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23 June 2017 @ 12:39 am
hey all.

with the black panther trailer giving me all kinds of feels (who doesn't love michael b. jordan?), it seemed like a good time to jump back into the mcu. i'm pretty chill when it comes to characters and plots, so the lists below are by no means definitive. if there's someone you'd like me to play, hit me up. alternatively, if you'd like me to tackle one of the x-men or a dc character, i'm 100% your gal. ngl, logan and wonder woman both gave me life.

that said.

things to know about me:
- i'm in my early 20s
- i double / triple / quadruple (ask me about love triangles - just do it)
- third person, past tense, 200-800 words per character
- canon x oc, but i'll write whatever the heck you like on your end
- currently stress-watching brooklyn 99

characters i'd love to write for you:
in no particular order
dr. strange

characters i'd love to write against:

i don't have many limits, but i'm not looking for pwp or smut-driven plots. any attempts in that direction will make me sad and drive me back to the warm, coffee-charged wonderland that is my day off. other than that, hit me with your worst. you can find me at monettesclau@gmail.com.

cheers <3

21 June 2017 @ 05:54 pm
heya! the name’s tyto, and i’m having some real bad cravings for post-apocalyptic roleplay, specifically in the universe of fallout! i am experienced with all three of the most recent games (3, new vegas, and 4), though i know new vegas and 3 the best.


i tend to write anywhere from two to five paragraphs (to faaar far beyond that), with my starters usually being much longer. really, it depends on what i have to work with! my grammar is much better ic, don’t worry, and i would prefer yours be the same. i also tend to write in great detail and put a lot of thought into my posts-- please, out of courtesy, do the same.

my preference is third person, past tense, and i would love love love if you would match my post length. don’t feel like you have to be churning out tiny novels, though.

please respond regularly and be able to contribute tasty plot ideas to our scheme. i love having a partner with their own thoughts to bring to the table, and it’s much more boring when i have somebody devoid of enthusiasm.

well, what are you looking for, tyto?

i’m looking for angsty, dramatic m/m, and m/f with some serious persuasion.

i would prefer to stay on the east coast of the fallout universe (namely, the settings of 3 and 4), but i can easily adjust my character to new vegas. really, just tell me which one you prefer.

i don’t need you to play any fandom characters for me! i’m craving a fully original plot with fully original characters. i have two currently in mind that i would be more than happy to share with you-- an ex-brotherhood paladin, and a runaway synth, with plots for both. i also love to make playlists and drawings themed to our roleplay, and if you’d as well, that’d be swell!

you should also be able to stomach some pretty dark themes, such as violence (duh), drug/alcohol abuse, death, torture, noncon, etc.


i am of legal age, but smut isn’t necessarily something i enjoy writing a ton in roleplay. i’m more plot-centric than anything. however, if it does come up, i’d prefer to fade to black.

bring on your scavengers, scientists, caravaneers, shop owners, and let’s build a plot together!

email me at owlettot@gmail.com with some info on you and your character, and let’s get playing <3
Greetings everyone! My name is Stephan, and its that time again where its RP partner hunting season! Sadly, a lot of my partners have disappeared into the void of the non-responsive side of the internet, and so I am in need of some new partners. So before we get too deep into this, here is some info about me, in case your curious:

Sex: M
Experience: 5-6 years
Preferred Platform: Email Only
TimeZone: EST
Response Length: 2-8 Paragraphs (Depending on Material and other Variables)
Response Time: Responds every 1-3 days (RP'ing doesnt pay the bills)
Likes: Active Partners who love discussing the story and thinking of new ideas
Dislikes: Leaving without notice, One line Responses

If you have any questions about me personally, please email me at:

Alright, so now that is out of the way, let's get into the good stuff!

So I have several cravings I wish to satisfy, and below is list of a few that I can think of. If you are interested in any of the ideas I list, please put the "story topic" in the subject line of the email when you reach out to me, just so I know you read this. And feel free to even mix and match ideas:

Yandere: Im looking for a partner to play as a Yandere to my character. I want your character to make my character suffer, all in the name of love! After all, no one can love my character like yours can...even if she has to kill his friends and family to make him see that.

