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[sticky post] Tags!

Good day folks!

As you know, we have the rule to tag your advert with at least one tag. Please keep doing so! We have realized that original plays all got lumped into one single tag and that just won't do anymore.
We've gone ahead and added a bunch of new tags:

Prison, Historical, Werewolves, Elves, Merfolk, Pirates, Gangs, Law Enforcement, Witches, Warlocks, Furries, Shapeshifters, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Slice of Life, Angels, Demons, Crime, Horror, Period, War, Spies, Assassins, Drugs, Medieval, Dragons, Science Fiction, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe (AU), Mature, Gen, Long-Term, Short-Term, Violence, Gore

Now that is just the beginning, if you would like to see a certain tag whether it's fandom or any other tag, please comment on this post or PM this mod account with your suggestions.
Take advantage of using the tags to make it easier for others to find your advert and we'll do our best to add new tags swiftly to make it even easier! A lot of our members search by tags, you'd be surprised. So even if your ad slips off the first page it'll be easily found.

Also be sure to check out our RP Search Discord Partner:
Roleplay Meets Reborn is a Discord-based roleplay search community that caters to one on ones, group rps, and even other Discord communities. If you’re looking for new partners or players for your group rp we have a roleplay search section where you may advertise for all mediums. If a big server-wide group rp is more your bag we have several partner servers that cover most every genre.
Come join us! Take part in chat, read through the ads, post your own, or just lurk.

Thank you and happy RP'ing ~♥

Mostly Fandom Things!

Name: Emily
Age: 29
Timezone: EST
Email: thereichenbachfraud@gmail.com
Discord: brilliantfraud#2045

What Kind of Partner Am I:
- Laid back
- Friendly (I enjoy talking OOC!)
- Literate
- Prefers to write in 3rd person, past-tense
- Able to write between 200-1000+ words

What Kind of Partner You Should Be:
- Laid back
- Literate
- Able to write at least 2 paragraphs
- 18+ years of age

What Fandoms/Pairings I'm Interested In:
Characters I can play will be italicized for convenience
**Starred items I have a particular craving for!

**Sherlock (BBC):
John Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Jim Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Greg Lestrade/Sherlock Holmes
Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade

Star Wars:
Luke Skywalker/Han Solo
Kylo Ren/Armitage Hux
Poe Dameron/Armitage Hux
Kylo Ren/Poe Dameron

**Stranger Things
Steve Harrington/Jonathan Byers

The Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
Frodo Baggins/Sam Gamgee

Ocean's 11/12
Rusty Ryan/Danny Ocean
Danny Ocean/Francois Toulour
Rusty Ryan/Linus Caldwell
Danny Ocean/Terry Benedict

Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts:
Newt Scamander/Credence Barebone
Harry Potter/Sirius Black
Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Sirius Black/Newt Scamander
Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Probably others that I'm not thinking of! Shoot me a message if you have a m/m pairing for this I haven't listed!

- I am always up for a Doctor Who/Sherlock crossover, particularly an 11/Sherlock Holmes pairing
- MCU is a possibility, but my pairings for this are slightly limited (all m/m). Message me for this!
- If anyone still remembers that show 'Moonlight', I'd love to do some of that!
- Originals are also always an option! I am particularly fond of m/m slice-of-life stories. If you have a good plot, definitely send me a message!

Final Points:
- Please let me know your age when you contact me, otherwise I will not respond to you.
- I am happy to RP over email, Discord, or Google Docs.

Looking forward to hearing from you! <33

Seeking OC Yaoi RP Partner, Possibly M/F

Hello, I'm Kasumi! I am 27 years old and I'm looking for partners who are 18+ and like playing smut in addition to the main plot of our RPs. I'm looking for short term or long term partners. I have mostly RP'ed with people I know irl, both via text and in person, but I'm interested in branching out and meeting literate folks online who like to RP. I may be interested in playing some quick M/F smut, though I prefer to play M/M. I like to plot things out ahead of time and would be alright with befriending my partner, though that is not a necessity. I tend to reply frequently most of the time. If you ever grow tired of an RP or want to end it, just let me know! Sometimes things don't work out and that's fine.

Things I will not RP: I am generally pretty open as far as what I'll play, however no poop! I also dislike when characters are dads if their children are a prominent part of the story. I am not opposed to non-con, dub-con, omorashi, etc. Just ask if you have something specific in mind and we'll discuss it.

General RP information: I like a seme/uke dynamic and the sorts of personality types that are usually associated with these labels, however I am not rigidly set in this! I prefer to double, where you and I both play a seme and uke of our own to compliment the other. As far as post length goes, I am very flexible. I like for posts to be of a length that the story is adequately fleshed out, yet there is room for characters to react and interact. No need to worry about any one-liners from me, however. Faceclaims are fine with me, and if I use them I will likely choose anime-style ones.

