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[sticky post] Queue

Due to every second post breaking at least one rule we have officially turned the moderation queue on.
Every single advert will no longer show up immediately but will have to be approved by one of rp_me's moderators.
If your advert follows the rules it will be approved shortly, if it doesn't your advert will be rejected and a copy of it along with the reason for the rejection will be sent to your e-mail.

Community rules can be found here: https://rp-me.livejournal.com/profile

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful summer and happy roleplaying~!

Edit: For a visual guide on how to add an lj-cut please click on the following link: https://gongfufortwo.livejournal.com/20097.html


Hey there! My name is Ally. I’m a female in my 20’s who’s been roleplaying since I was ten years old, and I’ve found myself with a need for more roleplays and possible friendships. Anyone who I used to be in contact with at allydove7@yahoo.com may message me at my new email below. I’ve gone through a few traumatic incidents and as a result, have fallen out of contact with a lot of my rp friends and changed my email address.

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Hello everybody!
I’m here to hopefully find a role-play partner! I’ve been rping for 10+ years and have always loved it. I’m 21+ years old (in my 20s), and I roleplay in third person, and post length doesn’t matter too much to me - quality over quantity. I tend to try to stick to long-term partners just so we can get invested in the rp and make it into something. Don’t be afraid to contact me, I look forwards to hearing from you!

► Star Wars
► James Bond/007 (Craig Movies)
► Pacific Rim
► Sherlock (BBC)
► Law & Order: SVU

Characters(Bold is who I would prefer to be playing)
► Star Wars

► James Bond/007
∟ Bond/Q

► Pacific Rim

► Sherlock (BBC)
∟ Moriarty/Moran

► Law & Order: SVU
∟ Barba/Carisi

Anything Else
► I have a Bondlock verse that is fairly developed where Q is the smallest Holmes brother. If you want to hear about it or play it I would LOVE you forever.
► I’m a sucker for AUs
► I enjoy angst and fixing it with a bit of fluff. Though considering the pairings this probably is a given.
► I DO NOT play with OCs, I’m sorry! I’ve just had too many awful experiences with them.

Contact Information
∟ Email: vagabondcoderp(at)gmail.com
∟ Discord: areazel#3993
∟ Skype: vagabondcode

Devils Never Cry

Howdy!  You can call me Siren.  I'm a 27 y/o gal who works weekdays with lengthy lunch breaks and mostly free weekends, and I'm looking for someone 21+ to pull my devil trigger!  Er...  I'll cut to the chase--with all the excitement surrounding the upcoming release of Devil May Cry 5, I've been diving back into the franchise, and now I'm itchin' for an rp!  Have I gotten your attention?  Then let's rock, baby!

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Alright, I think that's plenty enough.  If you're interested in writing with me, you can email me at siren.von.praxus@Gmail.com.  Tell me a little about yourself, which characters/pairings you're interested in writing, any ideas you might have, and whatever else you'd like to add!  If we match up, I'll send you my Skype so we can get things rolling.  Have a great day, and happy writing!

keeping this short, sweet, and simple: i am craving omegaverse. like, all the time, 100% of the time. i'm twenty-four and live in the united states, been roleplaying for over ten years, and i'm really chill. i do characters of all types(though i'm really really fond of dynamic switching, like muscular omega/smaller alpha), and i'm open to practically anything under the sun. Except pure historical plots, that really isn't my jam.

please be over 18 or over to message me, because i'm a 24 year old grandma and its just weird roleplaying with someone so significantly young.

i like to play the omegas, but that doesn't mean they're a set whiny uke stereotype. i'm more realistic with my characters, and even have a few i'd love to use.

not gonna rant about pairings and etc. etc. here. if you're interested at all in a semi-literate to literate omegaverse roleplay, hmu. got ideas? awesome, send 'em. you don't? awesome, let's plan it out.

email is diseaseandcease@yahoo.com


Hello Yello

So my name is Opal, and I rp a bunch of stuff so seriously hmu
My email is glasses-braces-nerd(at)mail(dot)com and I'm in the est time zone
Have at me!

Looking for Citrus fandom RP!

Looking for someone to RP YuzuMei in university! I'm behind on the series currently but I don't mind making something up to span the time between the end of S1 and the beginning of the girls' first year at college. I can play either Yuzu or Mei and will happily double with an OC as well.

I'm really looking for something fun, fast-moving and low to medium effort. My posts tend to be between 200 and 500 words in length, sometimes longer. I'd appreciate a partner who can more or less match that length, or at least write 2+ paragraphs per post. If your average post length is 1k words, then you and I won't be a good match. That said, please give me something to work with! I like romance, angst, and everything in between. There needs to be drama! Lots of drama, with these two. :)

PM me if interested and we can get to chatting! I work nights and am usually available between 11:30PM and 2AM CST, though I can sometimes squeeze out a post while I'm at work.

Please be 25 or older! I'm 29 and it would just be weird to RP with a 20-year-old, haha.


MCUAU OCxStrange romance - can double!

Hey guys! I've been craving recently an OcxStrange MCU romance rp. I'm more than willing to double if you want! I'm looking for someone 18+ that will be playing Stephen trange.

So here's the plot:

PlotCollapse )

I only rp through Discord, so send me a message to gothribbean#1136 if the idea is interesting! I'm available M-F from 6pm-11pm, and completely free during the weekends. I respond several times a day since I'm always on my phone besides when I work, so expect quick replies!
So you can call me Aeon.
I'm 25.
I am in the EST time zone & live in Tennessee.
I don't care what sex or gender you are--all that matters is you give me a pass on pestering you for replies.
I only write M/F pairings.
I can double, but I prefer to only use minor side characters.
I write in 3rd person past tense.
I would consider myself a literate to advanced writer but we all have crap days so I am not going to beat you with wet noodles if you send me a typo or autocorrected sentence.
I am: Insert list of things for you to considerCollapse )

I am looking for: Looking forCollapse )

You may reach me via:
Skype at aeonsmusings
Discord at aeonsmusings
Email at aeonsmusings (at) yahoo


i just got your messages (mysme mxm)

hey! i’m kanna, a grandma in her twenties & looking for some rp!
i’m currently craving mystic messenger, since i finally got to play through the routes for both v and saeran and hooo boy. HOOO BOY.
so, to get the boring stuff out of the way: 3rd person, past tense, roughly 250-600 words per post. it’d be great if this applied to you too, but i’m honestly not picky about the length, so write as little or as much as you want. no one-liners though! gimme that quality over quantity. (also, i write my posts with proper grammar – this is how i write ooc)
i can post anywhere between multiple times a day to once a week, depending on my schedule, so it’d be awesome if you were more laid-back as well. we’re doing this for fun, so i’d like to keep it stress-free, lol. i’ll let you know if i’ll be unavailable for a while, but i’m ditch-friendly: things happen, i know.
i’m looking for some mxm, canonxcanon with some preferred characters and ships under the cut! no oc’s. i fancy all kinds of things with a few limits, but romance is where it’s at! and smut. i don’t fade to black, so please be 18+ if you contact me!
ships, dirty details + contact info under the cut!

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