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[sticky post] Time for a New Team

Hello everyone! On behalf of the current mod team I'd just like to apologize for our somewhat sporadic ability to reply/maintain the community. On my part, I'm edging into my second year in law and everything is moving way too fast for me to handle. I don't think I can put in what I think needs to be put in for this community to continue and flourish, so on that note:

We are looking for up to two new moderators to pass on the baton!

If you're interested, send this account a short (or long) PM on why you feel like you should take on the role and I'll try make the announcement soon.

Thank you for your time.

Much RP, Such Good

How to RP with me <3
Skype: Malkon122
Discord: Malkon#9019


Just a goofy 20+ year old nerd here. Love to write and love playing video games. I love nothing more then when my two top loves come together in harmony!


My interests are varied.

- Medieval dnd
- Sci fi/fantasy
- paranormal/supernatural
- Various fandoms
- Original content (Slice of life and such)

I would be overjoyed for a good Golden Sun RP.

I love anime, tv shows, books, games, manga, comics...you name it, I can probably find some interest in it haha.

Storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:

NEW-I have prompts that can be melded into various RP types. I also have a work in progress Character channel if you're interested in seeing the characters I've created...not finished, but exciting :)

I'm a writer so my passion is drawn out, complex stories and world building. I'm looking for a long term partner who isn't afraid to get invested and have a lot of fun. I would love to find someone who isn't afraid to bring their interests and ideas to the table so we can make something we'll both enjoy for a long time. Plot is also huge...I want someone who helps me make the story interesting with plot twists and such ^^


No blood, no scat, and no underage characters. Otherwise? Sky is the limit. I have several very...lewd and raunchy characters currently who have no problem with most topics involving sex. I'm also essentially MxM exclusive for main characters. I generally lose interest with all other romantic pairings, sorry :(

Just an fyi, please be 18+ if you would like to RP with me.

The Rest:

My availability varies. Sometimes I'm around a lot, sometimes I may not post for several days. My goal is to give a response to my partner at least once a day, but...let's be honest I'm an adult and I respect people who try to juggle RPing and real life. I just expect the same courtesy in return :)

I'm pretty flexible and just want to meet nice people who are here for the same reason: to make compelling characters with compelling stories. If anything I said has interested you and you would like to join me, please reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to read and happy RPing :)

Eruri RP?

Hey there...!

Bio: I'm in my late 20's with a couple years rp experience who is looking for an Erwin x Levi rp. I do literate role plays, I go by a paragraph or sometimes three depending on what I am given. All I ask is that you don't do one-liners.

I do all my RP's by email, but we can agree on an IM platform if you'd like. Timezone has never been an issue for me; welcome one, welcome all!

What I'm looking for: You need to be 24+ to respond and I am specifically looking for an Erwin x Levi role play right now. Sorry.

It is important that you are happy playing either character like me... So, please answer this ad with honest intentions! c:

Plots: I have a variety of ideas ranging from; mature, dark, fantasy, urban-fantasy, omegaverse, canon, modern au, historical, horror - or a combination of genre.

Contact me: spooky_tealeaf@hotmail.com (or inbox me here on LJ)

I look forward hearing from you, thanks for reading!

m/m roleplays - mostly harems

-This roleplay will be over email: indc2011@aol.com
-Note that most of the plots involves one or both of us playing multiple characters, so please be willing and able to handle that. I get a lot of emails like "I prefer to have one main and could occasionally play a side character or two" and if that's you, we're really not a match (unless you're playing the harem master, in which case it';s fine!).
-Speaking of which, I'm just as happy playing the harem master or the harem, dominant or submissive - so let me know which you'd prefer. And either way, we don't have to assume the "master" is the dominant one in bed. In fact, if someone out there wants to play a sub harem master, I think that'd move you to the front of the line!
-I write 2-3 solid paragraphs per post (can certainly be more if we want to go that route) and expect the same from you.
-When you email me, be sure to include which plot(s) you're interested in, which role you'd want to play, and what your limits are. I usually don't respond to one-liners like "Are you still looking?"