Things I am generally interested in: Fantasy themes and races, angels/demons, royalty, historical settings, ears/tail, powerbottoming, world building, settings and themes similar to Enzai, omegaverse, and much more. I am always open to trying something new!

Right now I only have an email address set up for RPing, though I could potentially get other types of accounts such as kik or discord.

If you want to discuss setting up an RP with me, please email me at:


I can't wait to start RPing with you!


a bit about me

-20something college student who RPs to unwind. I try to reply as many times a day as I can, but of course, real life comes up. If anything major crops up, I would inform my partner ASAP. I live in the US, in the eastern timezone. I am searching for a long term partner.

-As I am over 18, I would like my partners to be too. This is a non-negotiable, since I enjoy have mature content (sex, drugs, rock and roll, along with language and violence) and it would be weird having a partner under 18.

-In relation to the above, I am fine with smut, but it can't dominate the story. I prefer plot above all else. A good story is the fun part of RP for me and too much smut drags the story down. There are smut related things I am fine with aside from the norm (light bdsm stuff, dub-con) and things I won't ever write (butt stuff, bathroom related play, foot fetish related things, incest, vore, transformation stuff, underage characters)

-As for my writing style: paragraph/novel style, 3rd person. I try to put in at least two decent sized paragraphs a post. One liners are not my thing, so no worries about that from me!

-I prefer to play female main characters. All of them are over 18 and range in personality, color, beliefs, etc... Side/secondary characters are whatever they need to be and I can play as many as we need. A good cast is important! But I don't double, at least in the traditional sense.

-well rounded characters are life. I love figuring them out, crafting backstories and personalities for them, seeing how they react to situations.

-Romance is always fun. I prefer to play out m/f relationships, me as the female

-I use face claims, but only if my partner does as well. So it is not mandatory at all.

-Also, OOC chatter is fine with me. I like to geek out  over characters as well, chatter about them, talk headcanons, maybe do little AU sidestories and whatnot. I love pintrest, polyvore and even making playlists on spotify

-As for where I prefer to RP: email (pasteldust@outlook.com), skype, aim, googledocs, Discord. I have Hangouts, but I only use that for planning and ooc chatter.

plot related matters

-original characters and settings are my jam. While I do take inspiration from fandoms (Harvest Moon, Shameless, Grey's Anatomy, AHS Coven and Freak Show, Clerks and all films in that universe, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Community ), I only use original characters and settings. So, all of the above are things I am only open to using as inspiration, either a little or a lot.

The genres I prefer are mainly slice of life, 'historical' (for lack of a better term) and urban fantasy. We can also just do a thing where we make characters and have sort of a TV show structure: smaller plots with an overarching plot/theme/whatnot (ie the adventures of two friends as they fall in love, with supporting cast members being family and friends). That is mainly because there are ideas I would be open that don't seem like they would work long term and it would just be fun to throw our characters into a variety of adventures.

now, onto plot ideas!

Best Friends:  basically the idea above. That seems like it would be fun, jumping from story to story as two best friends fall for each other.

Hooker/Client: which explains itself, now that I think about it. A hooker and her client get too close when they should not be. The client can be anything but a married man, since infidelity is a no-go. Maybe he's a doctor, lawyer or business executive. Or a literal superhero or supervillain, which could be a fun twist.

Online: Our characters are YouTube famous, making videos and those Benjamins. So they have to deal with that unique brand of fame and a budding relationship.

Knocked Up: again, it explains itself. Two people have an unplanned pregnancy. It could be two friends, two strangers, the world is open! I would love to combine this with the Shameless inspired plot aka slice of life with a heavy dash of dysfunction, chaos and drama in case you have not seen the show. Or maybe she's pregnant by a guy who is no longer around but is vibing with someone else (so no cheating here), which could add more drama. Could be combined with the best friends plot.

Related to the above: not quite accidental pregnancy. A single man decides to hire a surrogate so he can have an heir. Feelings crop up, shenanagins ensue. Maybe there are Jane the Virgin-esque shenangins, to varying degrees depending on what you want. And of course, the RP continues after the kid is born. A slow burn is preferred with this one. Also, I am super into this one right now for some reason.

Homecoming: Something like the above would be the backstory. A couple has a thing and have to part ways, for whatever reasons. He could have gone into the military, maybe it was work or school, something happened to break them apart. And some time later, they reunite and surprise, she has a kid. Now they must navigate parenthood, old and new feelings and general drama

RJ/BB: Romeo and Juliet meets Breaking Bad. Two people from rival drug dealing cliques meet and there is a spark. But their crews are dicks, to be concise. Or maybe only one of them is dealing.

