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[sticky post] Tags!

Good day folks!

As you know, we have the rule to tag your advert with at least one tag. Please keep doing so! We have realized that original plays all got lumped into one single tag and that just won't do anymore.
We've gone ahead and added a bunch of new tags:

Prison, Historical, Werewolves, Elves, Merfolk, Pirates, Gangs, Law Enforcement, Witches, Warlocks, Furries, Shapeshifters, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Slice of Life, Angels, Demons, Crime, Horror, Period, War, Spies, Assassins, Drugs, Medieval, Dragons, Science Fiction, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe (AU), Mature, Gen, Long-Term, Short-Term, Violence, Gore

Now that is just the beginning, if you would like to see a certain tag whether it's fandom or any other tag, please comment on this post or PM this mod account with your suggestions.
Take advantage of using the tags to make it easier for others to find your advert and we'll do our best to add new tags swiftly to make it even easier! A lot of our members search by tags, you'd be surprised. So even if your ad slips off the first page it'll be easily found.

Also be sure to check out our RP Search Discord Partner:
Roleplay Meets Reborn is a Discord-based roleplay search community that caters to one on ones, group rps, and even other Discord communities. If you’re looking for new partners or players for your group rp we have a roleplay search section where you may advertise for all mediums. If a big server-wide group rp is more your bag we have several partner servers that cover most every genre.
Come join us! Take part in chat, read through the ads, post your own, or just lurk.

Thank you and happy RP'ing ~♥

Searching For a Long Term RP Partner

Taylor | 20 | Demisexual Homoromantic | Pacific Time Zone

I work a full time job and go to school part time, however I lost a couple good RP partners and I would like to hope I can find another person or two to make great stories with!

I prefer to write in third person past tense, my length depends on what is happening in the story, but usually I can write about a paragraph or more, but my general lengths go about a paragraph. Starters can be quite long though! I don't mind what your writing length is just please write a little more than a sentance most of the time! Give me something to work off of!

I do prefer to write origonal stories just because I feel constrained usually in fandom universes. But- if you'd write our own AU's that'd be pretty chill! A couple of my favorite fandoms are Kingdom Hearts, Life is Strange, Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil. I'm also a furry if that in any way matters. Humans, furries, mythical creatures, it doesn't matter to me!

I do, and can, but- I prefer story a lot than the sex. So if you want a smut centric RP, I'm not your gal!
I prefer fantasy based RP's, anything in the relam of magic or other creatures. I also like slice of life occassioanally, and horror! I'd like to do something futuristic too, not so much of the space and lasers and stuff, but something with robots I think would be really cool!
I prefer F/F myself, I don't mind M/F:F/M, M/M I haven't done so much and personally I wouldn't be able to do anything smut related. But I can do some cute gay stuff.

If any of this caught your eye and/or was interesting, please message me with the following below:
Kik: Sleepizfordaweak
Email: gunnabeasongwriter@gmail.com
Discord: arise005#8355

I wan't to keep this sort and simple, I am looking for a Five Nights at Freddy's role-play. It is a new idea I am working with, and I want to discuss the option with a partner over Discord.
I only have a few rules for roleplay:

1. I enjoy detailed role-play (2-5 paragraphs per post)

2. I enjoy rapid fire roleplay (I don't want to wait 30min per reply)

3. Please let me know if you have to leave, I will do the same.

4. Be open to new ideas.

Discord: Shadowbroker#0997


video game-based originals + more!!

hello hello!

i’m niamh, i’m 26, and i am looking for new partners!

i’m just going to write a confusing blurb about myself and my preferences so you can get an idea of how i roleplay and whether we’ll be compatible!

my foremost goal is for both of us to get some kind of fulfilment and enjoyment out of this thing we’re embarking on. i’m a very laid back partner and pretty much all i want is dynamic characters in interesting settings with complex relationships.

i’m very into doubling (though i don’t require it!). if we’re doubling i’ll play whatever gender in whatever pairing my partner wants and hope that you are willing to do the same for me, my preference being to play f in m/f (so if you exclusively do m/m or f/f or nb or you don’t play male we probably won’t be compatible).

i use gdocs, email, and discord to rp and prefer to ooc over discord but email is fine as well! i don’t have any other messengers.

i’m super ditch friendly. i’m not gonna hunt you down or anything if you go AWOL and if you want to pick up later just let me know!

my limits are very basic. no kink/fetish-driven roleplays, nothing obscene involving minors, etc. i’m not someone who really enjoys writing gratuitous smut so if you’re hoping for a lot of that you’ll probably be somewhat disappointed.

i do require that my partners be 20 or older. i’m wallowing in the second half of my 20s so it’s just more comfortable for me if we’re in the same general age group!

if we use faceclaims, i only use real people. feel free to request an fc if you have one in mind!

now for the difficult part: articulating what i want to roleplay.

tears and video game-based originals insideCollapse )

if you made it through all that and still want to get in touch, my email is hnrywinter@gmail.com. if you wanna drop your discord tag in your email i can add you there as well! if in your email you could just tell me what i can call you and generally what you’d like to rp that would be awesome!

thanks! xx

looking for partners ♡

hi there ~

i’m d, twenty-two, and always on the hunt for new partners!

please Do Not message me if you are a cis male.

my rules are pretty standard, i am currently only looking to play f in mxf. would rather not double, but will play hundreds of side characters. i need someone passionate and literate that likes things like mood boards and playlists!

no minimum with me, but i typically try to bust out at least two paragraphs per reply—sometimes even more!

only lookin’ to write with you if you’re 18+ for the sake of mature themes, sorry babes.

currently, i am really craving some good slice-of-life cheese with tons of fluff and angst!

pairings i am interested in:

country boy x city girl
divorced father x babysitter
brother’s best friend x sister
professor x student (18+)

i am also forever searching for modern fantasy, so stuff like incubus/succubus x mortal or god x mortal.

fandoms i would (potentially) be interested in are:
power rangers (always looking to write against jason because damn), stranger things, star wars (sequels), marvel

anyway, this ended up being much longer than i intended—oops. email me at tinyglasshomes@gmail.com ♡
Okay god save me I literally made a livejournal account to post here so if I seriously did this wrong tell me

As title states, looking for a new longterm partner over discord.

