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20 July 2017 @ 07:03 pm
I know the show isn't that popular but my oh my aren't I in love with this pirate show. I have watched the first two seasons and the rest of it won't take long but no spoilers beyond season 2!

Anyway, Captain Flint, John Silver, Charles Vane, Anne Bonny, Jack, Eleanor... I am in love with these all and can write anyone. I could also do original characters but the rp would very heavily be influenced by this most amazing pirate drama.

Pairings I could enjoy include:





...or if you had something in mind I'd listen!

Contact me via email nerhen@hotmail.com or skype:Aennn with all black profile pic
20 July 2017 @ 11:33 am
Hi, my name is Coll! I’m a 29 year old lady with a full time standard 9-5 job. That said, I have some free time on my hands. I’d really love some new RPs.  =D I’m very friendly and willing to plot. I mostly roleplay video games and original plots.
A few things about me:
- I am looking for people who play in the third person and post multiple paragraphs in their responses. (Please give me at least 3 paragraphs and I'll be happy with that. Anything less and I get put out and most likely will not respond back to you out of disappointment ^^; Sorry.) I will also match my partner's response length. Also, please have a decent grasp of grammar and spelling. I won't respond if you message me in all chatspeak. When you message me, also, please have an idea of what you want to do. "Hi, wanna RP?" is kind of unacceptable. Of course I want to roleplay--that's why I put the add up.
- My hard limits are rape, vore, mpreg (good god no mpreg never ever mpreg), pedophilia, and a few others in between, but those are the big ones. If you ask for any of these four things, I will delete your post immediately. I don't mind rape being mentioned in a backstory, but I won't play it out. I'm not too keen on large age gaps unless we're playing a supernatural creature with a human. They need to look about the same age.
- I don't really care for unhealthy ships. I don't like cheating or abuse in relationships--that sort of stuff. I'm not about that life. - I am a slash (both mxm and fxf) roleplayer. I will not tolerate seme/uke paradigms. You will play a switch or there will be no smut. There are only certain canon ships I'll do mxf for. (like Lightning/adult!Hope or Tidus/Yuna for example.) I won't do mxf for originals.
- I will only accept roleplayers who are 21+. If I find out you're under my age limit, I'm going to delete you immediately.
- All kinks are based off of character preference, not my own. I'm also not really a kinky person. Sorry about that.
- I like canonxoc for certain canons. If I play a canon for you, I expect you to play one for me. Compromise! Some ships I will not do canonxoc for.
- I know this sounds like me being a hard ass, but I really like becoming friends with my partners and exchanging headcanons and songs!
- I roleplay through email only. No exceptions.
- I try to post every day. I really do. Sometimes, I'm just too tired to do so. ^^;;; Be patient with me. Weekends get hectic because I'm in a couple DnD campaigns.
- Once the roleplay gets off the ground, I have skype. You can ask for it--but only after intros are exchanged. Every time I've given someone my skype before we started, the roleplay never got off the ground.
- If for some reason I stop responding, I legitimately forgot. Just poke me. There are times when I'm at work and look at an email and forget to respond to it later because i thought I did.
Well, if I haven't scared you off, you can check out the rest!
Current cravings: Peronsa 5, Final Fantasy XV, Fire Emblem Fates, and the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. That doesn't mean I won't do others!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I can play Kyoko, Homura, and Mami. I can also do originals in the PMMM setting, gender bends, or Puer Magi. (Magical Boys.) Seriously, my kingdom for a PMMM roleplay. I’m also not opposed to mixing canons and originals!

Original. Hit me up. I am open to most things. If you want a something with a lot of smut, just let me know up front. I especially am big on gothic/fantasy/horror settings with magic, darkness, twisted fairy tales as inspiration, Alice in Wonderland kind of settings, surreal or Silent Hill/Fatal Frame esque thing. Definitely willing to look into maybe some mystery/eldritch horror thing. I'm pretty flexible. Other stuff I'm into includes: steampunk, horror, creepypasta, victorian era, medieval/fantasy, modern/fantasy. I'll give anything a shot and I'm sure I have a character for it or at the very least, can make one. It must have fantasy, by the way. I’m also a big fan of supernatural beingxhuman, or two different races mingling with each others. The only thing I'll outright say no to is slice of life unless it's monsters/supernatural creatures trying to live among humans. I'll only accept mxm and fxf for original lines. Please note, I DO NOT play vampires or werewolves. I don't mind roleplaying with them, but I personally do not like playing them. If you want to do a plot that is vampire or werewolf based, you have to play those species. I'll also take random intros for original! Just tell me the genre you're sending me in the title or if you want platonic, mxm, or fxf! Please, if you send me a random intro, keep it to the genres listed or similar interests to this ad. I can't guarantee I'll be into the roleplay if you pick something I don't advertise.

