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Looking for long term *active* RP Partner

Greetings! My name is Laura- as the title says I am looking for some new active partners.

I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

About me:
-I am a 28-year-old female in EST.
-I have been an active role-player since I was twelve.
-I have been out of role-playing communities for the last seven years. I had a very active long-term partner that I wrote with for the last seven years. I'm only mentioning this because I am not up to date on some of the new terms. I am figuring it out but if you use a term I don't know and I ask you what you mean please don't get frustrated with me.
-I am very active. I work from home and can respond while working. I also have insomnia so am normally up at most hours. So I can work with people in varying time zones. So I would like someone who can respond multiple times a day, once a day at the least.
-I don't ditch without saying anything. If I think it is not working and we can't fix it for whatever reason I will let you know. I would appreciate the same consideration.

My style and preferences:
-First, you must be over 18- 20 plus is preferred.
-OC's only. But settings and plots based on fandoms are fine.
-Third person past tense.
-My responses are normally between 2-4 paragraphs. They can get shorter during lulls in the story and likewise, longer at more interesting points. I am finding I like the more rapid-fire style (around a paragraph) for parts with heavy dialogue as I feel like it helps conversation flow better- but that is up to my partner.
-I am open and laid back. I use role-playing to unwind and reduce my stress. I want to have the experience be fun. I am likewise forgiving of grammar and spelling issues. It happens and as long as I can still understand you I am fine.
-All of my preferences are just what I prefer, they aren't set in stone so don't be afraid to contact me about something different.
-I prefer M/F pairings. But have done and can do other pairings just fine.
-I like to have some romance aspect within the roleplay.
-I have a deep appreciation for darker plots and difficult characters. So if you have a plot or character other people won't even consider I am probably your gal. :) This isn't required though.
-I love OOC chat. I would really like to find someone that is willing to offer up new ideas and collaborate with me. I also love to chat about characters and the role-play. But it doesn't have to be all business all the time. I would love to get to know the person I'm writing with as well.
-I'm fine with multiple characters. My preferred structure is actually to have two mains and then a great cast of sub-characters.
-I am all about the plot and characters. I love world creation as well.

-I love a good smut scene but I need a plot and a story to go with it. It can't be just that all of the time or I will start to get stale fast.

My limits:
-My only real limit is potty-play. I, also, don't understand feet fetishes so I just don't think I could write it.
-Everything else is fair game. Violence, gore, torture, murder, cursing, drugs, and other questionable things are fine. Just ask me.
-I won't ask my partner to do anything they are uncomfortable with so don't think contacting me means I will try and push you to do things you are uncomfortable with. That isn't my style.

If you are interested in starting a roleplay with me or have any additional questions (or want to shoot me a plot you've been craving) please feel free to contact me via e-mail at: davisla0922@gmail.com

Thank you. :)

Game of Thrones, long-term partner

Name: Nai
Timezone: EST
Contact: If interested, feel free to message me via LJ and I'll give you my email to plot. Please add your name, preferred pronouns, age, email and any triggers you have.
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I'm looking for a long-term dedicated partner in a romantic/fantasy/action plot, so please keep that in mind when you message me. I'd also like a partner who likes headcanons and talking ooc, since I believe communication between partners is important. If you can't continue the plot, let me know. It literally takes a minute to write and say that you're not interested anymore.
Style: I'm looking for good spelling and grammar. Third person, quality over quantity but I like to write long paras along with short paras. Email and skype RP, but I can do tumblr and google docs if you're inclined.
Mature theme: I don't do smut based plots. My partner has to be older than 18.
Is there anything else you would like to add?: I don't have triggers, but there are a few things I'm not comfortable with, so as long as we discuss them before doing anything, we're fine.
Currently looking for (bolded is the character I would like to play):
Open to canon or AU plots, but I would like Show!Canon Divergence. I've seen every season and read the books.

  • Arya/Gendry

  • Theon/OFC

  • OFC/OMC (I would like to play a Stark against a Baratheon/Lannister/Targaryen, but definitely up to discussion)

  • Rhaegar/Lyanna

  • OFC/Gendry

  • Ned/Cersei

  • Sansa/Theon

*I'm looking for active partners, please don't message me if you're not in for a long-term. I'm up for any other ships, so feel free to suggest/ask.

OC/Fandom Roleplay!

