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Hi there! I've been playing a lot of Skyrim lately, and it's given me a real hankering for some fantasy/historical RPs.

I'm a lady in my early 20s, GMT timezone, and looking for a long-term RP. I prefer original characters, and I write in multiple paragraphs, third person, email only. I can usually respond every day, but every now and then I miss a day. I love discussing characters and ideas, as well as doing art of the story, making playlists, etc. I like to gush over the cast and have fun!

I love thought-provoking, intricate plots with an emphasis on character development. I have few limits when it comes to smut or violence, so your limits are mine. I enjoy diverse casts, and can write any gender or sexuality. I'm always up for various pairings and platonic relationships too! In general, I prefer not to fade to black when characters get intimate. I'm also very kink friendly~

I'm really craving a fantasy story, or something medieval! It could take place in our own fantasy world, or I'd be happy to put original characters in LoTR or Skyrim. These are the sorts of pairings/prompts I'd like to explore:

- Monarch / Knight
- Elf / Orc
- Werewolf / Prince(ss)
- Queen / Handmaiden
- Court Magician (closet vampire) / Monarch
- Elf / Hobbit ( LoTR )
- Medieval Monk / Knight
- Medieval Nun / Monarch
- Knight / Dragon-shifter
- Peasants

Themes I Love:

- Arranged Marriages
- Unexpected pregnancy (I blame the Sims)
- Families struggling to stay together
- Lust that leads to angst & shame
- Family/clan/house rivalries
- Forbidden affairs

I could go on and on, but the list is just to give you a taste of what I like! I'm very open to other similar pairings and prompts.

At the end of the day, I'm a sucker for romance, but I also like putting the characters through a lot of turmoil before they get a happy ending. Whoops!

If you're interested, please shoot me an email at: terra575@gmail.com
Please tell me about yourself, and what stuck out to you from this ad. Thank you!
Hi there!

I’ve had a few fandom cravings, as well as some original ones, let me
know if you can help!

I mostly play m/m or f/f, just as a heads up.


Video Games:

Pokemon: Can do either m/m or f/f here, I’m game for most canon boys
and girls being present, but I also have some trainer OC ideas, in
particular I’d love to do something with someone who wouldn’t mind
playing a girl Team Aqua grunt for some f/f, and m/m wise I’ve been dying to play against an Ash, or failing that, a Kyouhei/Nate or a Ethan/Gold.


Free! I’m looking for m/m here. In particular I’m craving a Nagisa or a Makoto.

Digimon: I know, real oldie here, blame Tri. for m/m I’d be looking
for a Takeru or a Taichi, and for f/f I’d be looking for a Hikari or a

Inazuma Eleven: Very much would love to RP Inazuma Eleven again with Ares on the way, I’d love to RP m/m against Go! characters the most, especially Tenma, Kirino, Kariya, or Shindou, but I’d be open to playing against some of the boys from other teams, like the Tengawara boys like Nishinosora or Andou or Kita

Maybe a few other animes I’m forgetting.


Homestuck: I’m really craving a John more than anything for this

Vocaloid: I'd love to find a Kaito or Len to play against!


I have both m/m and f/f plots in ind for slice of life hgih school
romances I’ve been dying to do, mostly to do with childhood friendship

If any of this is interesting, drop me a line at granis25@gmail.com
A few facts and other stuff about me!:
Experience: Circa 8 years
Age range: Please be at least 16 for non-adult themes, 18+ for darker themes.
Medium: Email or Discord, with the latter being preferred due to the ability to have separate OOC/IC channels easily accessible.
trioceros#9178 // m_l_barker (at) outlook (dot) com
Post size: I do anything from snappy couple of line replies to paragraph upon paragraph. I have no real preference, as long as it's coherent and we match in length.
Timezone: GMT +00/01, but I sleep at weird times, so honestly don't expect consistent times from me. That being said, I try to reply at LEAST daily, and will inform of any absence over a few days in advance where possible.
Pairings: Most comfortable playing female in F/M or F/F pairings, but am happy to play males "NPCs" and explore M/M? I used to do it a lot and fell out of it. Doubling is something I'm happy to dabble in, but am not overly experienced in it, so forgive any reservations.

Things I am interested in:
I'm interested in pursuing RPs with detailed plots and characters. I vastly enjoy dark themes and don't really find too much upsetting, so hit me with your interests. Of course, I will limit myself to my partner's wants and won't go crazy on heavy themes if I know it's not what you're into. I also like chatting OoC, sending memes and cat photos, etc! Smut-wise, I'm happy to RP it out or fade to black; obviously, I don't really want to RP the same scene over and over. I also want slow-burn stuff, not established relationships.

Themes I'd like to explore:
Fantasy (particularly things similar to Skyrim, The Hobbit/LOTR, etc)
Supernatural (not the show)
Games! -> Fallout, Borderlands, Skyrim, The Witcher (is no one else into these because honestly I need more of these in my life).