Fire Emblem Awakening. I’ll die of happiness if you’d like to do m!tacticianxChrom. I’m looking for a Chrom. I can also play m!Morgan, Lucina, and a couple others. Let’s chat about it. I have a couple AU ideas, considering, well, you know how Fire Emblem is. There’s a war, let’s go fight the war!

Fire Emblem Fates. This, here, is what I'm craving the most. I've played all three paths, but prefer Conquest and Revelation. I want to play Corrin. (Male.) and am open to ships. (As long as they're mxm and fxf.) I'm mostly looking for a Xander (!!! Boy, I want Xander the most. Xander/Corrin happens to be my otp.), Leo (!!), Takumi (!), or Silas. I also ship Selena and Camilla. (I play Selena.) I like AUs and doubling, so I'm sure we can figure something out. I am also leokumi trash and can play either... though I'd rather do Corrin/Leo and Corrin/Takumi. I also like Sakura/Elise! (Slight preference toward Sakura.) I much prefer AUs and am willing to hash something out with you. No OCs for this. Sorry.

Persona. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a Persona or Persona based roleplay!. My favorite pairing for Persona is Yu/Souji/ProtagonistxYosuke. I play Yosuke. I am seriously craving another Yu/Yosuke roleplay like woah. We can discuss this. I also REALLY like the idea of the P3 Female Protagonist/MinakoxMitsuru. I’d be playing the female protagonist. We can also do a whole new Persona group, too.
Addendum: Just finished Persona 5, am interested in playing Akira--or maybe we could do our own team of Phantom Thieves? Really dig the concept. I do like Akira/Yusuke and Ann/Makoto--will play Akira and Makoto. I am also interested in an Akechi redemption line, but I won't pair him with Akira. Others I can play are Futaba and Haru.

I’d also like to do something with Black Butler. I'd like to play a male oc against Ciel If you play Ciel for me, I’ll play Elizabeth for you in a fxf line or I will also consider playing Sebastian for your oc, but I'm VERY picky on this because Sebastian is a vainglorious bastard who needs entertainment. So! Try me, just don't say I didn't warn you if I tell you no. I also have a demon, if you want to play a contractor in an all original variation. (Note: my demon will not be your character's butler. He laughs at the very idea. He can change his gender, so he can be a she.) *Please note, that sebciel is a GIANT NOTP of mine, so don't even ask for it.

Tales of. The first thing I'm looking for is a Sorey to my Mikleo. My kingdom for these two babies who are too pure for this world. The second thing I’m looking for a Richard to my Asbel and kinda have some vague ideas for this! I also roleplay Tales of cross overs and have a vague idea for that, too. I would also love a Gaius for my Wingul. Can discuss other Tales pairings, will be fine with ocs if you’ll afford me the same. I’ve played all of the Tales of games released in the US EXCEPT for Eternia and Vesperia. That doesn't mean you can't play these characters! I'm totally down for Asch/OC and will try and accommodate you as well. I also recently bought Tales of Berseria. I'm only about 40ish hours into it, so no spoilers!

The World Ends With You. I play Josh. Mostly looking for a Neku or whomever you want to throw at me. I'd prefer AUs (kind of have a basic idea for one) or post-game. Please, for the love of all things holy, do not play Neku as a weak willed little thing who won't tell Josh to go eff himself if he doesn't like what Josh is doing. We can also do a whole new Game with all ocs.

The Legend of Zelda. I’m looking for a Link and am looking to do a brand new Zelda roleplay where we split the cast and have fun times~! I have a male oc. There doesn’t need to be romance, but I would like there to be. I can play Ravio, Zelda, humanized Sidon, Revali (maybe), or Midna for one of your ocs, if you'd like. With Breath of the Wild out, I'd be happy to do something similar to that, too.