Name: Kade/Kay
Age: 20+
Gender: Agender (any pronouns)
Timezone: EST
Reply Length: 2-3+ paragraphs
Contact: grayouts@yahoo.com (ask for others!)

I've been roleplaying on and off for over 10 years now, and recently I've really been hoping to pick it up again! That being said, I'll be honest and say that my grammar isn't perfect. I do try, but sometimes I get ahead of myself and end up making mistakes. I know some people are really picky about grammar/spelling so I figured I'd put that out there first!

Anyway, I'm looking for a partner that's at least 18. Even if things don't get NSFW, I feel more comfortable with someone 18+.
I often do M/M but I'm totally fine with M/F. I almost always play male characters so F/F isn't usually an option.
I absolutely love playing more than one character! It's not a requirement for me, but I just want to put it out there that I have no issue doing that.
I'm flexible on reply length as well, if you prefer shorter replies, I can do that! Or if you prefer 6+ paragraph replies, I can do that too!

And now, onto what I'm looking for...

These are the fandoms I'm currently willing to rp:

- Attack on Titan
- South Park

I know that's not much, but no worries, I'm also looking for OC roleplays! These I'm very flexible on so send me a message if you're interested and we can start talking plots. (:
Yo! Been such a long time since I posted here, thanks to life getting real busy and all, and still pretty busy, but I am sure you don't care about that, so to the main reason I am here!

You can just call me Bio or Onion, I am 22, and live within the EST (Eastern Standard Time) timezone. I am always free on Sundays since I never work that day, but I am because of work unavailable between 10am-9pm on all the other days excluding the one random other day I get off. I can't roleplay 24/7 to put it short, so if you're looking for someone with an infinite amount of free time, I am not your gal. XD

☘ I prefer M/M and F/F ships, but I am open to any sort of pairings...so M/F, T/M, you name it, I can roll with it.
☘ I love to play multiple characters, doubling, tripling, and more is for sure my thing. If you only like roleplaying out one character, than that's fine, just let me know. Just multiple ocs make it easier to avoid a forced ship if romance is the main goal. If you only like roleplaying with one oc though, but like multiple ocs being used against yours, I am fine going that route too!
☘ I roleplay mainly through Skype or Gmail, but if you got other methods you prefer, shoot me an email/gmail and i'll see if it's possible.
☘ My main HECK NOs roleplaying wise is pedophilia/shota/loli, guro/gore for sexual thrills, inflation/vore, and toilet play. If you got something you want to throw in you feel might be really out there, well, doesn't hurt to ask and i'll answer wether I am fine with it or not.
☘ I am open for smut themes if you couldn't tell from the last bullet, but I would prefer to NOT have a porn without plot storyline. It's fine to be say... 75/25 on the porn for example, just...I need a reason on why people are screwing around all the time. Also in regards to smut, if you're under 18, I will NOT roleplay these themes with you, but I am fine roleplaying non-sexual themes with those 17 and under.
☘ The fandoms listed are the only ones I am currently open to doing. I do NOT do CanonxOC...nor am I looking to roleplay with anything but OCS anyways.
☘ I mainly like to do rapid fire or semi-rapid fire when I am available, and often write between 2-3 sentences, to 2-3 paragraphs. I can go a little more if needed, but that isn't preferred. I am fine with just once a day replies though or something along those lines. I can do either paragraph or script format wise for roleplays, just let me know which you do.


☘ OCS - Something world/setting building would be nice, having multiple ocs that all form a small town of sorts, a club in highschool/college, and so forth. There are a lot of directions something like that can go.
☘ Harvest Moon/Rune Factory - Similar to the idea above, have ocs make up the town, either based around an existing setting or made up, and have a farmer freshly moved in...or two if you wanted the both of us to experience the joys of farming. Like Harvest Moon/Rune Factory, there would be a chance for the single farmer to mingle around.
☘ Pokemon - I love the classical ideas of having trainers traveling around, PMD, rivals, and so forth. I don't have a solid idea admittingly with this, so I am open to hearing ideas.
☘ Danganronpa - A killing game, but with ocs and their fates being determined by random.org would be cool.
☘ Hunger Games - Basically the same idea as with the Danganronpa one above, having a bunch of tributes contributing towards a hunger games and seeing who lives off of sheer luck/skill.
☘ Warriors (Cats) - A new generation within an existing clan(s), or a new clan could emerge within a piece of land far away from the clans we know, struggling with survival and growing as a clan.

