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howdy. i'm eliza and this is my ad.

the basics
- 24
- a lady
- doubles / triples/ happy to write your trashy love triangles
- writes between 2 - 10 paragraphs per character
- all pairings, but will probably ask for m/f on my end
- very excited about characters + plots
- pinterest trash / the charles boyle to your jake peralta
- r/l face claims only
- lit, third person, past tense

the good stuff

southern + southwestern gothic

bargain bin slashers
→ something based on mtv's scream? i'm trash.

police procedurals
→ inspired by hannibal, twin peaks, true detective, and mindhunter.

original superheroes

dystopian noir / neo noir

slice o' life / historical
→ ww1 + ww2, paris and london, strangers falling head over heels for one another, road trips and shotgun weddings, complicated / tangled / on & off relationships.

will double as any canon/canons

game of thrones
→ robb stark x oc

→ bucky barnes x oc, scott lang x oc, t'challa x oc

young justice - dceu
→ nightwing x oc, arsenal x oc, red hood x oc, kid flash x oc, artemis x oc


gmail: eliza.loo902@gmail.com
discord: eliza #1990

In Search of Roleplay Partners!

Hello all! The title says it all. This post is my attempt at finding more people to roleplay with. In this entry you will find the following: A small about me, rules and requirements for interacting with me, and what I'm looking for in a partner. That all sounds scary, especially the rules part, but I'm not super picky, I just wanna make sure I don't get people contacting me with the wrong idea!

To start, let me introduce myself! My name is Casper. I'm 20 years old, going on 21 this November. I've got roughly 10 years of roleplay experience. I roleplay paragraph style, third person, past tense. The fandoms I mainly roleplay from are Osomatsu-san (Jyushimatsu), Danganronpa (Chihiro or my OC), and Mystic Messenger (MC or Yoosung). I also very much enjoy making my own plots and characters with others to make our own original story and setting!

For easier reference I'll make a little about section below!

Name: Casper

Age: 20

Occupation: N/A (I'm a NEET)

Gender: Genderfluid

Pronouns: He/She/They

Timezone: EST

Availability: All the time tbh

Experience: ~10 Years

Fandoms: Danganronpa, Osomatsu-san, Mystic Messenger, Soul Eater, Overwatch, Miraculous Ladybug

Characters (In Order of Fandoms): Chihiro Fujisaki, Jyushimatsu Matsuno, Yoosung Kim, MC, Maka Albarn, Tracer, Marinette/Ladybug

Style: Literate/Semi-Literate Paragraph, Third person, Past tense

Platforms (From Most-Least Active): Discord, FB Messenger, Kik, E-mail (Though an active and interesting roleplay can change this easily)

Read more...Collapse )
Hey, you can call me Ash or Ashley. I roleplay Third person paragraph and I want someone who will match my response length or goes longer than what I send. I draw off of you for my next response after all. :)

Fandoms you roleplay,
(Boldis craving)
Naruto, Hetalia, Supernatural

NorDen, NorIce, UsCan

GaaNaru, ShinoNaru


Characters you Roleplay

Denmark, Iceland, America



Characters you are looking to interact with (Bold is craving)

Norway, Canada


Shino, Gaara



HELL YEA! But please be over the legal age in your country/state? Thank you.

Vore, gore, abortion, or toilet stuffs

Male Lactation
Ask me anything other than what is on my limit list goes.

Contact me!
Kik: NorwegianSkies
Discord: Hetalianrose9520#9031
iMessage/email: gilbertawesomemebeilschmidt@gmail.com


Hello everyone! My name is Satirical, I'm 22 years old, and I'm looking for someone who is eighteen years or older to roleplay with. I am looking to roleplay one on one in Skype, Steam, Tumblr, or LiveJournal, and I would like the roleplay to be kept private. Yes, I smut, and I don't fade to black. I'm also not too good at world building, but I am happy to give it a go with a supportive partner, and I enjoy making new characters for new roleplays!