Vore: I am a HUGE Soft Vore fan, and love pratically all forms of it. And its so hard to find partners who enjoy Vore as much as I do. If you are a Vore fan, please reach out to me, and lets talk about some story ideas!

Xenomorph: Would love to do a story based on these scary, but amazingly awesome aliens! I have a few ideas I want to try with them, ranging from Adult Themed to Post Apocalypse.

Anthro/Furry: I do Anthros and Furries of nearly all kinds, and I would love to do a more adult themed story based on them.

Monster Girls: Same as with the Anthros/Furries, I love Monster Girls of all kinds, and I am a big fan of Monster Musume. I have a particular weakness for Lamia and Centaurs, so if you wanna earn some extra brownie points, playing as either of those will get you on my "awesome" list

Hypnosis: I enjoy having my characters hypnotized to do whatever your character wants to do with them, whether that leads to kidnapping, brainwashing, whatever you desire! This one is a bit more open minded, and I am curious to hear your ideas

Original: I am always open minded and am always eager to try out new ideas. If you have an idea that you'd think I'd like, let me know! I'd love to hear what you'd have in mind.

Fandoms: For Fandoms, I really only like to use Original Characters as our main characters, but I dont mind playing as pre-made characters to help move the story along. But mains HAVE to be original.

Fandom List: Bleach, Dying Light, Borderlands, Yugioh GX, Skyrim

Alright, I think that's everything. OH! Since most of these will ave adult themes, please be 18+ years or older. Responding to this ad means that you are the listed age, and therefore, are a responsible adult. Lets not deal with that legal nonsense, ok? I have a broad range of Kinks, and I am pretty open to just about anything. So if you have a dirty desire that you think would make people cringe, let me know! I want to hear it.

So, if I have your interest, please email me at:


I hope to hear from all of you very soon!
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21 June 2017 @ 09:21 pm
If there's anyone out there interested in roleplaying either Eliot Waugh or Quentin Coldwater from the Magicians for a Queliot roleplay, please contact me! I'm dying to roleplay this fandom. I prefer to play Eliot, though I will play either.

Email: sindarinrei@yahoo.com
21 June 2017 @ 07:00 pm
Just a little roleplay request, with both fandoms and originals. Feel free to take a look, thanks!


21 June 2017 @ 06:22 pm
Hello people of the internet! I am looking for new rp partners. Here is a little about me:

I live in the colorado mountain time zone.

I am 28 1/2.

Smut is okay! But certain kinks/fetishes are a no go for me some examples are toilet play, HEAVY bondage, and a few other things.

A lot of my rps contain serious subjects so if you aren't one for rape, Pregnancy (Mpreg is okay!), abuse ect. You must bring your own plots!

I currently work from home.
I am in online collage.
So as you can imagine I have some spare time on my hands.

I only really do romance rps.

I DO NOT write in paragraph form and thus I don't care what my partner writes. You can write as little or as much as you want just enough to keep the rp moving, same goes for me depending how well my thought process is you may get more or less.

I'm looking for a long term partner! Please DO NOT just abandon ship. If you are going to be absent tell me!

If you want to quit that's okay to please tell me before you go!

I do have a few mental illnesses, mostly anxiety and depression and rp helps me keep my mind off of it. :)

I do original plots, I also do plots from certain fandoms (Mind you my fandom range is very small and I'm not really a fan of avengers or anything like that)



Skyrim: My Dragonborn x Serana
(If you want your dragonborn falling in love with someone hit me up also! As long as its a canon character of course!)

Future Dairies: Minene x Nishijima

Bakugan: New Vestoria Spectra/Keith x Mira, Spectra/Keith x Gus, Mylene x Shadow

Mario: Peach x Bowser

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Breath of the wild (Link x Zelda, Midna x Link, Zant x Midna)

Hunie Pop: Kyanna x OC, Audrey x OC

Teen titans: Raven x OC (Not GO!)