Devil Survivor 2. I want to play the main character (Hibiki/Hiro/MC) against a Yamato LIKE BURNING Also, Shin Megami Tensei IV, I'd love a Flynn/Walter chaos route roleplay where I play Flynn.

Kingdom Hearts. I kind of want to do an all-original setting with new Keyblade wielders, new villains and everything. We'd each play a keyblade wielder or something and fill out the cast. If you're not up for that, I do love SoraxRiku--I'll be playing Sora. (I love this ship with my whole heart.)

Final Fantasy. I'm cool with most things here. Some characters I play are Lightning (my favorite), Cecil Harvey, Yuna, Cloud Strife, Kadaj, Vanille, Terra Branford, Garnet til Alexandros/Dagger, Bartz, Faris, Noel Kreiss, Ramza (Tactics), and some others here and there. Some of the ships I play are Lightning/adult!Hope (I play Lightning and have some au ideas for this), Zack/Cloud (I play Cloud), Tidus/Yuna (I play Yuna), Fang/Vanille (I play Vanille. I'll also play Fang/Lightning), Zidane/Garnet, Cecil/Kain (Cecil) etc. There are others. I've played almost every Final Fantasy except the online ones, so just ask. There are a few canons I play that I'll pair with ocs, like Noel Kreiss for example. This is probably the only place you'll catch me for mxf. I would really love a Ramza for one of my ocs as well? Like I said, I'll play certain canons for you, too! ... or maybe just something with Final Fantasy Tactics in general.
Addendum: I just finished FFXV and would love to try out being Noctis--looking for Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto--or a mix of all four. We can discuss but my favorite ship is IgNoct. Will be happy to do Promptis or GladNoct, too.

Bravely Default/Bravely Second. Ringabel/Edea, otp for life. I'd like to play Edea. Also willing to consider Tiz/Agnes (Tiz.) or Yew/Magnolia. (Magnolia.) Prefer an AU for this. I won't do this genre without Ringabel/Edea, though, keep that in mind.

Parasite Eve. Does anyone even know what this is? We can discuss--ocs, canons, I'm sure we can figure something out.
Pokemon. I have a male Elite Four trainer I'd like to use against any character. I have a couple other trainers here and there. Why not, bring it on. If you want romance, it has to be m/m for this. I don't mind gijinkas or whatever they're called. I also beat Sun/Moon! So we can do some Alola stuff! Maybe a plot with the Ultra Beasts? Neaaaat.
Ace Attorney. Okay, okay. I only do canon/oc for this one, fam. I've also only played the first three games and Ace Attorney Investigations. I'm looking for a Miles Edgeworth to my male oc and for you, I can play Franziska von Karma for fxf. Might be talked into playing Phoenix Wright for you, depending on your oc.

ATLA. I have a male earth bending oc (with a spirit pal who follows him) that I'll do mxm with. I'm really up for anything here, except LoK verse since he doesn't seem to fit in there so well. Canons? OCs? Sure, whatever. I'll leave it open. You wanna test a new OC or practice a canon against him? Cool.

There are also a few fandoms that I play, but only with an oc cast such as: Dead Space, Gravity Rush, Fatal Frame, Etrian Odyssey, and Silent Hill. Note: for Silent Hill, I will NOT be playing romance.

As for Silent Hill... I'm up for putting canons in a Silent Hill verse as well as using originals.

The same goes for The Last of Us. Canons in a TLOU universe could be fun. Same with ocs. I'm a little out of touch with this, though. It's been a while.

Maybe something based on Transistor? Or YoKai Watch? Yomawari Night Alone? Hey, maybe some creepy Japanese horror with a haunted town in the vein of Yomawari?

Suggest! If it’s along the lines of what’s mentioned above, then by all means. Other fandoms are: Okami (Human form!Amaterasu), a 999/Zero Escape based roleplay, Demon Gaze, Dragon’s Crown, Animal Crossing (humanized villagers), and more. Seriously, just ask. Ask away. I know some older animes but video games? I most likely know it, especially if it’s an RPG. I’m also a fan of AUs.