That's all I got, looking forward to hearing from you! C:

Skype - Lovingonions
Gmail - Lovingonions@gmail.com

fandoms; m//, f//, m/f

Hi there! I'm Freja, 25 and female. I'm trying to keep this about me section short, so this won't end up being a massive wall of text. I roleplay via email, and I use third person and past tense. I only roleplay with people who are 18+ (as I'd like for smut to be a part of the roleplay) and willing to roleplay via email. I'm looking for a couple of fandoms and both canon and original characters in some of the fandoms. Even if we've roleplayed before, feel free to contact me! My email is frejaa@gmx.com.

(* means I'd prefer to play the character, though it's negotiable)

o u t l a n d e r

✚ I have a couple of ideas for this pairing. I would love to do a modern AU where Claire and Frank have moved to Scotland and Claire is a surgeon/ER doctor and Jamie could be a professional rugby or soccer player. This would be cool maybe with some kind of a reincarnation AU where they were lovers in the 18th century and both died in the Battle of Culloden.
✚ I'm also super interested in a plot where Jamie travels through the stones after Claire. This could be set either right after the Battle of Culloden, or after Jamie is released from prison.
✚ I'm also interested in something Outlander inspired where character A accidentally travels back in time and meets character B. This could be m//, f// or m/f, it's all cool and we can talk about the time period and location in detail later!

t h e   s h a d o w h u n t e r   c h r o n i c l e s

(the tv show and/or the books)

✚ With these two I'm up for anything, that I do love them as dads. Maybe something where Alec is the leader of the New York Institute and he adopts Max and realizes he can't really handle a baby warlock on his own, so he seeks help from Magnus.
✚ Also I'm fine with just going from where season 2 ended!
✚ Parabatais falling in love is my guilty pleasure. I was toying around with the idea of Jace and Clary going to the Seelie Court and instead of Simon, Alec goes with them, and the Seelie Queen makes Alec kiss the one he loves the most, which reveals his feelings to Jace and things progress from there on.
✚ Again, I'm definitely up for original characters in this universe, whether's it's two shadowhunters, two downworlders or even a shadowhunter and a downworlder.

m c u

✚ I don't have any specific ideas for these, I just love these ships so much.

Literally any f/f ship you can think of

r o g u e   o n e

✚ I would love to do an AU where they all survive, because the movie (and the book) killed me.


✚ I'm also interested in some pre-movie stuff with Galen*/Orson.

d c

✚ Anything where Steve doesn't die would be cool. Or some kind of a reincarnation thing. We can talk about it!

Back again

So I have five RP prompts that I am looking for and I am hoping that someone here will at least be willing to try my ideas. I only roleplay over Skype though and I only do heterosexual romances so I’m looking for someone who is willing to play a male for me. I recently updated my likes and my dislikes so I’m hoping that I might get some people that will be interested. I need people who have no problems with me not writing big text walls as I only write one or two or three lines per post as I rather post quality over quantity which I can’t really do if I have to post text walls. If you are interested, add me on Skype at amazee_dayzee. That way I can set it all up.

Rodeo Cowboy - Basically, your character enters into a rodeo contest in order to win the prize money to save their family ranch. Your character’s father had just died and his mother is very sick and he has to look after 4 younger siblings so by entering the contest he hopes to win the money to save his family ranch once and for all. His love interest is my female character who is an audience member and along the way he will have to deal with a veteran contestant who will be a total jerk to him because he feels like the green horn is upstaging him.

Superhero - My character recently learned that she has the power of telekinesis and by chance, she ends up meeting up with the city’s hero who will take her under her wing and then help her to control her powers. Over the course of the two of them training her to get her powers under control, they slowly fall in love with each other. There will be some comedy where her powers end up sending him flying on occasion into the ground or other places but that won’t be the focus of the role-play. The focus will be actually be him being a superhero (in the same vein as Batman preferably but if you want him to have superpowers himself, I am OK with that) and her getting her powers under control and them falling deeply in love.

