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Hi there!

Welcome to the rp_me community, your one stop spot for finding roleplay partners. This is a moderated community, meaning, all submitted posts have to go through a moderation queue. Once approved your post will show up on the community page, if you break any of our rules your advert will be rejected and you will receive an e-mail outlining why.

Our rules can be found here: https://rp-me.livejournal.com/profile

A guide on how lj-cuts work can be found here: https://gongfufortwo.livejournal.com/20097.html

If you have any questions, comments, concerns you can comment on this post, send a private message to moderate_me or you can reach the admin directly on Discord at Cluttery#3953

I'd also like to take a moment to let you know about our partner RP search community on Discord called Roleplay Meets Reborn!

Roleplay Meets Reborn is a Discord-based roleplay search community that caters to one on ones, group rps, and even other Discord communities. If you’re looking for new partners or players for your group rp we have a roleplay search section where you may advertise for all mediums. If a big server-wide group rp is more your bag we have several partner servers that cover most every genre.
Come join us! Take part in chat, read through the ads, post your own, or just lurk.


Name: Smokey or Robby

Gender/preferred pronoun: Female/I don’t care

Age: 30

RP Experience: over 15 years

Style: Third-person, past-tense, novella/lit to advanced lit. My posts range between 300-2,000 words. I can do rapid-fire or cool it and post once a week, if that’s your thing. Very laid back about reply time.

Grammar: As for grammar, I can tolerate a great deal if the story is good. I'm generally very patient and understanding. If I can read it and it makes sense, we're golden.

Looking for: Long-term preferred. If we get tired of one storyline or want to spice things up, we can always start a second one. Please be over 18. 21+ preferred

Timezone: CST

I like adult themes. I like dark themes. I do not fade to black. I only play m//. I like to play switches. I expect for there to be adult themes at some point.

Looking for fandom/canon threads only at the moment. Some characters can be paired with OCs, maybe… We’ll see.


hello, is it me you're looking for?

i'm really bad at talking about myself, so i'm just gonna dive right in!

first of all, some things about me:
» call me lynnzee, because that's my name
» 22, female, she/her/they pronouns all acceptable
» central standard timezone, but my heart knows no timezone
» full time job as a behavior therapist for special needs kiddos

some buzzwords for what i'm interested in doing:
murder mysteries | mythology | romance | arranged marriages | high fantasy world building | sci fi | modern fantasy | organized crime | paranormal | historical fiction | political conflicts | jane austen | some fandom universes and concepts (see under the cut)

if you see anything that interests you, I've put more (probably too much) detailed information about my roleplay style and what i'm looking for under the cut!
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so, if you made it this far, congrats to you! shoot me an email at lynnzee.corine@gmail.com, or a message on Discord at eurydaaece#7172

RP Inception or TDKR

Name: tracker_lucifer
LJ: this one
Email: Ethanmarsrevive@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: Same as above
Timezone: Pacific
Little bit about myself: Hullo! I am a casual rper. I tend to write in third person. At the moment I am looking for someone who is interested in the whole Tom Hardy x JGL world (not RPS. Just eager to throw their characters/movies together). If you are interested, check under the cut for more information.

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plots n thangs

name: poppy
age: so, so old (25)
time zone: GMT+10

hi y'all. christmas is here and i'm looking for some funky fresh rp's. i don't have very many rules, but i like to double or triple as i find it helps keep the story interesting. my word count varies depending on how busy am, but i'm more of a quality > quantity person. you can probably expect a few decent paragraphs per main. i take great care when creating my characters and try to cater to my partner's preferences. i welcome all pairings, but have a soft spot for m/f and f// on my side. i'll write characters of any gender or orientation for my partner's side. if there's a face claim you'd like me to use, please tell me. i'm also comfortable with written descriptions. if there's anything you'd like to ask me (limits, ect.) just shoot me an email!

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Fandom Roleplay

Hi! You can call me June. I'm a female in my mid-twenties, on GMT. I'm interested in fandom plots, and am pretty laid back about it all. I usually write around two paragraphs, maybe more, and try and respond at least once a day. I roleplay over email, nothing else, unfortunately!

As for the specifics;

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Are You There Rp_Me? It's me, Mona.

Hello world! My name is Mona and I am (obviously) looking for one, or two, or maybe even three people to role-play with! I'm very good at balancing multiple plots, characters, and even people, so if anything you see below the cut interests you, please let me know!

Before you continue reading, please know that I only wish to role-play with people who are over the age of 21. I myself am no longer a young whippersnapper at 29 (almost 30, yikes!) and I am hoping to find some partners around my age. ♥
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Hopefully something written above interested you! To get started, please shoot me an email at asunwillalwayssingforyou@gmail.com. If you really hate using email you can also search me on Skype, where I have the same username sans the @gmail part. It would probably be better if you shoot me an email, though.

Thanks for reading! ♥


Howdy! I'm Ashy. I'm tired of these ads, and I'm sure you are too. But as they all say...
Here we go again!

I've got roughly nine or ten writing experience on the table! Man, to believe it all started on an art website called Iscribble...

I do prefer Discord as a source of writing, but I don't attest to Google docs! I like that medium a lot too~

I'm 21, soon to be 22 next month!! BIRTHDAY HYPE!!!! And I'll very much prefer 18+ to roleplay with me!
My writing style is third person, paragraph and I don't care about length. Just don't one line me.

I only play females. MxF only.

Lastly! Fandoms!
My major fandom is and will always be... Harry Potter! Regardless, I like crossovers WAY too much! So if you're a type to dig crossover pairings with Hermione...

Other fandoms:
Doctor Who
A lil bit of Supernatural
And probably more that I forget.

todd howard please get out of my house!

it's been literal years since i made an rp ad which is SO crazy to me! wow! anyway, you can call me tea (like the beverage), i'm 20 (yo 21 is so close i can TASTE IT) and live in midwestern USA, so my timezone is central. i roleplay exclusively through email. i've tried other mediums and they just don't stick for me. there will be an ooc thread for plotting/planning/talking and an rp thread for the actual roleplay.

as you can likely surmise from the title, i'm looking into roleplaying some M// ocs for bethesda titles! yes, i am vaguely embarrassed to be doing so. no, that will not deter me from making an ad. by bethesda titles, i am of course referring to the titular duos of skyrim or fallout. keep in mind that i am, like...a casual of both these titles, and have just scratched the surface of either of them. i've only played elder scrolls for skyrim, and i've only played fallout 3 for fallout. i'd appreciate it if you could bear with me on any lore or misplaced knowledge.

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Hello to you, the one reading this ad.

My name is Jade, and if the title of my ad was appealing to you then we already have a chance of being RP partners!

About myself:
-18 years of age
-I have been RPing since I was 11 but it's debatable as to whether half of it counts. Let's just say I've come a long way and have earned some serious experience and achievements in my time RPing.
-I am a year behind in high school, so in the fall I will be in grade 12. I mention this so you have an idea of how active I can be for replying!
-I'm actually quite the active replier, literally using every little second I have to spit out a reply. I always try my hardest to let you know when I'll be gone!
-I'm an incredibly laid back person. My OOC chat shows just that, but I swear my RP writing is neat and literate. Also, I try really to match your reply lengths or even have a longer reply! It all just depends on what's happening in the RP.
-I RP smut. I swear like a sailor. If we are going to get along, you really are going to have to be okay with that.
-I tend to get really attached to our characters, story, and RP in general. So expect me to gush about our characters, draw them a whole lot, or even using online doll makers to make them. Yeah, I'm a spazzy nerd.



Find an RP Partner~

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