Here are the roleplays I'm interested in: (My characters are below)

*Alien Vs Predator* I'm so in love with the Yautja, and would love to do a roleplay where my character comes into contact with one. Alternatively, a Xenomorph that imprints on my scientist character, as they were 'raised' in captivity. Or we can do a scenario with multiple Xenomorph, and we can discuss any saucy details privately. I'd prefer only F/M with me as the female. (I'd like if this rp eventually turns smutty.)

*Friday the 13th* I've always been interested in Jason Voorhees and the series as a whole, and I'd love to finally try roleplaying it. I'd like a partner that is willing to roleplay as Jason against my female OC, and I'm hoping for something romantic. Because it IS Jason, I don't expect there to be any smut, but I wouldn't disallow it.

*Transformers* I would like a roleplay that is Decepticon based, in the Transformers Prime arc. I would like to play as Starscream or Soundwave, with my partner being Knockout, Megatron, or Shockwave. (We can play multiples as NPCs of course.) I wouldn't mind trying out Knockout with Breakdown as a subplot to the main RP.

*Overwatch* I'm interested in Genyatta mainly, but every time I have the opportunity, my partner bails on me. I would also be down to playing a canon character against someone's OC, mostly to test myself on my grasp of personalities.

*Fooly Cooly* I want to roleplay with a Canti, preferably against one of my OCs. I am also happy to play Mamimi or Haruko against Canti if you'd prefer as well.

*SCP* I've been very into SCP lately, and I would like someone who would be willing to roleplay as 049, 035, or really any SCP for me. I would be playing one of my scientist/doctor characters. If my partner wants me to play an SCP as well, it has to be humanoid or I have to agree to whatever it is.

*Original* I love original rps! Sci-fi, drama, horror, romance. I prefer smut in my roleplays, though, so try to set up for that scenario. I can do FxM, MxM, or FxF, and in fact, I'd actually like to try FxF sometime, as I've never had the opportunity. For obvious reasons, I'd only like another female partner for FxF rps. For romance, though, I don’t enjoy human x human in M/F pairings unless my partner’s character is very particular and interesting. Like a serial killer or a psychopath. Or like the male version of ‘Yandere’ over my character, and I don't do PwP.

My characters: (I can MAKE new ones for the rp)

Eileen Mason(Human) - 21 years old, pansexual, loves non-human partners. Female, oblivious, into medicine.
Eileen Mason(Fox girl) - 25, pansexual. A roboticist, and a full on scientist. Loves robots, non-humans, etc. She has her fox instincts in tact. (I have a reference for her.)
Rory Pravus(Human or Vampire) - 27 years old. Gay. Only a bottom for M/M roleplays. (I have a reference for him.)
Hemlock(Floran) - 218 years old. Doesn't understand sexuality. He's really primitive, his english isn't the best, and he is an alien. Big beefy boy. (I have a reference for him.)
Wander(Novakid) - Southern accent, sweet, pansexual. (I have a reference for him.)
Rozalia Pravus(Human or Vampire) - 27 years old. Demisexual/Demiromantic. A lot harder to get to.
Jack(Wendigo) No set age. A curious Wendigo with the ability to go into a more humanoid form, and be able to revert back to his Wendigo form.

If you're interested, please hit me up, and we can exchange details. We can discuss things like kinks in private. For me, no scat, pedophilia, watersports, feet stuff.

Things I'd prefer:

Third person, semi-lit or full paragraghs.
Full grammar capabilities.
You MUST be 18+. I'm 22 so it'd be creepy hanging out with a little kid.

Please message me on LiveJournal, or on Tumblr, or even Twitter. I'd really prefer to roleplay on Discord, too. But if you have preferences, I am willing to compromise. (Like Skype, email, etc.) My Discord is Satirical#3118

Some Fandoms, Some Originals

Hey guys! So finals just wrapped up for me and since I've only got Mayterm following this, I figured now was a good a time as any to meet some nifty new people to write with. Right now, I'm looking for a good mix of Original and Fandom stuff (and some OCs in fandom worlds).

