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Avatar before discord roleplay server

Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, This roleplay takes places 20 years before the return of anng join my brand new server it'll be a lot of fun https://discord.gg/k4UJrBx


Hello guys! I'm not going to make a long and drawn out post, I'll just type a bit about me and what I'm looking for, yeah?

Okay, so my name is Kayla, I'm 22 years old and I prefer my writing partners to be at least 20 and up. As for roleplaying, I've been roleplaying for around 10 years and I'm an aspiring book writer and screenwriter. I'm looking for someone that can at least give me 250 to 500 words in a post. Also, someone that respond at least 2 times a day in the roleplay. I like a bit of consistency. You also have to be comfortable with OCs. I don't mind doubling up on pairings and characters (And playing males in addition to females), but I do prefer you be willing to play a male character or two as well. I'm mostly interested in mxf, but I can be into fxf or mxm if you give me a compelling reason.

I'm really looking for just a few specific fandoms and maybe one or two Original ideas.

For the Fandoms....

Twilight- I really want to either focus on the Wolf pack and their imprints (I've got a plot in mind), or focus on Bella in different relationship with one of the other Cullens.

Girl Meets World- Give me a season 4 What-If. I found a post on Tumblr that gives a whole entire summary for each episode of what season 4 could've been. I'd definitely want to include an OC in this one.

Arrow- I'd like a CanonxOC pairing with NyssaxOC or SaraxOC.

As for the original ideas...

Who here likes Medieval times? I have an Original idea that I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at.

So the idea that I have, is to be set in the Medieval times, with two kingdoms at war. You know, the standard idea that most people seem to have for a roleplay set in those times. So the two kingdoms are at war, and I have three options of how this could go….

The kingdoms decide to form a peace treaty of some sorts, and combine forces. Both kingdoms Prince and Princess’ will marry. The princess will be sent to the other kingdom to form a bond with her soon to be husband, but she’s also holding a secret. She was told by her own father that she was to kill the Royal family. Of course things happen, and complicates her task.

The kingdoms decide to form a peace treaty, with the prince and princess marrying and bringing the two kingdoms together. But along the journey to the other kingdom, the princess is captured, and another woman takes her place. And because the other kingdom has never laid eyes on the Princess, well it’s believed that this other woman is the princess as soon as she arrives. What the woman is doing posing as a princess? Well that can be discussed.

Like the first two, the prince and princess of the two kingdoms will marry. But it turns out the Prince already has a lover, a Maid in the castle. He had planned to run off with the Maid, but now he has to marry the Princess, which also causes complications.


The idea that I have is basically a story about a former Assassin that fled her old life and went into hiding. She meets a man and the two wed and form a family with one another. Five years later, their home is attacked and she has to fight to keep her family safe, revealing that she’s not all who she claimed to be. I think the roleplay itself can go numerous ways and could be interesting. I’m hoping the roleplay can be one of action/romance and maybe a tad bit of Slice of Life. I do ask that someone play the husband and we can discuss side characters.

Thank you for reading if you got this far, please email me with a bit about yourself and roleplaying style and what caught your interest.


Hello! My name is CapShorty, although I go by Authoress or Smidget around other parts of the internet, so any of those is fine with me. I'm a female, 17+, and looking for partners to RP with me! 

I posted an ad here once before and got some responses, but literally EVERY partner I got from it has flaked on me without a word since then. If you can't RP anymore, or even just don't want to, please just let me know. Don't disappear without a word, no matter what stage of planning/RPing we're in. It really makes me insane. I just don't understand the point. 

Anyway! With that said, now I can move on to the details. I RP in third person and am a literate RPer. I can do either present or past tense, although I generally default to past unless specifically requested otherwise. I'm looking for other RPers of the same general style for long-term RPs. Please be 17+ as well. Anyone younger really just doesn't seem to know what they're doing, and I'm also not entirely comfortable with it. Sorry. I'll roleplay with males or females, although my preference tends to be female. (Guys are still welcome, although fair warning: if you creep me out or try to come to me for anything besides a nice, fun RP, I'll block you with no hesitation.) I love chatting OOC as well, but that's really up to my partners. If you want to talk, don't be shy! Or we can just RP. Doesn't matter. 

Now, to the actual RP stuff. My preferences:

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Jul. 19th, 2018

Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you!
I made a post here last month, and that seemed to go pretty well for me! So I'm going to test the waters a little further.