Bad Luck - Because your character’s ancestor had ripped off a witch several decades ago, the witch cast a curse on the family that said that every first-born male within it would be cursed with horrible luck until he finds true love. My character who is the descendant of the witch (but doesn’t have any powers as the line ended with the witch) would end up being his true love but neither of them would know that yet. Such humiliations would involve pies in the face, falling in mud or generally getting gunged with stuff like paint or oil. This will be a slow-build romance but the humiliations would also take a bit of time also. After they finally get together after slowly falling in love, the bad luck stops and the two of them become a proper couple.

Cop / Bodyguard - Your character is a young cop who is assigned to protect my character since she testified and put a vicious killer on death row. Now the killer has managed to escape and is coming after her for revenge so he needs to protect her from all of the killers attempts as well as the attempts of his gang of his who don’t take too well to having her send their boss to his execution. Once again it is gonna be slow build and over the course of it, love will blossom between the cop and my character with the ultimate end up in the air for now as to whether said killer gets his punishment that he deserves or if my character will make it to the end of the story and if not, what will happen to the cop who has grown to love and care for her. Only time can tell.

Camper / Survivalist - My character gets lost in the woods when she tries to take a shortcut and she breaks her ankle. It will be your character who will find her and take him to a cabin that he lives in while he is out in the woods camping out (he has an apartment and a vehicle when he isn’t camping) and after learning a bit about him and spending time together, the two will fall in love with each other as he teaches her how to camp and be a survivalist while out in the forest. So I’m looking for a male character who is muscular and knows a lot about the woods but isn’t gruff and very kind and friendly for this to work because if he is very hard to approach or anti-social, this won’t work. He also can’t be afraid to get a little dirty and smelly either as he lives out in the woods when he goes camping. Think of Les Stroud or Bear Grylls.

If you are interested in any of these ideas, once again please add me to your Skype at amazee_dayzee. I look forward from hearing from you!

Looking for RP Partners

Hi there, first I'd better introduce myself. I've been an avid RP'er for roughly 15 years (on and off), and at the moment I'm looking for a casual RP partner to try and keep the fun going! It should be said that I'm working full time and also about to begin a foundation degree so I'll unfortunately have a very busy schedule. That being said I'll do by best to try and get two or three posts a week done, but I'd really appreciate a partner who would have bit of patience considering my situation. =3

  • Loki (MUC)

  • Malekith (Marvel Comics, no affiliation to MCU)

  • James Wesley (Daredevil)

  • Lucifer (Fox's Lucifer)

  • Prince Nuada Silverlance (Hellboy)

  • Doctor Jonathan Crane (Batman Begins)

  • Prince Lotor (Voltron Legendary Defender)

  • Colonel William Tavington

If you would like to RP, feel free to send me an at siorai.ifreann@googlemail.com and we can work on plots etc! Hope to hear from you guys soon! =D  Oh and I'm almost completely friendly to OC's!!

introductory remarks

 i'm apotelesmaa and this is my fallout ad.

 so here's the thing: i've played 3 & 4. i'm really only interested in doing canon x oc when it comes to 4 and oc x oc is fine
 for 3 but really i'm more interested in 4 in general. still, if you have some cool oc plots for 3 lay them on me. deets below.

 now for the boring stuff.

 i'm looking for active partners (2-3 replies a week is bueno) who are ok with casual word counts (300-600 words per
 character per reply). right now i'm really only wanting to rp over email, but you might be able to persuade me into gdocs
 if it's vital for your wellbeing. i'm not gonna say doubling is a requirement (because it's definitely not), but i sure do like it.
 be willing to play multiple genders as mains and side characters. all pairings are welcome. i lean toward m x f myself
 but as long as were doing multiple chars i'm happy to indulge whatever pairing you have in mind. seeing as i'm well into
 my 20s, my partners gotta be 18+ to ride. my limits are few and are more or less run of the mill (as in, pedophilia/that
 xxxtra kinky shit/furries/etc). i'm a big fan of mature themes and will gladly incorporate them into the roleplay but i'm
 not looking for pwp. lastly, i'm super ditch friendly. i totally understand when life gets in the way and you have neither
 time nor inclination to write. if you have to disappear and then wanna start up when you come back, that's totally fine too
 and i don't require advance notice when things come up in your life.

 glad that's over with.

stuff you care about

 you probably skipped ahead to this part first. i don't blame you. if not, you have better self-control than me. either way,
 you wanna know what canons i'm willing to play and which ones i wanna play against, right? let's assume you said yes.