Soul Eater: Soul x Maka, Stein x Marie

Powerpuff Girls: Butch x Buttercup, Bubbles x Boomer, Blossom x Brick

Adventure Time: Marshall lee x Prince Gumball, Fionna x Flame Prince, Marceline x Princess bubble gum

Team fortress 2: Medic x Heavy

Free!: Rei x Nagisa, Mako x Haru

Please if you are interested contact me at:
Email: rpmejoslynb@gmail.com
Kik: Dgfcx22

I will be waiting!
21 June 2017 @ 01:55 pm
Name: Cath
Age: 19
Email: roleplayfandom@gmail.com
Kik: hairoffire
Discord: TallyHoe#8610
Skype: available at request

I really prefer somewhat detailed replies. A paragraph at the least is preferred. I really can't work with one-liners and all that. But I'm pretty easy going with most stuff. :D

Smut is fine with me, as long as you are of age so if you wish to have smut in the roleplay, please confirm this. I prefer not to do smut without some kind of a plot behind it. As well as if we go down playing characters during smut as more submissive/dominate, I feel better playing the submissive role, but that's just for smut scenes.

The roles I'd like to play are underlined. Those with * is what I'm really craving. Any pairings not listed, please ask. I lean more towards Batman and Flash based characters, but I do have knowledge of other DC characters. Also, I please don't feel intimidated in any way by the amount of pairings. I'm just trash and would do any of them gladly. (I'm a sucker for M/M pairings) :)

Not all pairings have to be taken romantically, more than happy to do something without romance! AU's are also welcomed and appreciated!

Jason Todd: Jason x Dick*, Jason x Bruce, Jason x Damian *, Jason x Joker, Jason x Barbara *, Jason x Tim, Jason x Crane, Roy x Jason, Stephanie x Jason, Ra's x Jason

Damian Wayne: Damian x Dick *, Damian x Raven, Damian x Garfield, Damian x Barbara, Damian x Tim, Wally x Damian, Cassandra x Damian

Bruce Wayne: Bruce x Joker, Bruce x Barbara *, Bruce x Dick , Bruce x Selina, Harley x Bruce, Clark x Bruce

Dick Grayson: Dick x Tim, Dick x Joker, Dick x Ivy, Dick x Wally West, Dick x Harley, Kon x Dick

Tim Drake: Tim x Barbara, Tim x Stephanie, Tim x Kon, Tim x Bart Allen, Tim x Bruce

Barbara Gordon: Barbara x Stephanie, Barbara x Joker, Barbara x Dick, Barbara x Crane, Ivy x Barbara

Barry Allen: Barryx Leonard, Barryx Eobard *, Barry x Wally, (Flashpoint based) Thomas Wayne x Barry, Bruce x Barry, Hal x Barry

Iris West: Iris x Eobard, Barry x Iris

Bart Allen: Bart x Thaddeus *, Eobard x Bart, Bart x Wally *, Dick x Bart

Slade Wilson: Slade x Barbara, Slade x Damian, Terra x Slade

Talia Al-Ghul: Jason x Talia , Talia x Dick, Dick x Slade, Bruce x Talia *, Bane x Talia, Slade x Talia, Katey x Talia

Misc.: Harley x Joker, Harley x Ivy, (Flashpoint based) Thomas Wayne x Martha Wayne

Content I have knowledge of includes, but not limited to:
Animated Series (Young Justice, Batman Animated Series, Teen Titans, etc.)
Video Games (Arkham series [please rp arkham knight with me :'D], Injustice, DC Universe, etc.)
Animated films (Under the Red Hood, Teen Titans vs Justice League, Son of Batman, etc.)
Comics (Flashpoint, Killing Joke, Death of the Family, etc.)
CW's Flash
DCEU Movies (Dark Knight Trilogy, Suicide Squad, Man of Steel, etc.)

I mean, honestly, at this point, I'd do just about any pairing or characters. I'd double any of this for you if you want or whatever. :D
21 June 2017 @ 01:04 pm

Hi there!