Again, if any of this interests you, mail me at xdeathtarot@gmail.com.
20 July 2017 @ 12:11 am
sup ya'll. it's ya girl qt. i'm a terrible goblin and my whims are fickle. i'm also never satisfied. this is a good introduction.

i dont usually like advertising for more than one fandom at a time, but im hashtag thirsty and i think either fandom is sort of in equal ranking right now, enough that i could throw myself into either and have a blast.

basic ad preamble includes: oc/canon primarily. mf, ff, mm, all hunky dory. doubling is dandy. smut is fine but so is fade to black. i prefer to use email or discord. post length is pretty unimportant to me. for my own comfort, please be twentyish or over.

dragon age // i feel like the hype has died down considerably for this fandom, but i'm a crusty cockroach motherfucker that is going to cling to this fandom until i'm dead, probably. i've played all 3 games and most of the dlc. i'll play pretty much anyone for you. there are some canons i don't think i'm as good at as others, but as long as you're willing to be patient with my bumbling around i'll try my hand at just about anyone. if i have any reservations i'll definitely let you know. in return i'd like a sebastian or a varric.

witcher // i went out of town and when i came back my computer ate shit, so admittedly, i have not finished wild hunt bc base game + dlc are long as hell. i don't find that too much a detriment for my own purposes because i'm not typically a fan of 'play the canon story but this time with ocs' form of roleplay. if that doesn't make me a totally unappealing partner for this fandom to you (which i'm sure it does to some people, i get it), i'll play just about anyone from the base game or b&w. i'm in the market for a geralt or an eskel. hmu.

email me at qtbotte@gmail.com with your poison, if you please.
Name/Nickname: Aidyn/Freckles

Age: 23

Style: I would strongly prefer to write in the third person

Pairings: Literally all gender pairings

Fandoms I’m in: A looooooooooott; Off the top of my head, any of the persona games, ToG series, ACOTAR series, Mortal Instruments series (and any of it's many counterparts), Morganville series, Tokyo Ghoul, Noragami, Mystic Messenger, Yuri on Ice and a ton others

Writing form: I just do my best to match length for length, so whatever you give me I'll try to give back the same amount (sometimes it might be a little less or a little more)

Grammar requirements: All I ask is that I can follow what you are trying to convey. I'm not going to go grammar nazi on you for a few typos or misspelled words every now then

Short-term or long term?: Both is fine as far as plot goes, but I would like to find someone who can write with me long term so that even if we drop a certain thread we can just pick up another one

Genres I roleplay: Almost anything you can think of, honestly. Although if you want to rp smut you have to be of age, and, other than blood, I will have nothing to do with bodily functions (such as scat and things of that nature)

As my partner, a person would have to: Know that I am not my characters and that their actions and personalities do not reflect my own; and, just have a good time! ( Talking ooc and getting to know each other outside of plotting would also be great, but not necessary; you definitely don't have to force yourself!)

Who I write: I don't really feel comfortable rping as canon characters (its extremely rare for me to find one that I just have to write), so I rp OC's, but I have like a hundred so there's a lot to pick from

Tumblr accounts: for the sake of you being able to check out my OC's, I'm going to list all my tumblr accounts;
murdxrousintent.tumblr.com (you have to click the gear on this one for the info to pop up)

Places I'll rp: Discord, Skype, Tumblr, and email (so pretty much anywhere lol)

Please contact: Discord; frecklesfrack#0372 or Email; delgado.leslie21@gmail.com
Hi there!

I've had a few fandom cravings, as well as some original ones, let me
know if you can help!

I mostly play m/m or f/f, just as a heads up.


Video Games:

Legend of Zelda: Kinda specific here, but I'm looking to ship Link
with the other colored Links from Four Swords.

Pokemon: Can do either m/m or f/f here, I'm game for most canon boys
and girls being present, but I also have some trainer OC ideas, in
particular I'd love to do something with someone who wouldn't mind
playing a girl Team Aqua grunt for some f/f.


Free! I'm looking for m/m here. In particular I'm craving a Nagisa or a Makoto.

Digimon: I know, real oldie here, blame Tri. for m/m I'd be looking
for a Takeru or a Taichi, and for f/f I'd be looking for a Hikari or a

Sailor Moon: I play Ami/Mercury and I'd love to play against a
Makoto/Jupiter or a Minako/Venus, among others!

Maybe a few other animes I'm forgetting.


Homestuck: I'm really craving a John more than anything for this.


