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Due to every second post breaking at least one rule we have officially turned the moderation queue on.
Every single advert will no longer show up immediately but will have to be approved by one of rp_me's moderators.
If your advert follows the rules it will be approved shortly, if it doesn't your advert will be rejected and a copy of it along with the reason for the rejection will be sent to your e-mail.

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Thank you for reading, have a wonderful summer and happy roleplaying~!

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M// Ideas

Name: Anna
Age: 29

Timezone: gmt+1 but I'm on at the strangest of hours

About Me: I’ve been writing RPs for about half of my life by now. 99% of those are Yaoi aka MxM and that's what I feel most comfortable with. I'm very fine with adult content and usually write around 200-300 words aka about 2 or 3 paragraphs? I guess that's my ideal post length for both giving and receiving.

What I’m Looking For: I'm looking for some nice Rp with a good amount of romance and story, but I’m not opposed to some smut when the scene is right. Generally I prefer to play the bottom part in bed but that doesn't mean my character is a girly, shy, blushing uke all the time. I also am willing to play a switch that still leans towards bottom in the beginning. Generally my characters have a spine and can dish out just as much as they can take.


Idea No.1: Alucard/Vampire & Human

This is just a small Idea I had after watching Castlevania S2. Alucard (Or just an OC vampire) goes to rest for several decades or centuries. Waking up he finds his castle covered with cobwebs and dust… aside from a few rooms where a young man has made himself a home knowing that the castle is said to be haunted. But it‘s better than having no home at all. Even a Vampire as a ‚roommate‘ is better than the streets, right?

Idea No.2: Lord & Cross dressing Servant

This is loosely based on a webcomic I‘m reading. X has been pretending to be a female maid for a while, working for a Lord when that Lord‘s daughter is told to marry another Lord who has only recently risen in ranks. But since the daughter wants to marry higher in rank she uses X and sends him as a decoy to the Lord, hatching a plan to have the Maid take all the blame for the decoy.
Little did the woman know that the Lord she was meant to marry actually does enjoy male company more and seeing through X‘s disguise he decides to agree to the marriage anyway which only benefited both of the men. The Maid had a secure position and power and the Lord had a ‚wife‘ to present to the King so he would stop nagging him to marry anymore.

Fandoms I’d also be happy to plot something for (and characters I know I can play):
Hakuoki (Okita),
Touken Ranbu (Nagasone, Kashuu, Kikkou),
Prince of Tennis (Atobe, Gakuto, Akaya, Sanada)

Also I'm more than happy to expand side characters to secondary pairings where I'm willing to take on a more top role as well to balance things out.

Contact: you can reach me under minazu.ruka[a]gmail.com if you are interested. I also have Skype or Discord if that is more your type of communication.

[An interesting title]

Howdy, I’m Heather.

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Hopelessly Devoted M// (originals)

Hello there! I'm currently on the hunt for some original sensual stories. If that sounds up your alley, read on!

What I'm really craving is a story that dives deep into the intricacies of a complicated romance. Maybe they're having an affair, and need to keep things secret, maybe they're on and off, or maybe they just have a lot of personal issues that are dismantling their relationship. I'm very open to what the situation is, all I know is that I'd like it to be messy!

I write via email only, and in third-person, multiple paragraphs, usually a handful of times a week, sometimes more. I prefer not to fade to black, and am open to writing various dark themes. I am in my early 20s and will only write with people who are 20+.

I'm looking for an M/M dynamic, and I'm very open to the plot. Here are examples of the sort of scenarios I'm interested in!
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Fandoms & Originals

Hi! You can call me June. I'm a female in my mid-twenties, on GMT. I'm interested in both original and fandom plots, and am pretty laid back about it all. Canons, originals, M//, F// or M/F, I'll write them all! I usually write around two paragraphs, maybe more, and try and respond at least once a day. Maybe more if I'm free.

As for the specifics;

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looking for a long-term RP partner!

Hi there to anyone who reads this!