~ Call me Orion (even though that was my character's name once, but I like it!).
I'm a 25+ years old female, located in the GMT+1 time zone (aka 1 hour ahead of UK time).
You can contact me through LJ private messages (this journal) or my email (orionfoxx@hotmail.com). I do prefer to play over email, though.
But when you do, tell me a bit about yourself (like what do I call you, are you over 21, what ideas/plots are you interested in?) so I know you're genuinely interested in plotting.
I write in 3rd person paragraph form, past tense. I request for you to use the same method, though I can overcome present tense. The 3rd person type of view is an absolute must though...

~ I'm only interested in m/m plots, or m/f plots where you play the female character. As I have absolutely zero experience with them, and I don't need any more anxiety in my life over failed attempts at a female character.
I'm only interested in original lines, with exception of one fandom: Pokémon. If you have a very good idea for this I have a few original trainers that I could suggest to you. (Note: no poképhilia please, thank you.)

~ Absolutely not against it. I'd be willing to discuss a pwp line for the right plot, but I do request that you have to be 21 or over for this to even be discussed. I like my freedom in real life opposed to four walls in a padded room. :P
I'm open to a lot of kinks, so bring them up if you'd like to know more. If you have a good BDSM plot floating around, I'd love to hear it!
I however refuse to do any mutilation (think amputation and such), breath play, feet fetish, beastiality, and everything that goes in a toilet.

Line ideas:
~ I've tried to keep these basic, but if you have a plot of your own that you'd like to pitch to me based on this list, please do so! I'm feeling incredibly uncreative lately, and I was hoping to change that.
The role I'm hoping you to fill in these ideas will be bold.
Boy/girl x Friend's older brother (I have various older brothers available!)
Single father x Child's elementary teacher
Human x AI or doll love interest (I have a plot for this!)
Human x Merman or naga
Celebrity x Non-celebrity
Escort x Client
Tourist/Client/Customer x Medium/ghost expert

I told you I was uncreative... If you have anything of your own that you think I'd be interested in, shoot it my way!

As some parting words for now... I'd love to hear from you! Don't be afraid to message me, I promise I'm nice ooc! ;)



About Me
- You can call me Red.
- I’m female and in my mid-twenties. Please only contact me if you are 18+, preferably 25+.
- I work full-time. I can respond roughly every other day, but I don’t have a consistent posting schedule. - I’m pretty laid back, so I won’t hound you for responses or hold a grudge over ghosting. Things happen, it’s cool.

RP Style
- Third person prose via email or googledocs.
- My posts average 3-5 decent paragraphs.
- I can focus on two main characters or play a big cast, and I’m comfortable building side characters/NPCs as needed.
- I really enjoy collaborative worldbuilding! If you do too, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.
- Romance and smut are fantastic, but so are platonic relationships.
- For romance, I prefer to write m/m, f/f, and other queer relationships. Characters across the LGBTQIA+ spectrum are welcome.
- I’ve had bad experiences writing m/f, so I only write it with people I know well. Don’t ask me for it right off the bat.
- I write 90% switches. If you only write bottoms, we will not be a good match.
- My limits are: abuse/rape, underage characters, bathroom stuff, incest, and graphic description of vomit (in any context).

Plots & contact info under the cut!
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just to get this out of the way, i will NOT respond to you if you send me a short message like “hey wanna rp” or something like that. please read all of this before you contact me.. tell me about yourself n what you like and all that jazz is that too much to ask for ghjxgxtb


hello my name is kira and i’m looking for another rp partner! im sixteen and i have a few rp partners rn but i mean since its summer and i have all the free time in the world i wanna see who else i can meet : ) mf uhhhhh.... im an artist and a heckin musician and i always draw my ocs hahshagrh... i looooove ooc chat and making friends : ) my timezone is est.