I have both m/m and f/f plots in ind for slice of life hgih school
romances I've been dying to do, mostly to do with childhood friendship

If any of this is interesting, drop me a line at granis25@gmail.com
19 July 2017 @ 08:21 pm
Name: Mags
Age: 25
E-mail: wishinitwas@gmail.com

Persona 5, FFXV, Kingdom Hearts, and Riverdale are my main fandom cravings. I have many others, check the tags!
★ I'm primarily interested in OC/Canon, but I'll happily play canon/canon for my partner.
★ I'll play all pairing genders!
★ Be open to playing all genders, please ♥
★ Paragraph style, and past or present tense are ideal! I don't do script style or replies that are less than a solid paragraph.
★ I love smut! I'm kink-friendly! But I'm not feeling pwp at the moment, so there'll be instances where I do fade to black. Please be 18+.

ღ I'll play nearly anyone from Persona 5, though I do have a special interest in playing Akechi! I'd like to play against Joker! I just ask that you have either finished the game, or have reached September, at least!
ღ From FFXV I'd love to play Nyx for someone! But Ignis, Prompto, Lunafreya, Regis, Ravus, and Ardyn are options as well!
ღ Kingdom Hearts: I'll play Namine, Sora, Riku, Terra, Ventus, Roxas, Aqua, Zexion, or Demyx! I'd like to play against Sora, Riku, Terra, Aqua, or Namine!
ღ Riverdale, I'll play just about anyone, including the parents, because they're just as compelling as the students. If you're willing to play Cheryl Blossom for me then I might buy you free pizza or something??? I just want f/f business with Cheryl, but I'd also accept Archie and FP Jones.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you! Talk about yourself, what you wanna play and what you're into. Also, if we can scream together about KH3 coming out next year, definitely do that ♥.
19 July 2017 @ 09:41 pm
The basics:
Name: Luna.
Age: 21+
Gender: Female.
Contact: kuroixxneko@gmail.com / LJ private messages.

Style: 3rd person past tense. (Do NOT try to buy me off with one or two lines of a reply when I send you a paragraph, it will make stuff very difficult for the both of us, but especially for me...)
Spelling/Grammar: I'm not a native myself, but please have a decent grasp of these, because if I have to re-read your responses 5+ times even in OOC, I have to conclude I don't have the time for that... As rude as it sounds.
Pairings: m/m, m/f, possibly f/f (ask first!)
OC vs Canon: OCs (PB/AU) only, please!
Faceclaims: Allowed, but not required. I'm just as happy with a written description as with an image or photo.
Partner age: 21 or over preferred, for possible NSFW content.

In detail:
Hello everyone, it's nice to meet you!
I have been out of the entire role playing thing for quite some time, but things have turned a little more peaceful at work so I would like to have something fun to do along the side again.

Currently I'm looking for something slice-of-life, but I'm also up for other stuff like for example fantasy, and I've brought some ideas too (as that always makes it easier, doesn't it?):

- My character has always gone to the same tattoo artist, but the artist passed away very suddenly before the piece they were working on was completed. Your character would be either the tattoo artist that is suggested to him, or someone who works at the shop (apprentice/general staff/etc.).

- YouTube is THE medium for audio and video to find it's way over the internet fast. Your character stumbles upon a video that is audio only and doesn't have much information, but they are very interested in the work none the less and try to approach the artist somehow. The artist turns out to be an entirely different person than your character expects, but a friendship is formed regardless. (And we'll see where it goes from there, obviously.)

~ My character has been living on his own for several years already, and is working hard to make ends meet. He's working as well as going to university so he has a very busy life that really exhausts him, but bills have to be paid after all. Unfortunately his jobs are only temporary and he's constantly looking for new ways to make money. That's where your character comes in. Would your character offer him a job out of pity, or for their own gain? (Think sugar daddy/mommy or boytoy, etc.) Or wouldn't they offer him a job at all but a roof over his head instead in exchange for something else? Obviously things are up for discussion here.

If you have an idea that you think I might be interested in, then please let me know when you contact me! *

There are however some things I won't do:
- Pedophilia.
- Beastiality.
- Watersports or any other bodily fluids.
- Pure PwP.
- Asphyxiation/suffocation.
- Pre-established relationships (think childhood friends who grew apart and meet again later and similar scenarios).