some things you should know
-I'm Sloane, 20 years old, and I will probably talk about my cats more than what is socially acceptable
-I'm comfy anywhere in the 5-15 paragraph range, and can usually respond once every 1-2 days.
-kink friendly for sure and I don't have any limits aside from scat and non-con (dub-con's generally okay), though be sure to let me know yous so I can be as respectful as possible!
-m// preferred at the moment, though I've got a handful of m/f cravings listed below
-email & docs only, please
-just, like, the chillest about response times. Take all the time you need, my dude

so what about you?
-not into seme/uke dynamics because those just aren't my thing
-3rd person, para, past tense
-preferably also talks too much about their cat/lizard/pet rock

so onto plots and pairings and what have you! Italicized characters are the ones I have an interest in playing


Mass Effect
Thane x Samara, Thane x Garrus (hear me out.... Archangel running into Thane doing a hit on Omega)
Garrus x Femshep (specifically, an AU where instead of joining the Alliance, Earthborn!Shep instead joins the Omega gangs and winds up running into Archangel -- also totally down to double for this one!)

Loki x Tony, Loki x Valkyrie, Loki x Literally Anyone (save for Thor)
Wade Wilson x Peter Parker, Wade x Logan, Marvel Red Team, Wade x Clint
Peter Parker x Anyone

Star Wars
Kylo Ren x Poe

Trapped Monster x Regular Joe
OKAY so basically what I have in mind here is that Your Character works for some kind of government research facility/institution. One day, YC is assigned to a task and meets My Character. MC is being held in the facility/institution for nefarious purposes and wants out. YC has been specifically instructed not to let MC out. Mind games, pleading, various seduction attempts ensue.

Also, like, it could be super fun to play around with the "monstrousness" of MC, and maybe fool around with what all YC knows. Is he just, like, a psychopath? A vampire who looks like a normal dude until feeding time? Maybe homeboy's a straight up xenomorph (let's get The Shape of Water all up in this nonsense).

Mortal x Old God of Chaos (alternatively Old Chaos God x Other Old God)
The Mortal has, for whatever reason, been chosen to serve some Very Important Purpose (what, exactly, I haven't the faintest clue! We'll work on it) for a very strict, lawful god -- maybe it has something to do with bringing the old gods back to prominence? Chaos God, however, isn't going to let this happen without a fight and does everything in their power to try and trick/seduce/turn the mortal away from the mission... think Eris/Sinbad, vibes, maybe? idk! I just wanna fool around with the idea of old gods in modern settings. If we go the mortal route, I would also, uhm, be v down for a god/mortal/god love triangle sort of thing??

Space Pirates Treasure Hunt
And, when I say space pirates, I mean full on Treasure Planet-style with, like, boat shaped spaceships and space whales and the whole shebang. No definite plot in mind, though I've got a middle-aged down-on-his-luck pirate captain I'd love to explore in this setting.

Prisoner x Former Good Guy
Character A, a former Good GuyTM (cop/FBI agent/what have you -- essentially he just needs to have worked on a serial killer case at some point) goes to prison and is forced into being a cellmate with Character B. Now, Character B's a scary guy -- damn near half the prison's terrified of him and even those that aren't have generally learned to keep a respectful distance. But there's something... off about him. For some reason, Character A can't quite get the idea off his mind that Character B isn't so much a man as he is something grotesque shoved into a man suit.

Regardless, Character A is on just about everybody's shit list as soon as it becomes public knowledge he was once part of the system that put people away. Character B offers A his protection -- but at a price: full access to his mind, his thoughts, his very being. Eventually, the lines begin to blur for both on right, wrong, and what, exactly, they mean to each other. But, essentially, long story short: A is put into an itsy bitsy cell with a B, a man he once unknowingly hunted, and then agrees to let Character A toy in his head in exchange for protection.

but, yeah, find me sloanestonebrow@gmail.com !!

Roleplay Meets Reborn

Do you love Roleplaying, but have trouble finding the right partner?

Are you sick of putting ads on inactive websites and never receiving any response?

Well today is your lucky day!

