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[sticky post] Tags!

Good day folks!

As you know, we have the rule to tag your advert with at least one tag. Please keep doing so! We have realized that original plays all got lumped into one single tag and that just won't do anymore.
We've gone ahead and added a bunch of new tags:

Prison, Historical, Werewolves, Elves, Merfolk, Pirates, Gangs, Law Enforcement, Witches, Warlocks, Furries, Shapeshifters, Zombies, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic, Slice of Life, Angels, Demons, Crime, Horror, Period, War, Spies, Assassins, Drugs, Medieval, Dragons, Science Fiction, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe (AU), Mature, Gen, Long-Term, Short-Term, Violence, Gore

Now that is just the beginning, if you would like to see a certain tag whether it's fandom or any other tag, please comment on this post or PM this mod account with your suggestions.
Take advantage of using the tags to make it easier for others to find your advert and we'll do our best to add new tags swiftly to make it even easier! A lot of our members search by tags, you'd be surprised. So even if your ad slips off the first page it'll be easily found.

Also be sure to check out our RP Search Discord Partner:
Roleplay Meets Reborn is a Discord-based roleplay search community that caters to one on ones, group rps, and even other Discord communities. If you’re looking for new partners or players for your group rp we have a roleplay search section where you may advertise for all mediums. If a big server-wide group rp is more your bag we have several partner servers that cover most every genre.
Come join us! Take part in chat, read through the ads, post your own, or just lurk.

Thank you and happy RP'ing ~♥

Another Partner Maybe

Hi! My name is Nia, EST and  Im 19 years old in college and have been RPing since I was 11 years old.

I am a very detailed writer and a very passionate writer. And because of that do not bother to respond to this ad if you are neither of those. I go all out when I write and I also write a lot. I can go from 7 paragraphs to nearly 70. And im seriously not exaggerating lol.  Im only searching for LongTerm partners who are willing to commit. My last rp started in 2015 and ended in 2018. And honestly time flies lol it ended way too soon to be honest. I tend to reply really quickly depending on the person im rping with. However I request a minimum of one post a day, but if the post are super hella long I'm okay with every other day.

But don’t get me wrong,I understand life happens and stuff. So honestly if you cant reply for a whole week its cool. Just please let me know. I really hate disappearing acts because I get really into the rp like its some kind of novel written from the gods lol. If you disappear without notice I will check up on you by sending out a little email wishing that everything is going okay. I don’t mind if you have to stop rping for a little bit because again life happens. But please let me know before you do.

Now I also like talk about the rp with my partner and make jokes about the characters and send songs and pictures just for the fun of it and I understand not everyone does that but it would really be a plus if you do. Even if we didnt rp that day.

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Detroit: Become Human

Hello all! I’m looking for partners for Detroit: Become Human. I’ll keep my post as short and sweet as possible for your reading convenience!

Who I Am:
- I am 29 years old
- Literate
- Laid back
- Able to write 300-1000+ words

I’m Looking for Someone Who Is:
- 18+
- Literate
- Also laid back
- Able to write at least 2 paragraphs

Who I’d like to play is in bold

- Conner/Hank Anderson
- Markus/Conner
- WR600 (your male OC)/Markus
- Willing to also write against other male human and android OCs
-Also willing to write completely original male characters!

Important Note:
Please state your age when you contact me.

Email: thereichenbachfraud@gmail.com
Discord: brilliantfraud#2045

Looking forward to some amazing android RP! <3


Historical Based Yaoi RP (1700s - 1800s)

Hello! As the title states, I’m making this post seeking a Historical based Yaoi RP set in the 1700s to 1800s. I’ll go into more detail on what exactly I’m looking for a little later. please try to read through this completely, it’s very important that you do if you are interested.

Also I want to make sure to mention here first that I will not be accepting anyone that is younger than 18. This is nothing against anyone personally, it’s just the RPs I partake in usually include some more R18 level topics and I would feel more comfortable delving into said topics with someone 18 or older. I wouldn’t feel right or comfortable knowing I’m RPing with a 16 year old and the story is about to head to some NSFW territory for example. So please only message me if you are 18 or older ^-^ thank you~.

