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20 February 2017 @ 02:56 am
Name: Mariah
Email: MariahLewis18@Outlook.com
Skype: QueenMcawesome
Timezone: PST

What I'm looking for:
-Women partners only
- 300 words+
-3rd person, past tense
-Medieval/Renaissance-ish fantasy
-M/F, F/F
-21+ preferred. 18+ will be considered, any younger has nothing to do with ability but my comfort.

Plot: The forest is deep and thick and filled to capacity with tall, wide trees. It stretches from the edges of mountains to the edges of oceans. Dancing elk and quick gray foxes live on the floor while twittering birds sit in the branches so high above. Man was not meant to venture far into it, it was a place built to grow around creatures and life unknown to man. When the winding paths die away, any hope for safety and security dies along with them. But within this place lives a woman, in a mud and stone hut built all for herself. Sometimes she is spotted too near the harbors and too near the towns. A hunched thing hidden away in rags. They say she's maddened by the forest. They say she's no better than an animal. They call her the Deep Witch. But Alva is human, just a woman, and she is real, and wanting for something more.

I'd love an epic journey/adventure! Romance isn't required, but I wouldn't mind it if it happened naturally. Something where our characters are forced to come together under extraordinary circumstances and end up going on an adventure of a lifetime!
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20 February 2017 @ 12:24 am
I write storybook, past tense, third person. I try to match pace and length. I can write three to nine paragraphs a post. I can double. I like to explore the more comedic and character development themes. Instant messaging over AIM, e-mail, or journals is fine.

If we are going to have a scene with just two characters about one thing that is okay. However, I like to put together a series of scenes together to make a sort of 'thematic episode' for our characters. So I can play multiple characters and hope you can too. Comment or private message my journal to contact me. For intercourse scenes, I prefer to fade to black or write it extremely vague. We can play through journals or via e-mail.

Here are some of the primary friendships or relationships I like to have a story about, although I do also like us to play other characters to fill out the background of the story and make it feel more like an 'episode'. The character I play in italics.

Angel/Nina Ash

Also, I feel the characters of Ethan Rayne, Amy, and Cassie were terribly underdeveloped in the series (followed by Jenny Calendar) so I like to throw them into the plot-ness of our role play when possible to give them some presence.
19 February 2017 @ 09:23 pm
Name: tracker_lucifer
LJ: this one
Email: I'll shoot it to you via PM
MSN/AIM/YIM: Same as above
Timezone: Pacific

What you RP:

Haikyuu!!- KageHina, Iwaoi, BokuAka, KuroKen, uber rare Ushijima x Tendou

Final Fantasy XV - Ignis x Gladio or Noctis x Prompto

Characters you RP:(bold face for the character I'm willing but I am willing to switch too.)

Kageyama x Hinata
Iwaizumi x Oikawa
Akashi x Bokuto (either character)
Kuroo x Kenma
Ushijima x Tendou (honestly willing to do either)


Ignis x Gladio
Noctis x Prompto (either really)

Characters you’re looking to interact with: just check out the non-bold ones. But as I mentioned before I am game to switch.

Kageyama x Hinata
Iwaizumi x Oikawa
Akashi x Bokuto (either character)
Kuroo x Kenma
Ushijima x Tendou (honestly willing to do either)


Ignis x Gladio
Noctis x Prompto (either really)

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I am game to bat some ideas around.

Do you smut?: Only for those 18 and older.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Um... I'm friendly? I am not anal about grammar and I do have a life outside of the computer so be patient with me and I'll be patient with you. :o
20 February 2017 @ 06:17 am

Bluebird here! x3 I am on the outlook for a roleplay partner, to explore our passions for roleplaying stories the way we want to. Since it's been a while that I RPed yuri stories, I crave it once again. I tend to play what could be considered tomboys, actually, pretty much always. Don't ask me to play furries though, especially no futa's. x'3

First things first. Some stuff to consider:
-After some consideration, I don't care what gender you are! As long as we both enjoy yuri stories. :3
-I do original RPs, and fandoms (listed below!)
-I will RP only using PMs, E-mail or Google Docs. Or Notes if on Deviantart!
-I normally tend to play dom, usually switch, usually sub.
-I'm not against 18+ content, but I don't want it to dominate. I prefer story telling.
-And I do adore romance in a story, greatly.
-Not looking for actual romance, though friendship would be cool!
-My kinks...? The regular stuff, I guess. =)
-Contact information: renowalker1789@gmail.com

Oh, and my new Deviantartpage: CLICK HERE & DISAPPEAR!