Hi my name is Dergenn and I talk about memes, horror movies and dogs way too much.
I just turned 19, so I'm only looking for partners 18-21 in age. No exceptions.

All the the information can be found here.

tl;dr addition:

  • Horror

  • Angst

  • Realism

  • Romance

  • Gore

If you're interested, DM me directly at dergenn#8301 !

DC Discord and Email

Seeking: DC Comics related roleplay  
Who am I?: Mittens, 20 years old, roleplay experience of 8 years, literate, 3rd person  

(bold is who I'd like to play)
Pairings: Dick/Jason, Damian/Jon, Tim/Jason, Bruce/Dick, Damian/Dick, Jason/Bruce, Tim/Kon, Jason/Joker, Dick/Slade, Hal/Dick

Sources I Have Knowledge Of: Comics, CW verse, DCEU, animated series, animated movies, Injustice, Arkhamverse  

I have little ideas for all the pairings listed, and more than open to your ideas or any other M/M DC pairings you'd like to do!
As for NSFW, I'd like you to confirm you're 18 or older in your first message if you'd like to take part in NSFW elements.

Discord — ReadingMittens#4414
Email — ReadingMittens@gmail.com

looking for longterm RP partners :3c

Hey hey hey, you can call me Birdy! She/her, 18+, I’ve been doing longform roleplay stories since middle school, my longest of which is 300+ pages (whoops!) I’ve never really been involved with online roleplay communities, and I’m not really interested in anything smutty, but I’m a massive fan of collaborative storytelling and tabletop role playing games. I’m looking for 1-3 different people to do an RP with, in the general “style” of d&d, myself being the DM, everyone else being players. Dice and complicated rulesets optional 😬

Fandom or original: I prefer original universes and characters, though often do stuff that’s definitely been based in some form or another on existing works. 

Genre/Theme preferences: I love all things fantasy, sci-fi, and supernatural, with a good helping of cute fluff romance mixed in :3c. Most things I do tend to revolve around worldbuilding of some kind.

Plots: here’s just a few RP ideas off the top of my head, though if anyone has any other ideas/preferences for genre I’m totally open to most things. I just love writing for other people.

  • Magical girl squad, with a Greek mythological twist :3c
  • Magic school for kids ages middle school to college, in a modern setting with strong themes on the molding of magic systems with technology. Think kind of like Little Witch Academia, or Harry Potter if wizards weren’t secrets and worked together regularly with muggles and shared their magic.
Read more...Collapse )


hi!! i'm ranch (dip) or randy, whichever you find more amusing. i'm a small screamy mood poster and a huge stoner hufflepuff and sometimes i draw. i'm looking for partners 16+ who write third person and are willing to put up with my rapid fire paragraphs. i'm a huge nerd for dragons and i will 10000% love you forever if you write them with me. m// is very much preferred!

that being said, fandoms! i typically go for oc's in fandom universe, but characters in paranthesis are ones i'm willing to play. ! = craving

  • httyd (toothless) !!!!
  • miraculous ladybug (chat noir/adrien) !
  • harry potter
  • atla !!!!!
  • marvel (loki)
  • steven universe !!!
  • bnha (izuku)


  • dragons !!!!!!
  • avians/birds !!
  • demons/aliens
  • zombies
  • pirates

thanks for reading my short dinky ad. my discord is ranch dip#2434 and i use chatzy for writing because i go over discord's 2000 character limit too much to be comfortable with it. hit me up!!

warnings: probably cliches, consensual sibling incest, doubling / tripling as needed.

pairing: sherlock holmes / holmes sister.  (  could keep the name eurus, haven't decided ; but she is decidedly quite different than what was presented in series 4  ).

do contact if: at all interested, likes novella style role play, slow burn elements, drama, gratuitous detail, character development, a mixture of plots with momentum and slice of life snippets.

so, think about bbc sherlock.   think about the surprise sister angle.  i think most people agree in theory it's fairly intriguing -- but execution might have left some questioning it.  anyway, like it or hate it or indifferent about it, imagine that instead of a homicidal sister that one of the most brilliant minds just didn't remember imagine one who was snatched up by the government for covert work.  they've got one holmes 'officially' in government, another who ocassionally does things that benefit the government as a byproduct, and one who is nearly perpetually undercover, silently taking care of threats before they reach the surface as a MI6 agent.  now imagine all of that, murder, mystery, drama, and a torrid, unhealthy ( just due to the relation, not due to actions against one another  ) relationship.  i have lots of ideas for it, as well as a dossier for the currently unnamed holmes sibling, so if it strikes your interest in any kind of way, email me at bordavixs@gmail.com.


Find an RP Partner~

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