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Hey lovelies! I'm lookin' for some roleplays to spook up my October.
I'm yearning for a story that captures small town hopes & dreams, abandoned buildings, creepy neighbours, old t-shirts, and two-star americana...I'd like to focus on either two people, or their group of friends, preferably in the highschool to college age range, but with the possibility of time skipping to later in their life as the RP goes on. (I even wouldn't mind including flashbacks to when they met) I'd also be open to setting this in the 80s or 90s!

Maybe our characters are amateur ghost hunters, maybe they run a blog with 8 followers, maybe they practice giving each other tattoos. Or maybe there's a cult in town that they're trying to investigate. I'm very open to what the plot is, what really matters to me is character development. I just want to follow the lives of a few people struggling with growing pains, who find solace in roadside attractions and conspiracies. Not to mention each other.

I should clarify that I'm open to some pretty dark themes as well, so I don't mind swimming in the deep end if you'd like to include some darker situations/backstories. But that's not to say I don't enjoy light-hearted plots as well! For scenes of intimacy, characters must be 18+. So only contact me if you're 18+!

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x-men! (and a little bit of mcu)

hello! i'm b and i'm an emotional wreck.

for those of you who want to know more about me before committing to an rp, i totally understand:

• i'm 25 and i use she/her pronouns
• i only double, and i prefer putting all of our characters in the one thread so i don't lose tack of them. i'm scatterbrained and i can only keep track of so many emails before my heart goes boom with anxiety
• third person, past tense, no strict word count but you can expect upwards of 200 words per main
• love triangles and poly relationships are welcome. bring me your babies!
• canon x oc

as the title suggests, i'm looking for something x-men related. i'm familiar with the films, the animated series, and the comics. i can write almost anyone, and i'd be willing to delve into the mcu if you're looking for one of the avengers. it's been a while since i've seen infinity war, but i'm up to date with all of the films and i have a fairly good handle on most of the characters. at the moment i'm only looking to write an oc opposite donald pierce or logan. (yes, film-verse. yes, i'm garbage fire.)

if any of this sounds promising, please get in touch at bittersandabsolute@gmail.com! tell me a little bit about what you're looking for and what characters you'd like to write against and we can work from there!

Inception RP

Name: Rosie
LJ: rosieposieolio
Email: rose.ellen.cole@gmail.com
Discord, Skype: rosieposieolie
Timezone: PTD

What you RP: Mainly looking for Inception, or any variation of Tom Hardy/JGL roles. Just throw some characters at me, and I'll probably love it!
Characters you RP: I've played both Eames and Arthur before, so I'm not ridiculously picky. I love both of these boys equally.

More Info below the cut:
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DC Comics M/M!

With the new Titans live action show out, I've become more trash for DC and really need some roleplays for it!

Name: Mittens
Age: 20
3rd person
Discord: ReadingMittens#4414
Email: ReadingMittens@gmail.com
Kik: ReadingMittens

I have a good amount of pairings I'd like to do, but I'm always open for any M/M pairings!
Bold is who I prefer to play.

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Mo Dao Zu Shi RP

I'm Ceres! I recently watched Mo Dao Zu Shi and am halfway through the released english translations for the novel. Watching/Reading such an amazing story has me craving a roleplay about it and I hope to find some people here for it.

A little about me: 23, Female, working as an intern currently. I try to reply once to multiple times a day. I do get busy so I apologise if I take a little longer. I tend to roleplay paragraph style with no set length. I'd prefer if my partners are 18+.I have no rules as such. You can ask me about my limits when/if you decide to contact me about this. Bottom line is, I'd love to just have fun roleplaying a new series I love and adore, that's become close to my heart.
What I'm looking for: I'm primarily interested in the main pairing for MDZS which is: Lan Wangji/Wei Wuxian
That being said, I'd love to do additional ships as well such as: Lan XiChen/Jiang Chen and Lan Shizhui/Jin Ling
Contact me at: shaku1347@gmail.com
Please Note: I prefer to roleplay over discord. I will give this information via email. Please include what I should call you and your age when you contact me. If you've read this please include what your favourite fruit is!


M/F roleplay read more if interested

Tittle: Demonic war

(Kik me: daniel21055)


The dark emperor of the lost wasteland sensed an uprise of a new threat to the world.

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omegaverse and stuff

keeping this short, sweet, and simple: i am craving omegaverse. like, all the time, 100% of the time. i'm twenty-four and live in the united states, been roleplaying for over ten years, and i'm really chill. i do characters of all types(though i'm really really fond of dynamic switching, like muscular omega/smaller alpha), and i'm open to practically anything under the sun. Except pure historical plots, that really isn't my jam (though i do have an awesome medieval arranged marriage sort of plot i wanna do so hmu if that interests you )

please be over 18 or over to message me, because it feels weird for me to be roleplaying with someone that much younger than me. sorry ......

i like to play the omegas, but that doesn't mean they're a set whiny uke stereotype. i'm more realistic with my characters, and even have a few i'd love to use.

not gonna rant about pairings and etc. etc. here. if you're interested at all in a semi-literate to literate omegaverse roleplay, hmu. got ideas? awesome, send 'em. you don't? awesome, let's plan it out.

email is diseaseandcease@yahoo.com



It will take place after the events of the game, Arterus discovering who he is in the cast of gods, Freya reclaiming her charge of the valkyries and her wings to war against Kratos, Thor showing up at their doorstep as well. More wholesome father and son bonding moments, and just maybe there is a way to stop Ragarok in some way.

Just a whole bunch of gods wanting Kratos dead, sounds familiar?

I'm still hashing out this story, and I'm in the middle of reading a big book on norse pantheon.

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Call me by your name

Hey there everyone! I’m Cece, a 21 year old female with a whole new kind of craving! I have always roleplayed fxm pairings simply because that’s what I have experience with, but I am currently on the verge of having finished reading Call me by your name, and let me tell you I am as smitten as Elio. Oh. My. God. This book!! It makes the very core of my whole being ache. Yeah, you get it. I am head over heals for it.

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I usually don’t post ads this specific (I don’t post a lot of ads in general) but I’m just really dying for something like this so if anybody would like to talk further, just send me an email at ceceswriting@gmail.com


Original Rp search

I'm Wolf. I’m Female, 25 and EST. I write third person, paragraph form. No one liners or chat speak. I have been rping for about 11 years, I can match whatever length my partner writes.
I like detail and description in my rps. I can double or multi RP. I enjoy side characters as long as the main ones don't get pushed aside and forgotten. I prefer to write with other females. No offence guys.

I don't RP with anyone younger then 18 years old, I like mature themes and don't feel comfortable writing with anyone younger then 18 years old.

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Find an RP Partner~

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