on scientist. Loves robots, non-humans, etc. She has her fox instincts in tact. (I have a reference for her.)
Rory Pravus(Human or Vampire) - 27 years old. Gay. Only a bottom for M/M roleplays. (I have a reference for him.)
Hemlock(Floran) - 218 years old. Doesn't understand sexuality. He's really primitive, his english isn't the best, and he is an alien. Big beefy boy. (I have a reference for him.)
Wander(Novakid) - Southern accent, sweet, pansexual. (I have a reference for him.)
Rozalia Pravus(Human or Vampire) - 27 years old. Demisexual/Demiromantic. A lot harder to get to. (Reference)
Jack(Wendigo) No set age. A curious Wendigo with the ability to go into a more humanoid form, and be able to revert back to his Wendigo form.


*Overwatch* I'm interested in Genyatta, Roadrat, and I am willing to try out McHanzo. For Genyatta, I would prefer playing Zenyatta. But for the other two, I'll do either or. It also doesn't have to be romantic. I had some ideas I wanted to try out, with putting all of the Overwatch characters into a zombie apocalypse, and seeing how it would play out.

*Friday the 13th* I've always been interested in Jason Voorhees and the series as a whole, and I'd love to finally try roleplaying it. I'd like a partner that is willing to roleplay as Jason against my female OC, and I'm hoping for something romantic. Because it IS Jason, I don't expect there to be any smut, but I wouldn't disallow it.

*Alien Vs Predator* I'm so in love with the Yautja, and would love to do a roleplay where my character comes into contact with one. Alternatively, a Xenomorph that imprints on my scientist character, as they were 'raised' in captivity. Or we can do a scenario with multiple Xenomorph, and we can discuss any saucy details privately. I'd prefer only F/M with me as the female. (I'd like if this rp eventually turns smutty.)

*Half Life 2* Specifically, I'm interested in the Vortigaunts in the game. I have sexual headcanons about their species if you're interested, but it's their personalities that really aid my attraction towards them. I want a scenario where my female rebel meets a Vortigaunt and eventually, their relationship blossoms. It can be an original Vortigaunt or Uriah from Episode 2!

*Team Fortress 2* I'm really into the Pyro lately after watching the Mei Vs Pyro rap. He's so cool in it; and I've always liked him, but right now I really want someone who can roleplay as him against my female OC. (I'd prefer the red Pyro but anything works.) I can also be Miss Pauling if you don't like playing with OCs, or if you prefer MxM, I can be one of the other characters in the game; your choice.

*Transformers* I would like a roleplay that is Decepticon based, in the Transformers Prime arc. I would like to play as Starscream or Soundwave, with my partner being Knockout, Megatron, or Shockwave. (We can play multiples as NPCs of course.) I wouldn't mind trying out Knockout with Breakdown as a subplot to the main RP.

*Original/Symbiote* This is inspired by the new Venom movie of course. Although I do love Venom himself, it wouldn't feel right if he wasn;'t with Eddie, so I'd prefer having a symbiote of my own, one similar to Venom. All details of how this symbiote meets my character can be discussed, and I'd prefer playing my female character(Eileen), but I could use one of my male OCs if you'd prefer.

If you're interested, please hit me up, and we can exchange details. We can discuss things like kinks in private. For me, no scat, pedophilia, watersports, feet stuff.

Things I'd prefer:

Third person, semi-lit or full paragraghs.
Full grammar capabilities.
You MUST be 18+. I'm 22 so it'd be creepy hanging out with a little kid.
I love smut, and I don't fade to black.

Please message me on LiveJournal, or on Tumblr, or even Twitter. I'd really prefer to roleplay on Discord, too. But if you have preferences, I am willing to compromise. (Like Skype, email, etc.) My Discord is Satirical#3118

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moocownamedmoo

Tumblr: http://satiricalgaming.tumblr.com/

Email: folkdancingegg@hotmail.com
hey there demons, it's me, ya boi.

i'm hoping for a preferably long-term partnership for harry potter or mcu (or both, honestly!).
if these fandoms tickle your fancy, please keep reading!

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Is this mic on?

Hey everyone I hope you all have a wonderful day! I'm going by Gryps and I’m just excited to find some m/m or m/f plots!
contact: Email/hangouts: warmhummingbirdnest@gmail.com or Discord:hummingbird#3150
About me: 27 (my birthday was yesterday!), female rper, pretty geeky, I adore birds, tea, talking characters, plotting, writing, art, makeup, 80’s music, jewelry and books!
How I write: 2 - 8 paragraphs depending what works for us! 3rd person only but I’m flexible on tense and I hope for replies that make me excited to reply while I try my stinking best to do the same for you!
Looking for: Original plots or using fandom setting as a backdrop. I really hope to find chill, relaxed and like-minded rpers. I'm just looking for a fun time writing while getting passionate about our stories and characters. Please understand I only write with roleplayers that are 21+ and I strongly prefer to write with fellow female writers.
Wordbank: Historical settings | Modern (no pure slice of life) | mythology | Scifi | Andriods | cyberpunk | Morally grey characters | Fantasy | Urban Fantasy | Fae courts | Rough outsides, soft insides | Mecha | fairytales | Royalty | Outlaws | A/B/O | dragon riders | Fluff | wings without the angels | Shapeshifters | Rivalry | Pirates | Forbidden romances | Monster boyfriends | werewolves | Alien civilizations | Arranged marriages | Mutual pining | Affairs | smut | Rebellions | polyships | secret societies | size differences | Legal not creepy age gaps | class differences | drama | Passion | Betrayal | rivals | Demons
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RP Partner Search on Discord

Heya. I'm a 19 year old roleplayer from Europe. I've done this for close to 6 years now and I'm alright at it but I'm not the best writer.
I want a decent sized reply every time and no one liners. I need something to work with and I will return the favor as well.
I expect replies to be somewhat quick. I'm not someone who rps over time, I'm someone who sits down and spends time to rp as if I was playing a game or something. So a reply every 20-30 minutes is good, less is better though.
I do rp smut so, yeah. I love romance, fantasy, action, lewd things and gore in my rps. I don't mind rping a fully smut based rp either if that's what you'd like.

Add me on Discord Dai#4472


Not your Typical Military Rps


Brothers In Arms. Your Average Grunts. Spec Ops. POWs. Who you gonna be?

Basic info:
- looking for a one perfectly matched rp partner or a small group of compatible, like-minded individuals (ideally just 3 people)
- well-fleshed out, multi-dimensional, mature, adult characters and interesting dynamics between them
- epic military (optionally law enforcement) themed stories, filled with a lot of action, drama and possibly some organic romance (any type is welcomed)
- realistic, modern settings just as well as sci-fi/fantasy ones
- discord server for OOC planning and optionally also for rp

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Find an RP Partner~

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