After a long hiatus Roleplay Meets has decided to return and once again create a community where roleplayers can meet to find other roleplayers, make friends, and share ideas. We shut down nearly a year ago with over one hundred members on skype. But now we’re back and we have decided to move to discord in order to utilize its superior features and user friendliness. Our goal is to provide a place to chat with other roleplayers, post ads, and find partners. Since we opened we have surpassed our numbers we had on skype!

We offer:

·              Daily activity

·              General discussion about life outside of role play

·              A highly stocked tavern room to introduce characters and roleplay in character

·              Fun new leveling system for chatting

·              Advice for character and world creation

·              Everyone over 18 is welcome here.

·              We are currently looking for new partners

We have recently opened the server and are always open to feedback to improve our community. Join us, invite your friends, and make some new ones!


hi there everyone! im on the hunt for a few new partners!
im rizzo, est, 18+, female.

i write third person, multi paragraphs, lazy lit. i tend to keep my own word count at least above 200 on any given reply, usually more.

i make no promises on reply rate but i'll never leave you hanging. i will let you know if my reply will take longer than a week, try my best to reply frequently, and tell you if i want to drop the thread for any reason.

i request that my partner be similar in rules and writing style, and be 18+ as well for my own comfort. don't care if you're freshly 18 or if your 68th birthday is tomorrow, so long as all legality is settled yknow.

now for the fun stuff.

fear the walking dead:
i have an oc readily available for this and id like most to write her against chris manawa. this is the thread i'm craving the most tbh.

alternatively, id be down to write her against nick clark and alicia clark. that's in order of preference.

ive got a good grasp on most characters so id likely be willing to write anyone for you, just ask! im mid through s3.

ive got loads of OCs for this. id like a steve rogers, bruce banner, or tony stark. that's the order of preference.

i do admit to prefering aus for this universe. suggest a name and more likely than not, ill be down to write them for you!

criminal minds:
halfway through this latest season but needing to catch up. id like to write against spencer reid or luke alvez. in return, i can offer essentially anybody bc these are my babes. i have no big preference between reid and alvez.

teen wolf:
been in this fandom since the show first aired and still adore it. i will gladly write anybody you wish to write against, but i would ask for a stiles stilinski or derek hale, again ordered with preference.

i think that covers things! you can contact me at imogenemoon18@yahoo.com. im happy to do ooc chat there, on discord, or on kik!

Original (+some fandom) m/m or m/f search~

Name: Puzzle.
LJ: This one (don't RP over it).
Email: puzzlexring@gmail.com (preferred rp method!)
Messenger: My messenger availability is pretty bad, but I'd rather give out my Hangouts or Skype in private.
Timezone: Europe, GMT +1.

What I rp: Mainly originals, but I have a few fandom inspired requests this time too.
Characters I'm looking to interact with: Male or female characters who are willing to interact with male characters but still have somewhat of a backbone so it's not me who's trying to drag the scene forward all the time.

Storylines/plot bunnies: I have a few plot ideas, but I am option to other ideas too! If you have an idea that you'd like to try with me, feel free to suggest it! I have listed a couple of ideas below and even though these are pretty much all modern-based, I have nothing against supernatural creatures. In fact, I highly encourage them. I just don't have the ideas... So shoot me some of yours if you think I'd be a good fit!

Detailed suggestions under here!Collapse )

Like I said, feel free to suggest me others!
I play m/m and m/f preferably, but if you're really dead-set on f/f, try to convince me. ;)
Also, the usual limits apply to me too: toilet stuff should remain just there, and please no cutting off limbs of the characters we play with (or give me a warning first...).

Do you smut?: Yes, to great detail if you want me to. But not with anyone under 21 because it makes me feel uncomfortable.

Anything else to add?: I don't bite, so if I haven't mentioned it enough already: feel free to suggest me things! The worst I can say is that it's really not my thing, right?
When you message me, please include:
- What you'd like me to call you.
- What you are interested in (plot idea, but also limits please ^^, and m/m or m/f).
- Your age (doesn't have to be exact, 20+ if you're 22 is fine with me).

