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Final Fantasy Fandoms (VII,VIII,IX,X)

Hey, Bluebird here. But you may also call me Ken. I am on the outlook for a female roleplay partner, to explore our passions of one or more of these Final Fantasy games. Recently, I’ve looked into the development of a jRPG in the vein of VII’s graphics style and gameplay, and while trying to develop something like it (for fun), I feel myself quite immersed in the Final Fantasy vibe right now, KUPO!

First things first. Some stuff to consider:
-Female partners only, cause...I’m a guy.
-I will RP over E-mail or Google Docs!!
-Okay with long-term, or short-term.
-Original characters only! x3
-Wouldn’t mind OOC chat, it adds to the enjoyment.
-Have questions? Ask away! :D

Having enjoyed all four games, I tremendously crave a fandom using OC’s only. That is, creating our own plot and characters using our imagination. I find it daunting enough to try to emulate existing characters, and since I’m too much of a perfectionist, it doesn’t go well with me. Playing with our own created characters allows me/you to experience less pressure to do things right, and giving us the freedom to decide what our characters will be like.

Do you have what it takes? Are you ready to ride that wild, untamed chocobo? (I’m sure deep down inside you know you can, KUPO!)

I have thought of possible plots, but these are not set in stone. We can tweak them, or you can share yours and go with yours.

Final Fantasy VII
1. Set decades before VII. As former Shinra employees, we got found out for leaking out sensitive Shinra information to the open world. As a result, we are on the run, and the Turks are after us. But our third buddy, being part of our failed plan, is kept imprisoned, not knowing about his fate. However, we find refuge in an underground resistance group called the Blue Cats in Midgar. With their help, we fight our way back to Shinra to free our buddy from possible execution.

Final Fantasy VIII
1. Set decades before the VIII story. We are among the child survivors of Cetra, after the Lunar Cry had destroyed our home. We eventually find refuge in Balamb, where we are raised by an elderly lady, and eventually trained to become SeeD. After her passing, and us reaching adulthood, we find disturbing clues about our current Balamb Garden’s headmaster, who appears to be one in sheep's clothing, as one particular occasion revealed clues about his sorcerer’s past.

Final Fantasy IX
1. Yet to think of something… Do you know?

Final Fantasy X
1. Set long before the time of Braska’s pilgrimage, starting from Luca. We aim to acquire the final Aeon, so to return the calm to Spira. While facing the dangers of Sin and the sin spawns, a band of rogue crusaders are out to disrupt our mission, as one or either of us has had bad blood with these bunch.

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