first of all, please be around my age. i’m not comfortable rping with people like over 20. i’m looking for a long term rp partner who is able to respond somewhat quickly.. my responses are kinda ?;?;?; rapid fire if im interested in a roleplay.. i like my partner to be the same way but i mean like don’t spam me every 2 seconds and ask me where i am n stuff. if i know i’ll be gone for a while i’ll let you know. if you dont send rapid fire replies, i’m still fine with that lol. i understand y’all have lifes. i’m looking for someone who is somewhat literate (listen i am literate i just write like this ooc bc it’s easier) and can write somewhat lengthy responses.. i understand if there’s a point where you seriously can’t write more than a paragraph, but when you’re able to, please do. i’ll do the same or at least try to lmaoaoaooa... also NO one liners


i’m really interested in romance... i’m also interested in anything to do with fantasy or the supernatural. i’m totally willing to work with other genres though. i ONLY do original rps using OCs, just a heads up. i will not do fandom roleplays because i suck at playing as a character that isn’t my own. i have a few plot ideas/concepts written down but i’ve used a lot of them already so i’m kind of bored of them! i’m 1000938% willing to hear any ideas you might have.

i write in 3rd person, past tense and i’m not really willing to change that. i expect you to be able to write the same way. it’s easier for me and script form or whatever is too confusing for me.

uhhh character-wise: again, i draw all of my ocs and i’d really like it if you’d use face claims that aren’t actual people! like anime thingies and drawings are fine. it’s just a thing yknow.. if you’re an artist as well i’ll love u forever. before starting rps i like to give short descriptions on my character so more is learned throughout the roleplay. you can give me as much info about your oc as you want, but i’ll most likely give the basics.


i think that’s it? just so i know you read all this, include the word yellow somewhere in your message. when you message me, pleaase introduce yourself (if you’re comfortable doing so), tell me how you like to roleplay, genres you’re interested in, plot ideas you have.. etc!! dont skimp on the details y’all.....

skype: ripinpece
kik: sugarxpastel
discord: sipofmilk#4424
email: sip.of.milk0@gmail.com

i look forward to speaking with y'all : ))

At it Again


My name is Angel (trust me I don't act like one all the time though). I am once again looking for a roleplay partner to chase away this boredom I have found myself in once again. I am out of college for the break time, and my job isn't giving me that many hours so I am finding myself trying to fill my time with roleplays. Now I'm not going to go over a how autobiography because that shit is pretty boring, so if yu would like to know more about me, just ask.

I will have a link attached with my rules, craving list, contact information so on to the fun part. :)


Anime + Video Game Roleplay || Email, 1x1

Link to full rules and fandoms below in a pretty little google document.

You like anime? Video games? Fuckin' around? Message me.

*Please do actually read my rules though. I tried to make them as condensed as possible.

here it is


Looking mostly for BNHA but there are many other fandoms I'm willing to write for.



Name's Marvel and M// is my game.

If the below interests you, contact me at:
Gmail - MarvelishMania@gmail.com
Discord - Marvelish#0214

I'm looking for something original against a roleplayer, who likes to post maybe 2-4 paragraphs or more, over Discord or gmail. I'm looking--hoping--pleading to find those types of roleplays again that I love replying to. Those scenes that are expansive, but so much fun. And also a little (aka a lot) smutty. For that, check below the cut.

But for plot, have a seat. Tea? Coffee? Wine?

ANYWAY, I'm pretty open for what we do and I'd love to brainstorm. Supernatural things, science fiction things, slice-of-life age gap, May December, small Coastal town with Clam Chowder and Plaid shirts things. You name it. I love it. Is it cute? I need it. Is it smutty? I adore it. Is it Dramatic? Sign me up. All things in common? It must be fun [insert clapping Bad Girls Club gif here). Let's make something magical.

Some themes I like are: Love at first sight, class difference, both poor, dating your son's ex, blind dates, guardian/bodyguard and page, police officer and "Softer" guy (you playing the cop), Dark, jaded men and happier guys, work partners, reuniting, etc.

I have 3 rules when it comes to roleplays.
1. - They should be simple. I don't care if we make it the most complex world building since Dune was written; let's start simple and expand.
2. - I'm looking for roleplayers who use Actor face claims. Sorry, not going to budge on this. They should also be DILFs or Muscular type guys (Liam Hemsworths up to Mark Wahlbergs).
3. - We keep communication open. You're not enjoying it? Let's talk. Gonna go away for more than 3 days? Let me know. I'll do the same for you.

Now, for the 18+ stuffCollapse )

I think that's I really hope to hear from some great partners. Let it be known, I also might do some canon stuff, but it's not what I'm really looking for right now and if we do I'd only play an OC.

Hit me up and let's have some fun!



Find an RP Partner~

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