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Haikyuu!! Request

I’m Oz, and it’s nice to meet you all! I’m a writing student who loves roleplay, though I also dabble in the arts! I’m aspiring to one day publish my own novel. My favorite beverage is coffee and dogs are my favorite animals. I have one cute dog named Carly! At the moment, I am nineteen years old, about to turn twenty during March. I live in the EST timezone, and I attend college part-time. I like anime and video games~ Most of the series are my list fall into either of those categories.

Paragraph-style, only! I cannot write novella, and I don’t like one-lined replies. The max I’ll go for each side is 600 words, because anything above that can become a little stressful for me. I also tend to write more for your love interest’s side than I’ll write for my OC. I’d prefer if you tried to match my length, but if you really can’t, it’s okay! However, try not to go below two paragraphs, because then the roleplay can become boring if it lacks detail. Everyone gets writers’ block, and I understand that, but please try your best!

I am in the EST timezone. My reply time isn’t consistent very often, but I can usually manage at least one reply every two days! If you can’t reply once a day/once every two days/etc… relax, it’s fine.

If you can’t RP smut, then I am not the partner for you. I love smut. But I do have limits. I cannot roleplay pedophilia, necrophilia, rape, intense gore, and anything with human waste or feet. Violence, substance abuse, dark themes and sex can definitely be incorporated into the RP. F/F, M/M and F/M relationships are all okay with me, as are nonbinary characters!

I love polyamorous relationships! Or reverse-harems! Don’t be afraid to suggest them.

Please have a decent grasp over both, including formatting. Every time a new character speaks, a new paragraph should be started. My eyes cannot tolerate huge clumps of text with multiple characters speaking at the same time. Periods, exclamation points, question marks all go at the ends of sentences, etc. I won’t jump down your throat for a simple mistake, but please have an okay grasp over your grammar.

All of my roleplays are centered around romance. Of course, other genres are definitely incorporated in. Other than that, I can roleplay pretty much any genre. But I don’t want to incorporate too much angst or horror into one plot. I am very much accepting of fluffy or spice roleplays, just say what you want when you message me! Additionally, I’m very accepting of AUs! Soulmate AU and omegaverse are some of my favorites!

Note, that I have quite a few roleplays going on right now, so an AU would definitely be appreciated/hold my interest more!

Additionally, I have no problem with RPing different series on your side and mine.

I only roleplay through email! Please contact me at pinklilywine@gmail.com

Bokuto Koutarou, Kita Shinsuke, Kuroo Tetsurou, Miya Atsumu, Miya Osamu, Oikawa Tooru, Sakusa Kiyoomi, Sugawara Koushi, Tendou Satoru, Terushima Yuuji, Ushijima Wakatoshi


Hoping to find a partner who likes playing out smutty rps, but with some plot. About 60/70 percent smut, 40/30 percent plot. Series of one shots, or long-term lines, or one shots until we find something we love are fine.

A Little About Me

  • EST

  • 26 years old

  • Male

  • Discord Player (InvertedHelix#6675), Wire and G-chat also.

  • 2-4 paragraph poster, depending on the desire

  • Long term, or short term, or one shots

  • Looking for Slash or M/M rps

Looking For:

  • I'm looking for someone using to play masculine men as bottoms. I also would request the use of celeb face claims for said men.

  • Masculine is a very fluid term, for me, I prefer guys like Trevante Rhodes, Jai Courtney, Chris Evans, etc. Always ask, I'm pretty flexible if they have muscles.

  • My kinks are massive, so it's probably easier to say things I'm not into: rape, children, death, bathroom, fisting, pain, blood. If you want some of my favorites, feel free to ask.

  • I do all things; science fiction, slice-of-life, historical, etc. Any genre, as long as the plot is good.

  • I also do canon, though I generally prefer to do oc/oc in canon worlds, I'll play AGAINST canons, and depending on the vers, I play a few canons.

  • If you play men like Idris Elba, Chris Pratt, Jon Bernthal, Chris Hemsworth, etc, we are a great match.

If this interests you, hit me up on discord. I also have wire, and you can comment and i'll give you my email. 


Find an RP Partner~

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