About Me: I go by Kana and I’m 19. I’ve RP’d for about 4 years now, my longest lasting one still running for 2 years almost.

What I’m Looking for in an RP:

• Long term RP (no one-shots)

• OCs

• 18+

• Good Grammar

• 3rd person paragraphs preferred

• NO ONE-LINERS. I would appreciate it more if responses are more than just one sentence long. Other than that, I’m not picky about word count as long as the responses are a decent length.

What I’m Looking for in Plots

I do have some things I’m specifically looking for in terms of setting ideas. So if this interests you then please do message me. Or if you have any ideas based on these or relating to these, even better! Certainly share!

- In terms of setting, I’ve recently been watching the show Versailles and because of the I've been craving something set in the 1700s to 1800s, the Georgian era or Roccoco so to speak. Yknow Marie Antoinette or Louis XIV, that sort of time period (if you’ve ever wantched Pirates of the Carribean that’s about right. I’m just a dork for histroy which is why I’m seeking someone to RP with in this setting *-*). So I’m really only interested in an RP that takes place in that kind of setting, please keep that in mind if you want to suggest ideas :). Otherwise all ideas are welcome!

- Since this is a Yaoi RP I would prefer to have the uke role, however I’m more than okay with doing switch character roles, that’s about it. But if we do switch also keep in mind I can’t be the only one with a primarily dominant character, or else it’s not much of a switch, it’s gotta be equal on both parts. Pairings like Aristocrat X Servants or like Aristocrat X Aristocrat (most interested in the latter personally) will be discussed more between us in email depending on what kind of story we work out :).

- I would like to keep true and accurate to the time period as much as possible. But I’m also open to having fantasy aspects, such as vampires for example, or some other mythical type creature. I’m very okay with combining those things with a historical setting. At the moment though I'm interested in just focusing on the historic accuracy and stuff. Also something that will be discussed ^-^.

- I definitely welcome side pairings! I think they can be great additions for expanding a story!

What I Like: I figured I may as well make sure to include my likes and dislikes just in case.

- Plot Driven Smut :)

- kinks/ fetishes (can be discussed but as long as it’s not anything I listed on my dislikes I’m more than likely to be okay with it)

- OOC talk in moderation (I’m fine with it as long as it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the story every 5 seconds)

- I tend to draw my characters a lot so I may ocasionally send a doodle just to show what said character looks like! You don’t have to do the same but if you enjoy art too then by all means!

- Character descriptions and bios. They don’t need to be too long but I like getting to know a character before starting an RP rather than just kind of jumping in.

-size difference

-Baras (I love my baras)


-contrasting characters and conflicting circumstances.

-i love history so yeah *-*

-Furries cause I can (I also like Furry x human stuff)



-rape (if discussed)

What I Dislike:



-overpowered characters

- poor Grammer

- Ghosting. If you at any moment feel like you no longer want to continue the RP, please say so. Don't just stop responding all of a sudden, it's quite disconcerting and id much prefer if you'd let me know at least. It won't hurt my feelings.

So I don’t have that much in my dislike cause I can’t think of much at the moment hahah. Unless I think of any more I'll add them later.

I also want to mention, you don’t have to be super incredibly knowledgeable of the time period. If you have any questions about it and stuff I have no problem answering :), I'm just a bit overly enthusiastic when it comes to historical things.

I'm also usually able to respond for most of the day, it can vary though wether I respond quick or slow, but usually I can respond consistently throughout the day.

When you message me please don't just say 'Hi' and that's it. I can't really respond much to that and it's happened before.

But yeah I think I've listed all that I needed to. If you read through all of this thank you so much. And if you didn't and just skipped to the end then please be sure to read the things I've written above before you contact me. I've had too many experiences where people just don't read anything, send me an email and then just aren't even aware of what I'm looking for, or just ignore the things I've mentioned. So please I would much appreciate it if you read through this :).

Thanks a lot! I usually prefer to RP through KiK, but I don't like posting my KiK online so please contact me first through email. I don't mind RPing through email either. I just prefer Kik usually.