I'm putting these inside a spoiler since they contain some mature language (but it's just text, so totally SFW). Again, I'm happy to play any role(s) for any of these prompts, so let me know what you're interested in!

[Spoiler (click to open)]Family
A father and his several sons keep it in the family. We can make it a foster family if we want a larger number of boys.

Family II
After losing a bet (or getting blackmailed?), a boy agrees to be his brother or father's sexual slave for the night. After taking advantage of the poor boy, the older relative pimps him out for the rest of the night - to other relatives, friends, strangers, etc. (We can also reverse the roles and have the older relative be the one who gets blackmailed.)

Celebrity Harem
Somehow, an older celebrity gains authority/power over a variety of younger celebrities. I have a lot of celebrities I’d like to play against and am happy to hear your suggestions.

International Harem
A wealthy American man has a harem full of beautiful boys from around the world (East Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, etc, etc.).

Sex Ed Class
At an all boy's school, sex-ed class is very hands-on. Nudity is required, creative questions are encouraged, and everyone gets a turn with the teacher.

Sex Stall
At a high school, there's a stall in the basement boy's bathroom known as the sex stall, with certain unwritten rules. It's a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, it's a guaranteed lay. On the other hand, you have to have sex with whoever's in there when you walk in, no matter who it is. I'd love to experiment with lots of different pairings: nerd and jock, theater gay and closet case, student and teacher, principal and student, janitor and freshman, etc.

One by one, an attractive but predatory camp counselor turns his campers into his summer harem. (It's important to me that the campers have individual personalities despite all being kids of the same age.)

Boy band
There's a hot new boy band in town - and their manager is a total perv who demands sexual favors in exchange for making them stars. (Bonus points if you're down to use a KPop group, real or made-up.)

High School Slut
In a dank bathroom stall in the basement of a high school, the 18-year-old captain of the football team (or a different character) is taking all comers: his teammates, nerds, pervy teachers, his friend's creepy older brother, the fat football coach, even the janitor and principal. Is he being punished? Blackmailed? Lost a bet? Either way, he's getting a lot of action.

I'll never say no to adding some interracial elements to a roleplay. We can create a prompt around interracial characters (tell me what pairing you want and I promise you I'll have lots of ideas), or we can add it as an element to another prompt. Maybe the boy band is a Korean group? Maybe the sex ed teacher is a white guy at an inner-city school? Etc.

The Boss
From interns to VPs, the CEO of a company has his way with pretty much whoever he wants. (We could also make it a high-level government official and his staff.)


F/F Gemsonas

Take your pic of these lovely alien ladies!

Hello again! My last post went exceedingly well for original content, so I figured I'd make another post for a more fandom-related topic.

The above image is a quick reference of my gemsonas, one of which is missing but I didn't have time to draw her when I first did this. I'll be happy to tell you more about them when we're in contact with one another! I hope this picture gives you the main idea of their personalities for now, at least.

I'd like to say ahead of time that I am critical of the show and lore, so please be aware of that heading in, because if we do anything that falls in line with canon, I'd like to talk it over to see if there are things we could adjust accordingly. It's all for fun, after all!

Anyway, my name is Racket, and since I'm 20, I'd like for my partner to be 18+ as well! Smut is perfectly fine, but not required. I roleplay in third person, multi-paragraph style, two being my absolute minimum. I value quality over quantity, but it kind of sucks when you put in a lot of effort over like a five paragraph post and all you get is a few lines in return! So all I ask is you at least ballpark in the same length.

My limits are as follows:

Read more...Collapse )


sweet sweet one x one m/m

i’m amanda, twenty-three, and i live in texas. going to keep this short and simple, because i know i’m a lazy fuck when it comes to reading ads.

as the title says, i’m looking for an mxm roleplay, with someone who is literate. i’m chill, and how much i type varies between four-hundred words to over two-thousand, depending on what’s going on in the plot. i average around five-hundred to six-hundred, and i’d like you to do the same, but seriously, i’m chill. more is great, less is kinda meh, but as long as i have something to work off of that ISN’T A ONE-LINER, i can be happy.

