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Name: Foxface

Timezone: Central (Nebraska and Oklahoma)

OC or fandom?:

Alrighty, I know this is a shot in the dark since it’s an old and somewhat cancerous show, but the fandom I’m really looking for is Hetalia. I always go back to it mostly because I enjoy the characters as themselves and because of the possibilities of researching and learning more about the cultures and just using everyone for the variety of AUs and crossovers.

So it’s mainly Axis Powers Hetalia.

However I can be persuaded into rping other fandoms after a while. So if you are also interested in Steven Universe, Attack on Titan, Pokemon (game wise) and Zelda, trust me I’d love to get on board those trains soon.

This also goes for originals.

If RPing smut, are you of legal age in your country?: Yes I am I’m 25++ and would prefer someone of a similar age. No one under 18 please.

What characters do you have/play?:

I will list characters I have experience in main-ing, but as a rule, I am always able to rp any character as long as you have some patience with me in exploring them. I prefer verses that have more than a few characters since it gives the world more depth to explore.

Yao Wang (APH China) is my preferred character.

Matthew Williams (APH Canada).

Ivan Braginski (APH Russia).

Roderich Edelstein (APH Austria).

Feliciano Vargas (APH North Italy).

Feliks Łukasiewicz (APH Poland).

These are characters I’m still learning to rp with but very much enjoy tackling them- APH Taiwan, APH Romania, APH Belarus, APH Ukraine, APH North Korea (I am aware that he/she is an oc), APH America, APH Portugal, etc.

As for the other listed fandoms, I’ll list characters I’d like to jump into as.

Just be aware that many of these will be first timers for me-

Attack on Titan: Eren Jaeger, Armin Arlert, Hange Zoe, Sasha Braum, etc.

Steven Universe: Peridot, Amethyst, Pearl, Lapis, Blue Diamond, OCs, etc.

Zelda: Link, Ganon, Kafei, Zelda, OCs, other characters from games.

Pokemon: Hau, Gladion, Lillie, pokemons and ocs and other characters from games.

What characters would you like to play against?:

Everyone. No, I’m serious. Considering you are also willing to try out various characters and also tackle different pairings, we’ll be amazing! But I will list out characters and pairings I wish to go after.

For Hetalia, I would love to find someone that’d be willing to tackle my Yao with their Arthur (APH England), Kiku (APH Japan), Yong Soo (APH South Korea), APH Portugal, Ivan (APH Russia), APH Rome or Alfred (APH America). Yes, I ship Yao with these characters and even more. I have him as a bicycle. Although my heart is mostly into Silk Road (Rome/China), Tea Pair (UK/China), Grandfathers (Japan/China) and Kimchibun (Korea/China). Historical or semi or not, I don’t mind. I am very open to AUs to explore the dynamics and other storylines!

I also have a same passion for bicycling Feliks (APH Poland) and Roderich (APH Austria). I would also love to find someone wanting to tackle a relationship with Poland and Lithuania!

As for other pairings I enjoy- Lithuania/Poland, Prussia/Austria, Austria/Hungary, Switzerland/Austria, America/Canada, England/Portugal, Belarus/Korea, Belarus/Russia, Canada/Korea, China/Belarus, China/Canada, Turkey/Austria, etc etc etc. Like ask me about the pairings you’d be interested in and there’s a large possibility that I’d for it.

For the rest, like Steven Universe… Lapidot. I’m sorry, I just love those two. But also open to pursue other pairings. Zelda? Same thing, Ganon/Link, Link/Zelda, Ganon/Zelda, weird threesome, etc. Attack on Titan would be Levi/Hange, Eren/Armin, Jean/Eren, Armin/Annie, Connie/Sasha, etc. Pokemon would be Gladion/Hau, Hau/Lillie, Blue/Red, Gold/Silver, etc etc (but for these, either it’s puppy love with no smut, or they are much older than kids, please). I will also be interested in an rp that is mostly Pokemon OCs.

I don’t think I need to explain much for originals as it’s always up in the air. I will describe more in the additional notes.

Preferred rp medium:

Skype, however I would very much prefer to be contacted via email so we can discuss and see if we do match up first. I’m slightly skittish at first. And if you also prefer, we can tackle our first tries via email if that is your way of rping. I am also trying out Discord.

Any additional notes:

Okay, if you made it this far, thank you. I’ll give you a better introduction of myself. It’ll be small since I’ll leave most for the email when contacted. I am a female, graduated already, had almost 13++ years of rp experience, love to rp, write, draw, video games, music and to fangirl. I like to connect with the few people I meet online and I enjoy chatting a lot. In fact, that’s how you can get me to get along with ideas and stuff- Talk to me. Chat with me about these things, convince me. I promise I am not a hard person to get along with.

I do require some chemistry and a lack of anxiety though. AKA, patience.

Now, extra notes on what I am looking for. Like, the basics:

-I am not a function, I am human. There will be many days where I just want to chill. There will be days I am sick. There will be days I just want to talk, plot and brainstorm, or fangirl. There will be days I’d just like to watch videos with you. So hey, if you just want rps out of me and nothing else, well… :\

-By the way, I’m kind of slow.

-Like mentioned, I do smut. I also have hardly any triggers or limits. I just draw the line at minors (anything below 18/15), bathroom play, and whatever limits you have if you have any. I am very open to M/M, F/F, M/F, and ABO. Also mono and poly pairings. And switchers, since it's more realistic.

-Genres I like? Fluff, cute, funny, dark, gorey, violent, peaceful, post apocalyptic, post war, angst, agonizing, death, dying, depressive, happy, optimistic, slice of life, college, humanized, anything. Any sort of genre that can make a heart beat is welcome.

-Length? Depends on the scene. If all we need is a sentence of dialogue between the characters, then that’s what we need in the scene. That’s what the dynamic and characters are asking for. If we need 4 pages worth of a reply, then let’s do it. Again, it really depends.

-Yes, I am into more things than what I listed above. Those are just the fandom I’m really into at this moment.

-When it comes to AUs and crossovers, I am very open to tackling known settings and lore of other shows as a place to put our characters in. So I will list a few places I take inspiration from: Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Silent Hill, The Walking Dead, Forbidden Siren, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Fall Out, Attack on Titan, Loveless, Star Wars, etc.

Now, for fandom specific:

-For Hetalians, I will give more love to the idea of AUs and crossovers. Canon ideas will either be a divergent version or something more detailed.

-We don’t have to be entirely historically accurate as I prefer choices of the characters than being to historically driven. It takes away the surprise to me (this is why I would prefer an AU). I like the history parts more as a tool to use, not a script.

-On the same vein, please don’t come at me with ‘kolkolkol’ and expecting an ‘aru’ in return because you won’t get it. >:\ No stereotypes, please.

-Would you like someone to get into this fandom with? Sure, I can do my best to introduce you to the show and the scattered fandom if you’d like. It has thinned out to a much calmer group.

-For Steven Universe, I am still new to the fandom. I would love to have someone open to explore it with and willing also to try out stuff with OCs as well. I’m slowly creating my own and very excited about them.

-I would also love to try out exploration of the human race with some of the existing gems in the show.

-Or tackle AUs with the characters. Always an option!

-For Zelda, Attack on Titan and Pokemon, again all of these things are open. Just ask me stuff in the email!

Contact information: polandisnotyetlost@gmail.com
Tags: attack on titan, axis powers hetalia, hetalia, legend of zelda, pokemon
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