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21 June 2017 @ 03:39 am
About me: 25 year old female with 4+ years RP experience. Third person past tense. Para/mult-para/novella. I love plotting and am extremely plot driven. When both partners care for a plot and participate in creating and enriching one, that's my favourite part of RP. I love writing the inner dialogue of my character's thoughts. I don't write smut. Happy to RP some romance though, as long as it's not the focus of our plot.

About you: Be literate and open to plotting. I like seeing things go their own way, but I also need things to be plotted out. Be of age as well, please. Let me know what length you're comfortable with, we'll figure that out.

Right now I'm interested in writing two characters only, though if you have an idea I enjoy, I might be convinced.

Tom Riddle - You all know this guy. I have played him in ages 16-death. I'd love to explore an AU with him.

Nyx Slytherin - My trending character. OC. Defense against the Dark Arts professor. Grandchild of Salazar Slytherin. Trustworthy, slightly entitled, empathetic, a little lonely, some questionable morals, immensely interested in exploring magic and creating new spells. FC is Colin Farrell (Think Percival Graves).

Plot I want to do: Before Tom leaves Hogwarts he traps a friend of his in the Chamber of Secrets, intending to use them later on in his plans. After Tom finally returns to England following his decade of traveling around the globe, he returns to Hogwarts to unlock this friend and release them, hoping to use them as a tool to start building his army, and also as a brainstorming buddy for his immortality devices. I assume some abuse will be involved as this character is a rather mean one.

Aside from this plot, I strongly encourage you to suggest your own plots. If you have anything Harry Potter related, lay it on me, I want to give it a shot and see if we can do it together.

Please be open to plotting. This is a creative process for both of us. Don't expect me to come up with everything on my own.

Email: fanciful.plots@gmail.com
Feel free to Google Hangouts me. We can RP in Google Docs.
20 June 2017 @ 05:10 pm
Time zone: Pacific Time, but I'm up late.

If RPing smut, are you of legal age in your country?: Yep, 22

What characters do you have/play?: A 23 male OC

What characters would you like to play against?:
Another original older male character who is in their 30's, to early 50's. (Who is possessive or protective over his younger partner? I love this dynamic).

I would like a partner with experience, (and usually someone 20+). This is heavy in depth writing about to go down.

Please do not come to me or contact me with a character you have in mind that recently ended a relationship or is getting over a loss lover/heartbreak. I’ve been given that overused and over done trope so many times I’m tired or sick of trying to always make my characters win over their heart. Its something don't longer enjoy writing, I am 100% done with it.

Preferred rp medium: Email, and Only Email since it is what I am most comfortable with, I can access it on my phone and reply much easily.

Contact information: Feralvolpa@gmail.com

I have been through sixteen partners with unfinished or abandoned stories for this RP, I am tired but I'll will keep trying for my love of this plot.


A 23-year-old marine, a victim of human trafficking as past high-class prostitute is the new recruit in the Italian Mafia. He’s on the run from his pervious owner, needs protection, money and his freedom from his pimp/owner trying to reclaim him.

Luckily the Don of the Italian mafia sees he’s useful. Even if the new kid will never become a made man in the family because he’s Spanish, the Don can see greatness in this young man who has the potential to rise in the ranks quickly.

The kid gets paired with an old hand, and finds himself a bit smitten and enraptured with the older man who’s a living legend in the family. They work well together, and have saves one another's ass more than once. The old pro doesn’t want to admit the kids got an unbreakable will to survive and good with a gun, better with a knife but instead just secretly becomes very possessive, if not a little infatuated over his young charge.

There's a tenacity to new guy that the older man can’t help but admire. How someone can go through so much yet still rise to one’s feet the way the kid does. He'll make sure nobody else forces the kid to relive the past from which he’s escaped. Now things have a chance to change for good with each other at their back.

Please do not contact me if YOU THINK ONE –TWO PARAGRAPHS IS LONG!