you must be over eighteen to message me. i don’t limit myself in my roleplays, and i’m incredibly kink-friendly, open to all sorts of dark themes(rape, non-con, torture, name it and i’m probs okay with it), so yeah. we’re not doing this if you’re underage.

i can provide samples if you'd like!!

in case you haven’t guessed by now, i’m a huge sucker for alpha/omega, and i love mpreg. even if we don’t incorporate alpha/omega into the roleplay, i want mpreg. i just need my characters to end up happy with their own kids eventually, so yeah, that’s sort of a must for me. i’ll always be the character that gets pregnant, or the omega if we do alpha/omega, BUT it doesn’t mean my character is going to be a whiny uke stereotype. it’s more fun when we both get to play realistically, and our characters can both top and bottom as the situation calls for it. unless you prefer just topping, which is cool as well, and does fit in some scenarios. seriously, i’m super chill, but mpreg is a must.

i have ideas on alpha/omega worlds that i'm more than happy to share, and we can use it for worldbuilding if you'd like. if you have any ideas or characters you want to share with me, fire away! otherwise, let's talk. i love developing worlds and plots and characters together. i'll totally draw mine tbh, even if it's shitty little anime doodles.

i'm open to pretty much anything other than pure historical, and romance is a must.

below are some things that we could do. the more stars, the more i like it. mixing any of them is great with me, and would even be preferred, though this isn't all i'll do! we can use the ideas below to develop a plot, or tell me if you have something in mind. i'm really chill, i promise.
[click here for ideas]
★★★★ - Taboo Relationships. ( Two beings from different species/Two people from different social hierarchies )
★★★ - Fantasy setting. ( Modern, Medieval, or a mixture of both )
★★★★★★ - Incestuous relationships. ( really craving dad/son?? maybe don't know they're related until it's too late lmao )
★★★★★★ - Age gaps. ( ex. Teenager with someone in their 30s )
★★★★★★ - Omega!verse
★★ - Master&Slave

★★★★★ - Accidental Pregnancy ( ex. One night stand accidentally and miraculously results in pregnancy )

i really really really love playing muscular characters, especially muscular subs, but it isn't a must or anything~~

if you're interested, shoot me a message at diseaseandcease@yahoo.com. please let me know if you have any ideas, things you want to do, tell me if you have a character you love and want to play ... just tell me some stuff!! we'll start to plot together!!


Hey y’all!

Name’s Anna and I probably won’t apologize for the cheesy way I introduced myself. I’m in my later twenties, dog mom, cat parent and lover of shiny trinkets. I may or may not be listening to glam rock while typing up this ad.

Curious to how you contact me?

email: turquoisekoipond (@) gmail.com
discord: stargazing#5773
Hangouts (I might be a bit slow here since my phone doesn’t like the app much but you’re welcome to give me a poke!):turquoisekoipond (@) gmail.com
Skype: Ask~ I rather give it out in private
(Heads up, not that comfortable writing with dudes/guys looking to only write male characters in M/F pairings. If that’s your jam that’s cool no judgment from me. It’s just not what I’m looking for and I’m simply avoiding disappointment on either side by throwing this out here now)

more information about me:
-25+ (younger than 28)
- looking for M/M. M/F and maybe some F/F. I’m both new and less invested in the last one but willing to give it a go! ( also open to poly pairings)
- Not going to deny the fact that I was yaoi scum many moons ago. But I like to think I outgrew the strict seme/uke (dom/sum) roles.
-I write over email, discord, gdocs or if you prefer a private forum I’m 120% cool with that. Open to other options as well.
- Ooc chat is always welcome. Talk character or plot with me or just share silly meme’s. I love getting to know my writing partners!
- I write to the best of my ability but do this for funsies and apologize in advance for any type-o that might occur
- Seriously! let me indulge in creating pinterest boards, playlists and all that jazz for characters.

About you:
- 21+
- access to the internet would be handy
- preferably willing to write either gender.
- writing to the best of your ability but also just wants to have fun!

