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New Rp Partner?

My name: Lilly
Age: 18 almost 19

(Lets try this again >~< I wasnt specific enough last time)

Perfer origional characters and origional stories. We can restart to a nee rp anytime when you feel its gotten stale.

Hi im lilly. I really really love rping. I work 14 hour shifts on weekends so I will respond slow on weekends. Im open to almost anything but i truely oerfer romance rps. Im a friendly person with not so good grammer. Short example of how I rp:

Me: hallow smiles big and kisses eikos cheek "i love you with all my heart"

You: eiko hugs back happily "i love you to..."

Me: "marry me eiko...please..."

I dont mind how long your replys are but I would perfer if they are atleast a paragraph. Dropping down to small onrs is ok if you csnt think of ajythimg at that point we could always skip to another part in the rp :). I really like familys in an rp. I also oerfer being female in a straight relationship. In yaoi either is fine :).

Whats ok- smut, mxm/yaoi, furry

You need to tell me your dos and do nots because i havr many my self.

- smut (but i dont want all of it to be smut please smut is great but i dont want it every 2 seconds please >~<)
- Furry
- Furry x human is fine to
- Android x human
- alien x human
- im open to many other ideas these are just some I have did and enjoyed
- I like interspecies.
- human x human is still fun
- m preg
- many more just ask

Just message me ideas i really like to expand.

My characters:
My characters vary but most hope for a family. Some arnt fully developed and i will develope as we rp. :)

Contact info:
Skype: Mymyo67 / lilly loulu
Tags: angel, f/m, m/f, m/m, original
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