My Email: ereri18703@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

Cyberpunk, Low fantasy & Pirates

Name: Dia
Age: 30’s and strongly prefer someone over 25.
Timezone: GMT+1
Format: email, google docs or discord.  (contact me at luunmar at gmail dot com)

The quick rundown:
M/M mid 20’s to early 30’s.
Multi paragraph. 200ish words at minimum by preference. Quality over Quantity. Third person. Original characters preferred aside from Hetalia.
Cyber/decopunk. Low Fantasy. Pirates. Hetalia.
Chemistry between characters and writers is key. 

On a more lengthy note, what do I offer and hope to see in return:
Short term and long term both welcome. Long term preferred.  Multi-paragraph, third person, descriptive and in-depth writing that truly aims to bring a world, plot and characters to life.  I may take several days to a week to answer and am likewise patient with replies.  Quality beats quantity any day for me.  I want you to have fun, not fret over whether your reply is overdue or not (if it takes more than 1.5 weeks or so, just keep me in the loop for a bit, that’s all I ask) I like chunky replies, but don't obsess over the exact word count if it doesn't fit the post you're writing. However if the idea of having to write quite a bit isn't something that attracts you, then I'm probably not the right partner for you. 

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Greetings people of the Earth and beyond (shout out to all you Martians out there!) I’m here looking for a few new people. Now, I’ve had some great partners but, for some reason or another, they’ve all vanished and left all the stories half realized.

Ok, before we get into plots, I want to get some negatives out of the way. My availability is the biggest one. You see, I’m starting a new job here in a few days so I’m not totally sure what my hours will be and, given the lack of Wifi at my house, I can only be online on my off days. Not 100% sure when they will be so please, bear with me. If you don’t hear from me for a few days, I’m not trying to ignore you, I’m just working. (hopefully, internet at my house will be a possibility in the near future.) at the very least, I’ll be able to respond once a week.

Still with me? Great. On to Plottown
1. Mutants. I’ve wanted to do an X-men story for quite some time but with a little twist. I’d love to pair my vampire character (you’ll see him quite a bit in this list lol) with an X-men. When I imagine this story, I always picture him with Nightcralwer but really, most any of the X-men will work.
2. Harry Potter. Starting in the Marauders era (JamesXSirius. SiriusxRemus. JamesXLily. JamesXSnape. SnapeXLily (never done this one before but very interested in trying it.) OCXSnape. OCXOC.) and in the modern day (HarryXDraco. HarryXSnape (either adult or teenaged.) HermoineXDraco. HarryXSirius (only tired this once before the story ended during the planning phase. Suffice to say, the plot involved a memory wiped Sirius (after he fell through the curtain.) seeing Harry (as an adult) as James and Harry, overjoyed that he is still alive, goes along with it for a while.) OCXSnape. OCxOC.)
3. Teacher and Student. (my vampire teacher helps a student after he/she is being bullied, only to discover he/she is being abused at home. So he kidnaps him/her to keep him/her safe.) This story can go as dark as you’d like it to. But don’t expect intimacy while the student is still a child. (child as in teenager, not /child/ child)
4. OC (Here is an idea I’d love to try out. Basically, a big, bad, bad guy is targeting people and a group of them live all together in a big house. Originally, it was mythological/non human creatures but it can be different. We’d both play at least two characters.)
5. Alien (an Alien and human pairing. Plot open.)
6. Arranged marriage. (could be human or non human. any time period.)
7. Twilight. (ok, don’t judge. There are a couple of plots I’d like to try out. First one…I can’t help but wonder how the cullens would react if there were another vampire who just moves to the town. Plot and characters open but for my OC guy. The second plot, takes place when Nessy is born and the cullens seek witnesses for her. Well, one of them is Omar, my vampire character. The pair for this one would be him and Leah, who imprints on him (much to her dismay and disgust.)
8. Percy Jackson. I’m not 100% familiar with this fandom, I’ve only ever seen the movies but I do have an OC who I’d like to pair with Luke (or OC but just not Percy, seeing as my girl Charity, is his half sister. Plot open but I would prefer this one to be more character driven then romance driven. )
9. Witches/magic casters. (I’m thinking something between ‘Sabrina the teenage witch.’ And ‘Charmed’. If that makes any sense. A witch in training who comes from a long line of witches. (maybe a ‘Master and protégé’ type of situation? A classmate discovers my witches secret? Plots open.)
10. YuGiOh. (an Oldie but a goodie. Now, I watched a few minutes of the newest movie and it made me very sentimental. My very first OC was a YGO OC so I’d love nothing more then to brush the dust off him. (he works in both ancient times and modern day, in fact I’d love to see him interact with Yugi and the gang. On the battle city blimp (I’ll love you forever in you indulge me in this one) or in school. (only thing is, I can’t pair him with either Yugi or Yami, for reasons that I will explain later. Ideally, I’d pair with him Ryo and/or the spirit of the ring. Or, of course with the TK Bakura. The OG Bakura lol) Others pairs? Well…there aren’t that many pairs that I don’t ship. Just ask.  (my favorites include JoeyXkaiba, YugiXYami, and Bakuships (Bakura being paired….with himself. (as in The Sprit of the ring being paired with Ryo. Ryo being paired with TK Bakura. That sort of thing.)
11. Gayworld. (let me explain. I’ve always wanted to a story in an Au world with the percents of straight people and gay people are reversed. Say if (and I’m just grabbing this out of the air) 70 percent of people are straight, then in this world, 70 percent of people are gay. The character I’ll play is a straight rights attorney )