I WRITE 15 TO 20+ MEATY DETAILED INTROS PLEASE DO NOT BE INTIMATED ITS JUST WORDS. SO DONT HOLD BACK ON YOUR WRITING AND NEVER LIMIT YOURSELF FROM PUTTING YOUR HEART INTO IT! It's who I am as a writer, I never hinder or kill my creativity by jamming into a certain number of paragraphs.

You do get a bit burnt out or frustrated when partners only give back two paragraphs compared to your 12 paragraph reply...

Additional notes:

- This mafia RP is set in modern time and I wish for it to be realistic and gritty/dark as FUCK with all that beautiful crime world fucked up goodness with dangerous and powerful criminals.


- We can definitely double and have other relationships in the background.

- Good character chemistry between our character's

-I am looking for M/M for the main paring for this RP. With other multi-pairings on the side.

-I stick to 3rd person and paragraphs.

- I love well rounded characters and their development, Please have a character with a personality!

- I like to use face claims or don’t mind it if you want to include a picture with your character. Just for the love of god don’t send me anime character references.

-I love talking in OOC, its fun to pitch ideas back and forth as well as brainstorm with my partners.

-I am highly responsive when it comes to letting partners know if I need more time to work on my replies or if I'll be busy. I also just love discussing characters and plot outside of the story! Brainstorming creative ideas is something of a talent haha.

- I’m the type to give equal effort or even more so for my partners. I will write even 20-something long replies if you give me long and detailed part. I will always be creative with my writing and try to make it very interactive for your character(s). So I expect the same effort back.

- I’m not asking for perfection (because I'm sure as hell not a perfectionist haha), I'm just starved for effort and creativity from my partner to sit down and reply and hold up consistencies of the plot. I realize that I hold myself to high standards when I write RP's because its an outlet I'm passionate about.

-let the characters grow and develop for goodness sakes, never let them stagnate or never learn from anything, let them evolve.

-I won’t nitpick grammar, basic spelling and sentences will do just fine, I’m not a perfectionist and am here to have fun writing

- I love writing smut, if the setting is appropriate. But plot will be the main focus.

- No limits to violence/language/etc. Since this is going to be in the world of a gritty mafia so expect dark themes.

What I don’t want:


- Supernatural elements randomly thrown into the story because I did not sign up for that shit. (Also honestly, not too big of a fan on it sorry!).

- Boring RP with no effort.

-All smut

- SEME/UKE stereotypical pairings, (get that away from me).

- To be the one holding up my end of the RP Please for the love of god, GIVE THE STORY PLOT TWISTS!!!

- Unimaginative plot lines

- The "emotionless" character trait. Its boring, uninteresting, and not at all fun to interact with.

-Sending 4 lines of mostly dialog after I send you a beautiful 5 to 15 paragraphs, (It feels a bit cheated). Come on now...

-People who start really into it and excited and then drop off the face of the earth. (At least tell me your not interested and I'll understand completely!).

Kinks: Suit & tie, uniform, light bondage, toys, edging, dubcon, noncon, legal age gap, Spanking, voyeurism, praising, maybe a daddy-kink if you fancy it and I've been dying to do an A/B/O, but if your not one for it then that's fine. (ask away if you want to include things).

Limits: Scat, vore, vomit, bathroom stuff, underage (no brainer), furries, feet, fisting, talking animals (this isn't a disney movie), sounding and diaper/infantile.

Just please for the love of god don't message me with; "Heeeeey do you want to RP???" Like, No. I'm here looking for baking recipes. Duh. Or "Hey I saw your ad and think we should be friends!". No??? I don't know you, and coming at me like that so forced honestly doesn't make me want to get to know you. Eesh. Your name, introduction about yourself and the character you have to play and plot ideas you might have in mind is just fine. (Also include which RP you wish to write for since I've posted a lot of ads on here)

I know my ad sounds and looks intimidating or serious, but I'm a really goofy person who gets over excited about stories and can get intense with plot ideas. So if it sounds Interesting or want to talk more about plot and characters, please message me!

P.S. If any of you are non-english speakers or bilingual please do not hesitate to shoot me a reply. I've had plenty of partners who were non-native english speakers! :D