For the whole smut-thing in general I have an age-limit for my partner as a player for 21 years of age. I absolutely do not want to be involved with any sexual writing with a minor, and 21 is considered adult here, that's why. I prefer to not fade to black, after all.

* When you do contact me, please introduce yourself in your initial message.
- What do I call you?
- How old are you?
- Do you prefer m/m, m/f or f/f?
- Did one of my suggestions draw your attention? If so, which one and do you have anything you'd like to suggest for it?
- Do you have an entirely different idea that you'd like to run by me? Then please do!
19 July 2017 @ 12:32 pm
EDIT: i've had a few people contact me for 1x1s outside of what i have
requested. please DO NOT contact me for anything other than what is
listed below. thank you.

name: gillian (cisfemale, she/her)
age: 22
e-mail: gillobrady@gmail.com
chat: kik - officialondontipton, discord - gillo #2876
tz: pst

hi there! im very very new to the concept of roleplaying on livejournal (i just left a pretty long stint over on tumblr). but don't worry, i'm a very quick learner! i'm currently a full-time student and employee, which means i don't have an unlimited amount of time to rp - so, here i am!
i'm looking for something low-stress, preferably over e-mail (though i'm open to something else!) and a friendly, patient partner. in turn, i will be a consistent, patient and communicative partner - with a whole lot of enthusiasm! i am looking for a few things in specific, so be sure read everything below thoroughly. i'll try to keep it succinct :)

fandoms: marvel, once upon a time, twilight, harry potter, chuck
my characters: peggy carter, ruth carter (peggy's daughter), regina mills, clara oswald, esme cullen, hermione granger, bellatrix black, mary cattermole (neé knightley), sarah walker
my ships: peggy x steve, peggy x angie, peggy x sousa, ruth x new avenger/oc, regina x emma, regina x ruby, regina x charming, esme x carlisle, hermione x harry, hermione x draco, hermione x pansy, bellatrix x rodolphus, bellatrix x james, mary x canon/oc, sarah x bryce, sarah x chuck, sarah x carina

 via tumblr, i've played several of these characters! click through the links to see how i've played them.
          peggy carter (modern au one, two)
          anne rolands (historial oc)
          evil queen (novel version)
          mary cattermole (neé knightley, hp)

i have a bunch of fun ideas for all of these pairings, but there are just too many to post here, you know? so feel free to message me if you'd like to talk about them! angst makes me a happy gal, and i don't always need a happy resolution :) oops. aus are also super fun. i don't really like to emphasize smut in my interactions, but will participate on occasion!

if you have any interest, please feel free to e-mail, message via kik, comment below or message me here! i'm a pretty easy person to reach, and will definitely reply within 12 hours of initial contact. i'm (self-described) super sweet and receptive, so feel free to contact for any questions as well!
19 July 2017 @ 12:02 pm
My style of roleplaying inlcudes 3rd person POV, rapid fire, short response roleplaying of mainly M/M pairings. The more you reply, the more I'll love you and open up to you. And if you aren't interested for whatever reason, I'll love you if you tell me as it tells me that if you want to roleplay in the future, you are respectful and good at communicating. I've had a problem with people who disagree with me, then blast me or miss the part about lots of replies and leave me anxious and waiting. Both of those things really put me off, so if you know you can't reply quickly or will have a problem with what I'd like in a buddy, please don't contact me.

I will only do slice of life in modern settings. No fantasy/supernatural. No historical. Also, I've had people come to me who only play bottoms, which isn't a huge problem unless you have extremely flat characters. And I do require doubling (at least two couples, but more is greatly appreciated), so if you only have one character, it's going to be a no go.

Smut is also a mandatory thing, therefore I won't be roleplaying with anyone who is under 18. I do some digging to make sure that you aren't underaged.

Right now, I'm craving more high school type settings, however I'm definitely open to doing characters who are a bit older. If you do have any ideas, throw them my way. There's no guarantee that they will be doable due to the nature of my characters, but if it is doable, I'm usually down.

TL;DR. I like rapid-fire M/M messengers in modern slice of life settings with great opposing characters and a good amount of smut with 18+ roleplayers.

Telegram: leftofmarco
Hangouts: 96ingunicorns@gmail.com
Skype: zrhymes15@yahoo.com
Y!M: zrhymes15@yahoo.com
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