 i'm pretty much willing to play... anyone. bearing in mind that i haven't played any of the dlc for 4, i'm happy to play
 whatever companion or beloved npc your heart desires. for myself, i'm partial to maccready, danse, deacon, and
 hancock. heck i'd even take a swing at maxson (romantically and... physically. he's the worst). i'm not all that picky tbh.

 as i said above, if we're doing some fallout 3/capital wasteland shenanigans, i'd rather keep it oc x oc. i didn't play
 enough of 3 to really feel comfortable filling any canon shoes there.

 i'm also willing to do oc x oc for 4, i just love the characters a lot more and would rather include them. still, i'm flexible.

so you're still here

 if you've gotten this far and you would like to get in touch, send me an email at apotelesmaa@gmail.com and let me know
a little about yourself and your preferences re: doubling, limits, medium, etc etc. thanks for reading and hope to hear from


Twisted History

I’m a guy nearing the dreaded age of 30 but if there’s anything that keeps me feeling young (apart from making lightsaber sounds when I switch a torch on) it’s immersing myself within a good role-play. Unfortunately I only do so within the confines of the MxF dynamic whereby I play the male. But I’ve had role-plays where I liked the characters I’ve sided even more than my main so no worries there; I’m not one dimensional. Being so damn old I only wish to write with those who are in their twenties at a minimum. So onto what I’m currently seeking:


This time of year always inspires me, particularly coming up to Halloween and I must admit this genre has been sorely lacking from my repertoire. Bloodborne, Dishonored and AC: Syndicate are my favourite games and while I have no desire to rip any of them off, I draw a great deal of inspiration from them. I was thinking about a plot involving some sort of impending doom whereby a detective, doctor or philosopher teams up with a quiet, bookish librarian sort to investigate and eventually prevent this from occurring. I’d love to brainstorm ideas with anyone about this.

The Wild West

The story here would be quite simple; a young family living on the wild frontier have their world turned upside down when Indians abduct the wife. The husband with no one but himself to rely on goes after them to get her back and once he has her they have to escape through a hellish collection of obstacles. This would be dripping with some seriously sappy romance throughout ;)

Period Sailing Adventure

Toward the tail end of the 17th Century a woman whose loved one is dying from a rare disease takes one final chance and begs her estranged uncle, who is a high ranking military official in Britain, to send a ship to the Americas after hearing about a witch doctor residing there with miraculous abilities. The uncle commissions an ambitious young naval lieutenant to oversee the voyage and inevitably they run into all sorts of challenges such as storms and pirates.

I put a lot of onus on communication in getting the most out of a role-play and while that doesn’t mean we constantly have to be chatting OOC, I just can’t work with anyone who doesn't plot at all. Similarly I much prefer those who use some initiative i.e. actually role-play and don’t just re-write what I have written but from their own characters perspective. If I was into that I’d buy myself a parrot.

If the plots or genres I mentioned above don’t tickle your fancy but I’ve seemed like someone you’d still like to write with, don’t hesitate to run your own idea by me. I'm available at belgianguile@gmail.com
Hi there!

I've had a few fandom cravings, as well as some original ones, let me
know if you can help!

I mostly play m/m or f/f, just as a heads up.


Video Games:

Pokemon: Can do either m/m or f/f here, I'm game for most canon boys
and girls being present, but I also have some trainer OC ideas, in
particular I'd love to do something with someone who wouldn't mind
playing a girl Team Aqua grunt for some f/f.


Free! I'm looking for m/m here. In particular I'm craving a Nagisa or a Makoto.

Digimon: I know, real oldie here, blame Tri. for m/m I'd be looking
for a Takeru or a Taichi, and for f/f I'd be looking for a Hikari or a

Inazuma Eleven: Very much would love to RP Inazuma Eleven again with Ares on the way, I'd love to RP m/m against Go! characters the most, especially Tenma, Kirino, Kariya, or Shindou, but I'd be open to playing against some of the boys from other teams, like the Tengawara boys like Nishinosora or Andou or Kita

Maybe a few other animes I'm forgetting.


Homestuck: I'm really craving a John more than anything for this.


I have both m/m and f/f plots in ind for slice of life hgih school
romances I've been dying to do, mostly to do with childhood friendship

If any of this is interesting, drop me a line at granis25@gmail.com


Find an RP Partner~

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