I’ll make this part short and sweet. My limits are forcible rape, overly detailed violence and bathroom play. Everything else? Just ask. The worst I’ll ever say is no. No judgment here.
If you see anything here that tickles your fancy, shoot me an email at shellikat21@yahoo.com
Thanks, see Y’all later.

a disappointing goodie bag

guten tag!

i'm l, and i'm here for a few highly specific cravings. there's not much you need to know about me, other than that i'm in my mid-twenties, a female, and have a preference for writing with other ladies. i'll drop some quick rules and expectations here, but when it comes to plotting and ooc, i'm the queen of chill.

— gmt+10
— third person, past tense
— casual word counts. y'all are welcome to write 800+ words, but i average 400-500 per main, with longer intros and some snappy lil' scenes in between.
canon x oc, and doubling is a must. please let me write 500 canons for you. i live and breath fictional pairings. oc x oc for originals!
— i'm only comfortable writing with other adults! this is a big one, kids. we can talk about limits and all that good juicy stuff, but please be 21+.

as far my highly specific cravings go;

game of thrones/asoiaf
i'm looking for someone to write robb stark, jorah mormont, jon snow, arthur dayne, or later season daario naharis against my female oc. i'll also take a tormund, a gendry, or a sandor. i can write absolutely anyone. i'm particularly good with tyrion, rhaegar, sandor, and theon.

medici: masters of florence
not really looking to write any of the canon characters. i'd like to write something inspired by the show, because court intrigue is fun and i like it best when it's mixed with death, unrealistic face claims, and picturesque scenery. if you don't want to write this but still want to gush about the show, please email me! ya girl has feelings.

again, not really looking to write any of the canon characters. in fact, i'd like to ignore the show entirely and come up with our own thing. let me write an original guinevere against and original arthur and i will d i e. i'm game to write lancelot, merlin, any of the knights of the round table. i will make a lot of bad monty python jokes, because i was brought up by awful, awful people, but i have faith that we can imbue this thing with angst, swords, and smooching.

that's about it. i'm always in the mood for folklore, historical fantasy, and other mythological shenanigans, so there are definitely options if none of the above appeal! if you're interested, you can find me at mistakenforstrangrs@gmail.com. tell me a little bit about yourself and what you're looking for. we can go from there!

Hello all. Roleplay?

Hello. My name is Ally. I am 20. Says so on my I.D., but I'll be 21 in March, so a bit of time to go, eh? Anyways, I recently went through a terrible break up, and roleplaying is something I do to feel better. It's like a coping skill and I've got a lot of characters I can play! Tons.

I have rules but I'm chill.


1. No one under 18. I smut and I don't want to go to jail. We don't have to smut though.

2. Must be okay with M/M but I guess I can be convinced to do M/F if I play the male.

3. No godmodding. It's not fun to roleplay if someone tells me what my character does, says, or thinks.

4. Please don't ditch me. I'm not really ditch friendly. At least let me know if you want to end it, or if you'd like to do something else.

