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Name: Laur (or, er Elita, Kakashi. Basically whatever xD)
LJ: This one
Email: PM
Timezone: EST (I live in Gerogia, USA.)

What you RP:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter
The Shield

Characters you RP:
POTC:Jack Sparrow

Byron Lewis/Mothman

HP: Remus Lupin

The Shield;Ronnie Gardocki

Characters you’re looking to interact with:
POTC:I mainly want a Hector Barbossa or a 'Bootstrap' Bill Turner

Watchmen:Nite Owl II/Daniel Dreiberg
Dollar Bill/... Bill?

HP: Sirius Black

The Shield;Curtis "Lem" Lemansky
Basically ANYONE from the Strike Team.
Vic Mackey
Full cast :3

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:Just be literate/polite/open minded/watch your grammar, and I'll be good.

Pairing (if applicable):
POTC: Hector Barbossa/Jack Sparrow
Bootstrap Bill/Jack Sparrow

Watchmen: Rorschach/Daniel or Daniel/Rorschach

HP: Sirius/Remus

The Shield:

Do you smut?:I do. But I do not do PWP..
And I am perfectly comfortable doing fade-to-black if you prefer that.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I only RP with people 18+, and also;

I generally have a few RP plot ideas, but they aren't always solid, so I'd like to meet someone I can talk to, bounce ideas off (a good partner).
I'm open to improving so if you have criticism for me while we're playing together let me know.

So I'd really, really, appreciate a partner that is willing to do a long term RP.
...someone who isn't going to go 'oh this is boring' just because there isn't a sex scene every five paragraphs >_>.

Please don't contact me if you RP in sentences (no offense, it's some peoples cup'o tea, but it ain't mine). I generally give posts that are 2-3 (more often then not 4-5) paragraphs long, and getting a sentence back in response to that is a little bit... offensive/annoying/frustrating/just plain RUDE anticlimactic.

Just a note, er... I'm USED to playing bottom. And every pairing I've listed I have it listed in form of Top/Bottom.

I'm willing to play switch, but general fact is I'm just more comfortable playing as a bottom if there's a sex scene.

To show you read this through, when you contact me, my favorite candy is Hot Tamales.

Tags: harry potter, naruto, original, pirates of the caribbean, the shield, watchmen
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