I mainly play as OCs to give myself more freedom, but am happy to play canon, and more than happy for you to play canon or OC.
This list is definitely not exhaustive, so if you're looking for anything besides something I've listed below, drop me a line!

Things I'm not particularly interested in:
Just smut/romance
Anything highschool-y (that's all I can seem to find these days)
Short-term partners
Extreme kinks
A partner who calls me personally pet names (we've only just met, please don't call me babe)
Slice of life isn't really my thing. I'd be willing to try it but I don't expect I'd be overly enthused by it.

Looking for roleplay partners

Personal tidbits
- I go by Sabine or Biene or Bee, whatever you prefer
- Female
- 21+
- located in Germany, GMT +2 time zone
- I have a full time job but often manage daily replies
- only willing to write with females, please be over 21 also
- CONTACT: johannesylinen@gmail.com

Writing style
- email or google docs
- third person, past tense
- M/F and M/M
- I write male and female characters
- one to two paragraphs, intros are longer
- smut is welcome but not necessary, no pwp
- original modern slice of life is my game
- limits: incest, characters under 18
- willing to double

A few ideas / cravings I have:

Plot 1 is quite simple. A successful athlete (could be soccer for example) gets injured on the field and is treated at the hospital. He gets into trouble frequently, he is stubborn and doesn't listen to advice given to him, so he is a regular guest at the hospital. He sees the same female doctor and some romance starts. The athlete could have some issues in the past, maybe something drug related etc.

Plot 2 is about a young man after a car accident. He is in some rehab clinic after complicated back injuries and has lost the will to do something about his situation. Instead he just stubbornly rejects most care until one doctor can finally get through to him and get him back on track.

Plot 3 is based a bit on the tv series / book Outlander but it's not necessary to know it. Basically it's about a man from the 18th century time traveling to the present day. He ends up in psych because of his odd behavior. A doctor gains his trust and learns that there is more to the story than everyone else thought.

Check out my google docs page if you want more ideas and writing samples:


just to get this out of the way, i will NOT respond to you if you send me a short message like “hey wanna rp” or something like that. please read all of this before you contact me.. tell me about yourself n what you like and all that jazz is that too much to ask for ghjxgxtb— also! if we’ve roleplayed in the past and i just kinda stopped replying- feel free to message me again! i’ve gotten really caught up in school stuff


hello my name is kira and i’m looking for a long term rp partner! im fifteen - turning sixteen soon !! i haven’t found the right person ? i guess? when it comes to roleplaying so that’s why i’m posting this again. im an artist and a heckin musician and i always draw my ocs hahshagrh... i looooove ooc chat and making friends : ) my timezone is est.


first of all, please be around my age. i’m not comfortable rping with people like over 20. i’m looking for a long term rp partner who is able to respond somewhat quickly.. my responses are kinda ?;?;?; rapid fire if im interested in a roleplay.. i like my partner to be the same way but i mean like don’t spam me every 2 seconds and ask me where i am n stuff. if i know i’ll be gone for a while i’ll let you know. if you dont send rapid fire replies, i’m still fine with that lol. i understand y’all have lifes. i’m looking for someone who is somewhat literate (listen i am literate i just write like this ooc bc it’s easier) and can write somewhat lengthy responses.. i understand if there’s a point where you seriously can’t write more than a paragraph, but when you’re able to, please do. i’ll do the same or at least try to lmaoaoaooa... also NO one liners


i’m really interested in romance roleplays.. i’m okay with smut as long as the entire plot isn’t centered around it. i’m also interested in anything to do with fantasy or the supernatural. i’m totally willing to work with other genres though. i ONLY do original rps using OCs, just a heads up. i will not do fandom roleplays because i suck at playing as a character that isn’t my own. i have a few plot ideas/concepts written down but i’ve used a lot of them already so i’m kind of bored of them! i’m 1000938% willing to hear any ideas you might have.

i write in 3rd person, past tense and i’m not really willing to change that. i expect you to be able to write the same way. it’s easier for me and script form or whatever is too confusing for me.

uhhh character-wise: again, i draw all of my ocs and i’d really like it if you’d use face claims that aren’t actual people! like anime thingies and drawings are fine. it’s just a thing yknow.. if you’re an artist as well i’ll love u forever. before starting rps i like to give short descriptions on my character so more is learned throughout the roleplay. you can give me as much info about your oc as you want, but i’ll most likely give the basics.


i think that’s it? just so i know you read all this, include the word yellow somewhere in your message. when you message me, pleaase introduce yourself (if you’re comfortable doing so), tell me how you like to roleplay, genres you’re interested in, plot ideas you have.. etc!! dont skimp on the details y’all.....

skype: ripinpece
kik: sugarxpastel
discord: sipofmilk#4424
email: sip.of.milk0@gmail.com

i look forward to speaking with y'all : ))

Random Fandom Search

I’m Ali, late twenties, US Central Time. I’ve found some fantastic partners here already, but I’m always looking for creative outlets! 