5. It'd be fun to have more friends and talk OOC, but this isn't required. I'm just lonely.

6. Can be semi lit or lit. Might be able to deal with less than that. I don't really judge as long as it's legible or I can decipher it.

7. I'm rather active once the roleplay gets moving, so I kind of would love a partner who replies frequently. I know that life gets in the way. That's fine, I just like to have a heads up and for us both to be mostly active.

8. If you have a problem, I'd rather we talk than for you to ghost me. I'm really willing to be flexible and I really want this to work.

9. I prefer long term partners but if you're looking for short term just let me know.

10. I love feedback, I'm not fishing for compliments, I just like to know if the story is good and enjoyable or if the character or OC is enjoyable and accurate. I can give feedback too!

Things about me:

1. I'm semi literate to literate, my grammar is acceptable.

2. I use third person.

3. I love the genres of horror, supernatural, thriller, psychological, romance, comedy, sci-fi, and fantasy. Combining these are fun.

4. I almost never play humans, and even the canonically human characters I play, I prefer to make into creatures. This of course is not required, it's just a preference of mine.

5. I can manage to double.

6. Length isn't an issue to me and I usually like to match my partner.

7. I am a big sucker for greaser AUs. I love greasers.

8. Another thing I love is zombies. Zombies are my favorite. If you combine that with greasers to make greaser zombies then I'm in heaven.

9. I'm nonjudgmental. I don't care who you are in terms of identity and looks.

10. I'm a good shoulder to cry on and I listen well/offer advice.

11. I do canon x canon or canon x OC or OC x OC.

Now onto what you've all been waiting for! These are the characters I can play as well as the fandoms they come from!


Naruto/Naruto Shippudden (The Akatsuki excluding Konan, Sai, Suigetsu, Gaara, Sasuke, Neji, Kiba, Mangetsu, Kakashi, possibly more)

Ouran High School Host Club (Tamaki, Mitsukuni, Kyouya, Hikaru, Kaoru, Mori)

Fruits Basket (Kyo, Yuki, Hatsuharu, Momiji, Shigure, Akito (anime only), Hatori)

Durarara!! (Shizuo, Izaya, Kida, Mikado)

Inuyasha (Sesshomaru)

Death Note (Light, L, Ryuk, Mello, Matt, Near)

Hetalia (Most male countries, just ask)


A Nightmare on Elm Street (Freddy Krueger, Glen Lantz, Rod Lane, Ron Grady)

Friday the 13th (Jason Voorhees, David Peabody)

Halloween (Michael Myers)

Scream (Billy Loomis, Stu Macher, Roman Bridger)

The Omen (Damien Thorn)

Pet Sematary 1&2 (Victor Pascow, Jeff Matthews, Clyde Parker)

It 1990 (Henry Bowers, Victor Criss, Belch Huggins, Pennywise)

It 2017 (Victor Criss)

Day of the Dead (Bub)

Return of the Living Dead 1&2 (Freddy, Billy)

Night of the Living Dead (Johnny)

Child's Play (Chucky, Tiffany (an exception), Glen)

Fright Night (Jerry Dandridge, Billy Cole)

Demonic Toys (Mark Wayne)

Hellraiser (Pinhead)

Trick 'r Treat (Sam)

Psycho (Norman Bates)

Stage Fright Aquarius (The Night Owl)

Sometimes They Come Back (Richard Lawson, David North, Vinnie Vincent)

Silence of the Lambs (Dr. Hannibal Lector)

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Leatherface)

Dawn of the Dead (Stephen)

Dracula (Count Dracula)

The Wolfman (The Wolfman)

The Mummy (The Mummy)

The Creature From the Black Lagoon (The Gill-Man)

Frankenstein (Frankenstein)

The Phantom of the Opera (The Phantom)

The Invisible Man (The Invisible Man)

Various Personified Horror Monsters (Just ask if interested)


The Outsiders (Johnny, Ponyboy, Dallas, Two-Bit, Darry, Sodapop, Steve)

Heathers (J.D.)