Stuff I just don’t write: Pedophilia or underage characters in smutty scenes in general, adults only please! Scat, toiletplay, foot fetishes, most extreme kinks (not sure ask me), Necrophilia. Y’know the usual nopes?! Let me know yours!

The juicy bits!
Sorry for that long introduction part! But oh boy, how do I even start here? I’m a walking contradictory. I love rebels, assholes, the bad boy/girl, rough around the edges characters with a lot of potential for personal growth. (I mean, leather jackets and motorcycles are a thing I adore? No shame here.) On the flip side I’m all for the sweet flower children, the ones that love to see the good in everyone and who want nothing but smiles on those they love (and might love a little less)

Give me passionate relationships, hate to love, old flames, enemies, rivalry, friendships, friends with benefits or two people form way different walks of life. I adore it all! I like to see relationships grow, see how they move through the plot and what makes them grow closer.

General stuff I enjoy (hopefully you do too!)
- Historical plots
- Fantasy (medieval/urban/high/low/surprise me)
- Scifi
- steampunk
- Post apocalypse
- Dystopian
- (space) Pirates
- shapeshifters
- vampires
- A/B/O
- Humanoid aliens
- modern without it becoming slice of life
- werewolves
- demons
- magic users
- witches
- elves
- orcs
- merfolk
- dragons and dragon riders
- grim lower cities
- decadent societies
- mercenaries
- Royal navy
- Gladiators
- monster boys/girls

Fandoms I’m open to but prefer to write oc’s against other oc’s in:
- Naruto (I was a weeb)
- Gundam Wing
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Spartacus
- A darker shade of magic series
- Tolkien’s middle earth
- Game of Thrones
- Star Wars
- Elfquest
- Lion king (humanized)
- Avatar the last airbender/ legend of Korra

That’s about it! You know where to find me if you’re interested! When you contact me (or when I accepted your request on discord. I accept all requests I get, don’t worry)...actually let’s just say at first contact! Please tell me what you prefer: Gold, silver, copper or rosegold!

Thank you so much for reading!

Have a lovely day~


Hello. My name is Dai, I'm an 18 year old roleplayer. I've done this for about 5 years now and haven't done it much lately since I only have one partner.

I'm looking for someone who can write a decent amount but not a book but also not a business card, you catch my drift? I expect it to be in 3rd person past or present tense, doesn't really matter which. Characters should be made on the spot and not pre-made in any way shape or form. I only RP originals, no fandoms at all. My favorite genres are Action, Fantasy, Romance, Gore and Smut. Smut, yes. I like lewd stuff in rp, mostly mixed with the romance but it can just be lewd, I don't mind really.

To make it a bit easier to know me, I'm 18, I live in Europe, specifically Estonia and I will be attending college after summer, hopefully. I like games and some anime. I'm fairly shy but I'm kind of a dick. I don't really worry about peoples feelings as much as most people do, i'd rather be blunt and honest.

Anyway, add me @DaistorFTW on skype or Dai#4472 on Discord. Those are where I can deal with RPing, I wont do Email or anything else.


So, Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon has got me in the mood to really want to RP
Pokemon again! Specifically, I want to write yaoi m/m gay as heck stuff for it

I have a few plots in mind, and I'd love to write against the
following canon characters.


I really want to play against an Ash, like, really really badly. I
have a male trainer OC I've waited to ship with Ash for forever!


Likewise, I'd also like to ship a male OC against certain male game
protags either, in particular, Ethan/Gold, Kyouhei/Nate, and maybe the
Sun/Moon Male protag (or even the Ultra SunMoon one!) are characters I really wanna play against!

If you're not cool with OCs I can play the following canon characters okay.

X/Y: Trevor (I'd love to ship the Anime version of Trevor with Ash,
but I'm willing to talk about other ships, including gameverse crossovers.)

Anime: Name some minor Trainer boy from the anime Ash has encountered
as the problem of the week and chances are good I ship them with Ash.
smile.gif From the Kalos era I love Trevor/Ash and Clemont/Ash and I will
HAPPILY play either Trevor or Clemont!

If you're interested in RPing some pokemon m/m with me, please e-mail me
at granis25@gmail.com and we can talk more!



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