I like to roleplay over email or Discord.  Overall, I’m really flexible about post length and frequency. I generally write in third person past-tense, but third person present can also be interesting. Paragraph style, but I value quality over quantity; length depends on the scene and what I’m getting. I respond multiple times per week, when there’s something to respond to! Long-term definitely preferred! 

I like OOC chatting, about roleplay plans and otherwise. Any variety of pairing (m/m, m/f, f/f…) is perfectly fine with me. I’ll write any gender, but I won’t promise a wholly dominant or submissive character. I do prefer for plots to involve romance, as I personally find them most engaging. I also prefer writing smut out to fading to black, but it can’t be all there is to a story. I’m open to and encourage plots with multiple side or main characters!

Fandom Cravings 

I’ll be looking for OC/CANON on my end, and I’m happy to double; it can be oc/canon on your side or canon/canon if you prefer. I’ll try my hand at writing pretty much any canon character. Let me know what characters you’re looking for and who you’re willing to write, and we’ll go from there! 

Spartacus (Starz)

MCU or X-Men 

Mad Max: Fury Road

Game of Thrones 

Hemlock Grove 

Read more...Collapse )

chillin like a villain

✦ rhiannon, 23, EST

✦ mm, mf, ff. polyamory or monogamy. i'm not super interested in platonic relationships as a sole focus, but they're welcomed alongside romantic relationships.

✦ third person only, please. past or present tense. i actually really love present tense, and i'll love you if you love it too.

✦ email or discord, please. google docs is an alternative if neither of those will work. my email is anariettas@gmail.com. you can ask for my discord through there or through private message here.

✦ i have no interest in you if you only play a single gender. do not bother me if you're one of those people.

fandoms beneath the cut:

Read more...Collapse )

GOT7 \\ KPop Roleplay Request

After dealing with a rather rough time in my life, I’m looking for new roleplays to submerge myself in – particularly Kpop. Seeing as that I’ve already tried my hand at finding BTS partners, I figured I give GOT7 a shot. My guidelines and love interests can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1S-RRTzE4gmoqZAUEe2XmMNlYT-lhO1jYHMVbbySjwq4/edit?usp=sharing

I hope to hear from some of you soon!



Ugh, so I've just finished the main story of TW3 (onto Hearts of Stone now!) and I'm madly craving to write something in that universe.

Particularly, I'm craving to write Ciri. Especially against Eredin or Avallac'h or Caranthir or any elf, really (I'm trash, I know). Some alternate plot where there's marriage and politics and that sort of thing. Like an AU where Eredin isn't defeated, Geralt fails, and Ciri is in the grasp of Eredin until she can figure out a way to kick his ass. Or not. Maybe there's some Stockholm Syndrome.

Also: OCs are welcome, but I would rather do OC/OC rather than OC/canon. Aen Elle and Aen Seidhe elves would be amazing to write as and against. Indulge me.

Of course, I'm open to things of a NSFW manner. Would rather it not be the focus of what we write, but I'm not opposed to writing blood and gore and sex.

So, readers. Perhaps you'll indulge me in my weird ideas and let us create something weird and wonderful.

Hit me up on Discord at vetiver#0752 or via email at rhiannonwritesthings@gmail.com

Stranger things or The Punisher?

Hey! It's been about a year but now I'm ready to get back into the game! I am a female, on my mid-twenties and have roleplayed for 10+ years. (If you care about that info.) I have a dark sense of humor and will probably send you stupid memes and make stupid jokes about our rp. I love ooc chatting!

What I'm looking for?

Right now what I really crave for the most is Stranger things. I am so in love with this show and the characters in it that I just can't seem to get enough of it. The pairing that I am looking to write is Jonathan/Steve. I know it can be a little less popular but I just love them together! I am open for other pairings as well and I'd really like us both to write more than one character.

I do have a plot in mind for both canon and AU so let me know which you'd prefer! I am also open for any suggestions you have!

I'd also love The Punisher roleplay if anyone's up for that. Frank/Billy would be awesome! I don't have a plot in mind for this but I'm sure we could come up with one together!

Smut? Yes, okay why not as long as it's not the focus of the story.

I love drama and angst but I love fluff just as much. Give me strong emotions both good and bad! I don't shy away from dark themes, in fact, I wholly embrace them! I hope you are into that as well. I can't come up with limits now but I do think I probably have some. Not many, but some. Don't be afraid to suggest anything though, even if it's not my cup of tea I won't be rude about it or even weirded out! I think I've seen it all.

Okay, I think that was all? I am open to roleplaying via email, skype or discord. The last two will be given privately so contact me here: forstories@outlook.com


Find an RP Partner~

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