///////////////////////////// YURI PLOTS! //////////////////////////////////////////

{The list will grow....let me know if you got an interesting plot!}:

1. (romance/supernatural) A 21 year old girl (dom) and her female partner (sub) found out about an abandoned, delapidated military facility that got bombed during WW2. It's located not far from their highschool. Stories about wandering ghostly soldiers and ghostly voices caught their interest, and they're out to find whether it is true or not. However, when visiting the place, something creepy follows their way home. It is then when the two girls, knowing they can't depend on outside help, grow closer together, more intimately than ever...

2. (romance/sports) A 29-year old female trainer (dom), decides to train a girl (sub) who wants to compete in a (your favorite sport here, can be anything! :3) tournament and win it. But during their month-long struggle, the two developed a chemistry that seemed to give way to a romantic relationship, which quickly blossomed during a feverish summer. But there is a catch; If Eri's colleges found out about their secret love, she could permanently lose her trainer's license.




19 February 2017 @ 11:25 pm
Hi there everyone--I have an itch to scratch and I'm looking for a fxf female/futa roleplay. I'm primarily looking for smut, random kinda one shots that we can make longer if our characters connect. I'm always doing long, plotted roleplays that I'm kind of looking for something to relax.

Currently, I'm looking for someone to play the futa to one of my girls. It's pretty much that simple. I'm into fantasy lines, so that's what you'll catch me with the most. This will be OCs only. I'm looking for at least two paragraphs and a general sense of how to write--someone friendly and over eighteen. I cannot stress this enough, please be over eighteen or I won't roleplay with you at all.

There are some things I'm not cool with, and I'll list them here:

No: Rape, pregnancy, excessive amounts of cum, pedophilia, vore/gore, scat, watersports. Also, if you think it's comfortable to thrust against the cervix, please don't. That makes me wince really hard. Willing to talk other kinks out, but these are the general nos.

Willing to play on messengers. You can catch me at xnocturnalelegy@gmail.com. Once you hit me up there, I can give you my skype or my hangouts, if you wanna chat there.
19 February 2017 @ 09:34 pm
Name: Jenica
Platform: Email - malodytyme@aol.com
Post length: 1000ish for intros, 200-600 words after that.  (That's what you can expect from me.  I don't care what your averages are as long as I can reply to them.)

Love to roleplay but hate when it dies in the planning stage?  Me too.

What you do:
Seriously, just send me an intro.  If you want to in OOC, you can give me notes if there's a specific plot or AU you want.  For instance, you can send:  High school AU, party at Character A's house, or some shit like that.  Medieval AU, King/Knight, omegaverse.  Whatever floats your boat.  And I'll have a slight idea of what's going on.  You don't have to send me any info at all!  We'll do it live!

I am mainly looking for:

Sterek (Teen Wolf)
I will play either Derek or Stiles, but I have a slight preference for Derek.
(I will not play Derek or Stiles against an OC, obviously.)
NO: mpreg, vampire!Stiles, fem!Stiles, high school age Derek

These are other fandoms and pairings I am interested in:
Harry Potter - Sirius/Harry, Harry/Draco
(Alternatively, I will play Sirius or Remus against an OC.  I will not play Harry or Draco against anyone but each other.)
The Hobbit - Bagginshield (I have two of these, not really looking for another one at the moment but you can ask)
Disney - ask if you want specifics

YES: doubling (just let me know who you're looking for, I welcome OCs for second pairings), ABOmegaverse (just no mpreg), your kink craving probably, power imbalances, tropes, cliches, sap, smut, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort, schmoop, whumph, one-offs, short term, long term, all AUs, crossovers, fantasy

NO:  mpreg (obviously), piss/scat play, bloodplay

If you want to send an intro for an Original story line, please include pairing dynamic (m//, m/f, f//, or something else)
and a very brief explanation of the setting you want.  Keep in mind that stuff up there that I like.  I'm more likely to respond to an original intro if there is fantasy involved.  I like to play werewolves. 
19 February 2017 @ 06:51 pm
Hello fellow roleplayers. I have been around here off an on over the years and I'm here with a fresh, smut-centric partner search. Now, as I'm seeking taboo, and dark, adult themes, I will leave much to our collaborations.

About me: I'm an older person that's been writing a long time. I write roleplays in 3rd person, paragraph style, story format. I also only play by email.