Arranged Marriage: Can take place in modern day or a historical setting. For the modern day, it could be a business deal on the parent's end that includes a wedding of some sort. As for a historical setting, it could be a few things. Maybe it is how they end a war. Or it is a business deal of some sort. For those two or something similar, I like the idea of them sniping, having hate sex, generally being snippy and then, thing progress and they learn to work together. Or...Maybe it's like what Dany and Drogo from Game of Thrones had, but with a happier ending (I would love this one). Or it is just an outright kidnapping sort of deal. Which could tie into the Beauty and the Beast dynamic. Maybe one of them is like a prize to the other (ie a warrior/gladiator being gifted a prize for winning a tournament or battle in the form of a bride or a warrior is taken hostage and is given as a prize to the ruler's daughter?)  But I am open to ideas of course!

Related to the above, kinda. A cruel, tyrant of a king takes a bride for reasons that are not all that genuine. Someone who is either part of the rebel forces or maybe a lone wolf kidnaps her and they wind up on the run, first as captor and captive and then as something more.

Untitled: Set in the classic pseudo medieval time period, a person of noble or royal blood has either fled or been cast out of their home (the latter could tie into a beauty and the beast ish plot). They cross paths with a person of common blood and things develop.

Untitled 2: A princess/noble woman and a knight (or other kind of castle worker) become close, but their stations in life and maybe a few other things make it complicated.

Untitled 3: Something with pirates could be fun!

Untitled 4: This idea is a cracky one but hey, lets throw it out there. It's a fusion of Grey's Anatomy and Buffy. Basically my character is a Slayer who decided to go into medicine instead of slaying since due to the events of the finale, she is not the one girl in all the world. But this is still the Buffy-verse and with the soapy dramatics of GA thrown in, life is not simple. So there will be romance, action, adventure and so much more. Note: I have only seen the shows and have not read the comics.

Inspired by Stranger Things/Twin Peaks/Riverdale: A Bad Thing (to be thought up by us) happens and upheaves a small town or suburb. Our characters try to navigate the aftermath and figure things out. Can be supernatural or not.

And of course, original stories inspired by the fandoms listed above. Something Shameless, AHS Freak Show, Dany/Drogo or IASIP inspired would be amazing right now. It could be combined with a plot of course.  As I have said, I deal in originals only.


There are some relationship dynamics I would like to explore: love to hate, age gaps (older man, younger woman, up to 15 years), best friends falling for each other, werewolves or werewolf/human, vampire/human, artist and their muse, opposites attract, boss/employee, co-workers or partners.

The three shows I would use to sum up my sense of humor are: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Most Popular Girls in School and Community.

I am open to ideas and plots can always be combined.

Don't just send a message saying 'hey wanna rp?'. Tell me about yourself and what you want to write.

I am fine with drama and angst in the story, but not all the time. RP is supposed to be fun!


craving american gods

hello! just here for one particular little craving at the moment – rewatching the american gods television show has rekindled all my shippy feelings and i'm dying for an opportunity to write my terrible son mad sweeney. what can i say? he's awful and lovely and i adore him with all my heart. and, when it comes to pairings, i'd love to write something in the vein of mad sweeney x laura moon or even mad sweeney x essie macgowan? i have all the otp feels in the world and about a million plot bunnies for either pairing, so give me all the snark and bickering and romantic tension.

i prefer to only write with partners who are 18+ and i'm all for quality over quantity when it comes to reply lengths. nsfw bits are fine by me and i love a little smut here and there, but i'm always happy to respect your limits if there's anything you'd rather stay away from and plot always comes first! if you're at all interested, my gmail address is themiseryhigh & i look forward to hearing from you!


Looking for roleplay (18+)

Hey guys! It's Lyra ^^ I'm just starting to get into roleplaying once more, I have been busy and I'm ready to continue roleplaying ;) Here is a link to my short google docs link (There's a more extensive version of my doc at the bottom of the link) that contains everything you need to know about...
— Me and my roleplaying experience
— What I'm looking for
— Fandoms
— Originals
— Prompts
— Contact Information.


Hope to hear from you all soon <3


Long-term original roleplay

Hello everyone! I am a 23-year-old female from Europe looking for a long-term roleplay partner. I have about 7 years of experience. I've been roleplaying mostly MxM, but now I'm interested in MxF as well. Please be 18+

I can do MxM and MxF, but when it comes to main characters in a MxF pairing, I prefer to rp as the female since that's what I'm comfortable with. As for side characters, I can play both males and females. I don't mind playing multiple characters since it can make the rp even more interesting.

~Writing style~

About 100-400 words (2-6 paragraphs or more depending on the scene), 3rd person, past tense. No one liners please! I rp only via email!