The Breakfast Club (John Bender, Andrew Clark)

Gravity Falls (Bill Cipher)

Big Hero 6 (Hiro, Tadashi, Fred)

Coco (Hector)

Spirited Away (Kohaku)

The Green Mile (Percy)


Various Personified Cryptids (Just ask)

Creepypasta (Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Ticci-Toby, BEN Drowned, Masky, Hoody, Laughing Jack, Bloody Painter, my OC Kyle)

Other things, just ask about them. I like so many things that I can't remember it all, so if there's things not on here, you can ask about them, especially if they're older movies.

I also have many OCs made for different genres. The creature varies. I also have a few original settings, just ask about them.

Kinks/limits and plot can be discussed after we figure out who we're doing!


Email: allydove7@yahoo.com
Kik: TheSlashers
Skype: my2phetaliaismylife
Phone: (Ask for it)


Simple GoT Search!

I'm Mittens, 20 years old, and experiencing some serious Game of Thrones withdrawal.

At the moment, I'm looking for some interesting canon/canon roleplays. I am currently caught up with the show, and only half way through the first book. But I've read plenty of book spoilers to have a good grasp of them.

Below I have a list of pairings I'd like to do, underlined being the character I'd like to play.


I'm not one for a whole bunch of rules, but I like to roleplay in 3rd person with at least a paragraph for response. NSFW is fine with me, nothing I'm really uncomfortable with, I mean it's Game of Thrones.

I prefer to roleplay over the following platforms, but more than happy to go somewhere else, just let me know!

Discord — ReadingMittens#4414
Email — ReadingMittens@gmail.com
Kik — ReadingMittens

Looking for an early 1900s RP

Looking for an early 1900s RP

Email: break.the.birdbox@gmail.com
Ask for chat platforms.

Hello there! You can call me Mallory because I’m painfully good at picking pseudonyms. I’m a long time lurker of this wonderful community, and have made many a good friend and RP partner on here. Finally managed to post an ad of my own this time, since I’m looking for something kind of specific. This is probably going to be a long read so...buckle in, children.

Just so you don’t get bored having to read through the basics, I thought I’d mention the plots/genres I’m interested in at the moment. If any of the catch your eye, check the (rules) under the cut to see if we’d be compatible!

As mentioned in the title, I’m looking for something set in the early to mid 1900s. 1920s to 1960s, to be precise. Here are some ideas/settings I’m dying to try out:

- Restless artists: Think along the lines of movies like ‘Kill Your Darlings’, ‘On the Road’, or ‘Sylvia’. Our characters are writers/poets/artists on a journey of self discovery. One that starts out filled to the brim with a burning passion for their craft, and an insatiable desire to make something of themselves with it in hand. They approach this new world they’ve been thrusted into with wide eyed wonder, trying out every bit of it they can get their hands on. Slowly but surely, however, for one reason or another, everything begins to crumble. I’m talking writers who thought that alcohol and other substances would somehow inspire their inner genius. Or jealousy between rivaling artists that soon turns friendships into bitter animosities. Or desperation over their failing craft leading them to even more desperate measures. Basically, I want a story where one’s passion leads to their undoing.

- Nights at a Cabaret: Two characters meet at one of many forms of cabarets for us to choose from (French cabarets, German and Austrian Kabaretts, American cabarets, and so on). One character can be a performer, while the other is a regular at said cabaret. Depending on which time period we choose, this plot can give way to complicated romance, political difficulties due to the restrictions imposed by the war, and a good amount of drama.

- A 1960s Mentor/Student Plot, dabbling in the wonderfully complicated and needlessly political world of esteemed universities. I’d love for this to dabble with questions of morality, where research is concerned, and how it would influence the characters’ lives as they struggle to balance their passion for knowledge and their empathy/humanity. Wouldn’t mind one of them being a bit more empathetic than the other, and how that ends up influencing their relationship.

- If you’d like something more of a dystopian/utopian society with a 1920s-1960s aesthetic, don’t hesitate to say so! I don’t have a plot for that, but I’d love to work on one together. Maybe like a 1920s-60s Handmaid’s Tale, or along the lines of the We Happy Few game whose release date I’m about ready to toss someone off a bridge for.

- I feel like WWII plots have become a bit repetitive. But we can still discuss them, if there’s one you’re particularly excited to try out?

If any of those ideas interest you, let’s move on to the basics we all know and love:

Read more...Collapse )



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