I guess I’ll skip straight to being as concise as possible before I start rambling, haha. I’ve been RPing for Hetalia for a solid few years now (primarily on Omegle and then moved from there to emails). I write long and detailed replies, respond decently quickly unless otherwise warned, and I do literature-style RP. I’d like to keep playing my current main muse, Nyo!Prussia, although I do have past experience playing the regular version of Prussia as my main muse as well. I can certainly play background characters if the RP requires, though. I generally RP m/f with Nyo!Pru, although I’m very interested in poly/triads if you’re down for playing multiple characters!

I’m interested in practically any AU you could think of, honestly. I have a huge collection of starters I’ve created primarily for Julchen over the years, ranging from anything as simple as a high school AU to Greek gods/goddesses and even extremely dark plots.

I currently want to branch out into a yandere RP, perhaps something involving Lima syndrome. The more twisted the better, really! Although if you’re interested in something sweeter rather than dark, I’d be down for fluff instead.

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Here There Be Dragons and Necromancers


My name is Mish, I'm 26 years old and I am currently on the hunt for some like minded writers with their own original characters and stories. I am in the mood to do some serious story telling. I want to interact with characters with rich backgrounds, mind sets, and their own set of challenges and watch them clash with my own. I am an experienced role player and writer and have been at this game for over 11 years now, maybe a bit longer then that

My main genre is epic high fantasy and at the moment that is what I am craving but I also do other genres including supernatural, dystopian, and sci-fi. I only do original content and no fandoms. (I don't feel comfortable working with characters that are not mine and in already established universes from shows, ect.)

Time Zone: EST

Looking For Long Term - More Details Down Below

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Fandom and Original m/m yaoi RP?

Hi there, I’m looking for some fandom RP Partners! I’m mostly looking for some gay as heck m/m yaoi RP!

Here are the fandoms i’m looking for:

Pokemon, Digimon, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, Vocaloid, Haikyuu!, Inazuma Eleven, Yowamushi Pedal, Persona, and others, please ask!

I’m also open to some original m/m stuff that i have ideas for!

Please be 18+ and if you’re interested and wanna RP some heckin gay stuff with me, e-mail me at granis26@gmail.com

I also have Discord, but e-mail me first and i'll happily give you my discord in private so we can talk over that if you prefer!

something marvelous

hello, hello. im strictly seeking some lazy lit, oc/canon, mcu threads. so if that seems up your alley, hopefully you'll take a look below, yeah?

-lazy lit
-1 reply/weekly at least
-aesthetics, playlists, fanworks, oh my
-regular ooc and lots of joint plotting
-major love for aus
-flexible with character types and genders and pairings

-lazy lit
-1 reply/weekly at least
-joint plotting
-flexible character types, genders, and pairings

[(fun stuff)]
-mcu only, mutants included
-desperately want to write against a steve, bruce, tony, or even thor (in order of preference)
-have 3 oc's specifically for mcu so im down to let you pick whichever you'd want to write against more
-willing to play - or try at least- just about anyone for you. im up to date on everything except ant man and the wasp so ask away.

- if this caught your eye and you think we may be compatible, contact me at imogenemoon18@yahoo.com

winter roleplays!

Hello my name is Shark! I'm 22 years old, European, I go by she/her and I am looking to fill up my cozy winter days with some creative writing. I met so many lovely people, so I'm going for a second round! If we lost touch and you'd like to rp again, pls contact me!

Before anyone moves further! I do mainly fandoms, canon/oc, I like to double or triple, and I do m/f, m/m and f/f! I would also like to roleplay with women preferably!

Since I'm coming back from a long hiatus, here are the fandoms I started with and have the most excitement for:
Ace Attorney / Gyakuten Saiban, Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler (manga) are the two I've been doing the most of and have the most plot ideas.

I also know Resident Evil, Gilmore Girls, Persona 3-5, Devil May Cry - can you tell I am on a nostalgia trip? Some fandoms I have less plots than others, but I'm sure we can work something out. Some rules below and my contact info!

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