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Seeking Literate and Dedicated Partners!

Hello! I'm Cas and I'm looking for partners that are at least in their 20's as that's old I am. Mature themes will be in my plots, and limits will be discussed. I write multiple paragraphs (200-400+ words). I love to write detailed descriptions and delve into a character’s head/emotions as well as surroundings. I compare it to writing a novel together.

I understand if the scenes don't have alot going on and therefore require less. Still, I try to match my partner's length. I'm a big fan of romance and using face claims. I’m the type to make pinterest boards, spam you with gifs, headcanons, and send you songs that remind me of our characters and/or ship. Last but not least, I only do MxF.

Well these aren’t really plot ideas, more like genres and pairings I love. Feel free to combine two or more and I’m sure we can come up with something great!

- anything mafia related
- crimes in remote locations
- small towns and supernatural happenings
- rom-com inspired plots (the decoy bride, you’ve got mail, while you were sleeping, practical magic)
- post apocalyptic/dystopia
- supernatural/modern fantasy (werewolf mates, monster x hunter)
- southern/mid western gothic
- murder mystery (small town or big city)
- western inspired
- modern/dark fairy tale retellings
- sci-fi/cyberpunk
- neo noir
- disney personified
- little coastal towns
- emotionally charged/dark and gritty
- superpowers/gifted
- unresolved sexual tension/slow burn
- mythology (modern)

- age gaps
- forbidden relationship
- friend x best friend’s older sibling
- enemies to lovers
- cop x criminal
- doctor x patient
- friends turned lovers/pining
- grumpy x sunshine
- the broken man x the woman that becomes his light
- fbi agents/cop partners
- dark hearted man melting for the innocent woman
- reunited old lovers and/or friends
- boss x employee
- neighbors
- firefighter/cop x victim
- mentor x mentee

Fandoms: (Will only do oc x oc/characters inspired with canon pairings with one exception)

Star Wars, X Files, Haven, The Blacklist, Fringe, Zoo, Stranger Things, Heroes, Marvel, The Wolf Among Us, Harry Potter, (Marauders Era), The Walking Dead, GOT (Sansa x Sandor/Jamie x Brienne modern AU only), His Dark Materials, Mercy Thompson Series, Pacific Rim

I use email only to write, contact me at I also have a discord for easier plotting. Look forward to hearing from you!
Tags: game of thrones, m/f, marvel cinematic universe (mcu), original, star wars, the walking dead, x-files
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