When I don’t have anything important to do, I can reply even a few times a day or at least once a day and that would be perfect for me. However, I know that we all get busy sometimes so I require at least 2-3 replies a week. If it’s less, I simply lose interest in the rp. I like chatting OOC and discussing the plot :)

~I’m fine with~

Light BDSM, passionate/rough sex scenes, violence, pregnancy (also mpreg), fluff, psychological, romance, drama, action, angst. As for historical rps, they are not my favourite, but I'm okay with it if it's suitable with the plot.


Scat, vore, furry, incest, pedophilia, gore, big age gaps, foot fetish. I don't like sci-fi.

I don’t want this to be about sex scenes only! What matters the most for me is the plot and characters’ development and personality. If you want to try something that you think may be disturbing, just ask if I’m okay with and I promise to do the same ;)

Pairings I'm currently interested in (characters with an asterisk are the ones I'd like to play as):

Werewolf x Human*
Vampire x Human*
Angel x Human*
Mafia boss x Captive*
Merman x Human*
Abusive relationship (I'd prefer to rp as the abuser's victim*)
Abusive marriage
Arranged marriage


If any of the pairings above caught your attention, please send me a private message here before we move on to email. Tell me something about yourself and if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions, please let me know! I like brainstorming ideas :) Thanks!

Late to the Bandwagon!

Name: Rachel
Age: 23
Timezone: EST
Contact: sindarindreams@gmail.com

I just recently became obsessed with the series Supernatural, and would love to try out that fandom in a role-play! I'm only up to season six, so a semi-canon plot would probably be best. 

Destiel please! (I would love to play Cas for this pairing) 

I do write smut. But there has to be plot also. I'm very open and easy going. I will do most of whatever you want to throw at me. 

Normally, I role-play over IM (google hangouts, Discord). I prefer rapid-fire replies, as I can give many per day. Role-playing through Email is fine also.

If you're interested, email me and we can work something out! I hope to hear from someone~

Characters won't shut up!

Name: Laurel
LJ: Sailorhathor
Email: sailorhathor@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: sailorhathor (although I haven't used any of them in years; I can get reestablished with one if you'd like to chat or we can chat on Facebook Messenger)
Timezone: Central USA

What you RP: Paranormal romance/supernatural/horror/sci-fi
Characters you RP: Characters from the Supernatural fandom, OCs
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Characters from Supernatural

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I've got some OCs who are driving me nuts, wanting me to write for them in the universes they were created for, and it's just not feasible at this point for various reasons. Instead, I'd rather write some stories with them to sort of "keep them warm" in a fandom I'm familiar with. I used to rp online in the late 90s and I have very fond memories of it, but the people I rped with then are no longer available. I do have some ideas for stories we could do, and I can play additional Supernatural characters as needed to make them work.

I usually write in 3rd person with proper punctuation, spelling, and grammar. At times, with rp, I write some of it in a more informal script format, but this is something we can discuss.

Do you smut?: Hell yes, with people 21+, f/m, m/m, f/f are all cool

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Yes. Under a cut. Some of the talk here will be NSFW.

Smut and stuffCollapse )

originals (e-mail, fxm)

- about me -
• Name's Mandy, and I'm over 20 years old and want you to be as well, or I will feel like a creep.
• My native language is Swedish, but I think I've got a fairly good grasp on the English language. Most of the time :)
• I role play over email.
• I only do original role plays.
• For pairings, I will do FxM, and I prefer to play male :)
• I am usually able to reply several times a day, unless I work a double shift that day. but I could also just be lazy or too busy playing games or watching a tv-show.
• I am very easy-going and flexible.

- role play -
• When it comes to post lenght, I prefer quality over quantity. Sometimes a scene requires no more than a short paragraph, and that's fine, as long as we can work with it.
Limits: Violence and swearing are no issue for me, go nuts. When it comes to sex, I will only fade to black. Dark themes such as self-harm, suicide, rape and murder is completely fine with me in backstories, as long as it's done with care and not just thrown in there for the sake of it. Same goes for the actual role play, but would of course need discussing beforehand. If you have any limits or themes you'd rather not include, do tell me before we start.
• I prefer to play male main characters, but will use plenty of side characters both male and female to flesh out the role play.
• My main characters are all above 20 years of age, and so should yours.
• I'm okay with faceclaims/play-by's. Tell me if you want to use them.

- genres & plots -
• I have several plots to choose from, and if none of those interest you, feel free to suggest your own if they match any of the keywords I've listed below.
• Don't be afraid to tell me ideas you may have during the role play. I love plotting and planning.
My plots can be found here: https://goo.gl/JMGj9K

things I like in role plays:
time travel / post-apocalyptic settings / crime / drama / angst / people with powers / dark, gritty worlds / guns / war / strong females that need no man / forbidden relationships / headstrong personalities that clash / agents / accidental pregnancies

- contact -

• E-mail: akuzhin@gmail.com



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