About you: over 18 years old and preferably with a submissive heart <3

I'm looking for characters to play with my Dominant/Master/Sadist types of characters. Mostly smut, I do like some plotting, and I have no limits. The more depraved, taboo and dark you make your submissive offerings the better. I respect my partners limits as with anything bdsm related, however I'm hoping to find a co-writer or two as dark and twisted as I am.

I always play the top/Dominant/Master; I'm open to most all gender pairings otherwise.

Introduce yourself and give me an idea of what you'd like to get into. I'm open to a few AU's of fandoms, but mainly looking for smut focused originals. You can find me at darkeschaton@gmail.com
19 February 2017 @ 08:07 pm
yo! i'll try to keep this simple and to the point, so if you find yourself left with questions afterwards, just send any possible inquiries my way.

about me:
- eighteen-year-old female, turning nineteen in the coming months.
- the name's Jay.
- i write in third person, past tense.
- i write in multi-paragraph format, with my tags often in the realm of being 300-500 words long; can write more or less.
- very open to OOC chat, as i enjoy knowing my partners beyond roleplaying.
- kind of a dork who enjoys things such as biology, humor, and video games.

what i'm looking for:
- ok, firstly i feel like i should address that i do have a grasp on grammar and the english language, but i am highly relaxed outside of roleplaying.
- hence, my grammar is more relaxed outside of such.
- looking for original m/m.
- would enjoy laid-back, friendly partners.
- not a fan of uke/seme dynamics or anime-inspired characters, sorry.
- interested in slice of life, supernatural, modern, fantasy or a mix of these!
- a (possibly eventual) incorporation of smut but not an rp that's purely based on sex.
- email rp.

additional information:
- welcoming of both inhuman and human characters of all sorts.
- comfortable and open to dark themes, drugs, swearing, possible offensive language.
- comfortable with face-claims or text-based descriptions.
- i can double!
- my only real limits are more of the extreme/taboo stuff; feel free to ask if you would like more details on this.
- regarding fantasy, i am most familiar with universes similar to the ones in skyrim and dragon age.
- i am ditch-friendly.
- i cannot always guarantee daily responses but will do my best to keep you informed of my schedule and current going-ons.

ending notes:
i would like to emphasize that i am someone who quite enjoys meeting others with similar interests as myself, and that I enjoy being able to share/explore our characters together. i like simple chatting on the side, and if you are someone who is opposed to OOC talk, i don't believe we will mesh well. i wouldn't want to end up becoming an annoyance to you either, and i am more of an open book myself.

so! if you contact me and would be interested in maybe working something out, please include a few facts about yourself whether it be your favorite color, some shows you like -- just whatever! doesn't have to be anything specific. if i've piqued your interest, you can reach me at ajaybirdsings@aol.com. thanks for reading!
Hi there! I'm an 18+ roleplayer who's been falling in love with pairings that range from having lukewarm popularity to being laughably obscure for about a decade now, and I’m hoping to find some partners (18+ only as well, please!) who might share an interest in one or two of ‘em ! Please, don’t be shy in contacting me, even if some of our preferences are a little different; I’m pretty desperate for these boys, so I’m willing to compromise and I'd be happy to figure something out with you. :>

Underlined- my preferred character to play
All Out!! (if you rp all out!! w/ me I will love you for the next thousand years ahhh!!) - Ebumi/Gion, Sekizan/Gion, Ebumi/Hana, Hirota/(anybody tbh, I just want this marshmallow to get some love! ;0; Also, I didn’t add it to the kinks list because in general it’s not my thing, but if anybody out there might be interested in an eating/stuffing kink type roleplay with Hirota, I’d like to try it!)
Blue Exorcist - Rin/Bon
Boku no Hero Academia - Kirishima/Bakugou
Inuyasha - Kouga/Inuyasha
Haikyuu!! (I have a freaking t o n of haikyuu pairings, I'd def like if you were interested in one of these, but I have DOZENS of others we could choose from too!) - Kyoutani/Terushima, Iwaizumi/Kyoutani
Naruto - Kiba/Naruto

Spicy details below the cut~Collapse )
20 February 2017 @ 01:39 am
I am a British Gentleman
I am 22 years old

I'm looking to doing a dragon ball themed RP. A few things:
This RP will be OC based, as I am horrible at role playing cannon characters.
I am open to plot ideas. But, I do have a few plot ideas of my own, and look forward to discussing them and forming an RP from them.
I would like the RP to be in 3rd person, and each post to be over 100 words each at the minimum.

If you are interested
email: demonofluck@gmail.com

Thank you. :)