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Dragon age RP

Okay so, this forum got me plenty replies last time (Hi everyone btw) So thank ya'll for that! Even if our rp didn't launch I appreciate the replies!

Right now, I am stuck in a horrible obsession over dragon age (late to the party much I know!). I've been playing Inquisition, just started Dragon age 2 and read like two of the novels... Still I'm thirsty for more! I'm just in love with the universe and the characters, SOOOOOOO I was hoping to get into a Dragon age rp with someone.

Most important points:
- I only play Oc's cause I get very anxious over playing canon characters. My partner can play either canon or Oc. Both is lovely!
- I like action heavy rp's with lots of angst and tragedy, adventure, fights. I'm all for it!
- I don't do smut. If a sex scene comes up I'd like to fade to black. I'm 100% in for romance though!
- I'd love to chat a little Ooc. I'm okay to keeping it to a minimum but I like talking about headcanons and reacting to the rp! I'd be great to fangirl with someone over dragon age.

Less important:
- I'm totally okay with playing several characters at once. Having a complex plot oft times requires it and though I am not very used to it, I'm hella up for it. But that's all up to you.
- My replies are between 100 and 1000 words, and I like to get paragraphs back with something substantial to react to. You don't have to match my word length, as long as there is enough to reply to.
- I try to reply daily, but there might be busy periods of time in which I can't. I'll let you know though, ofc!
- Hey, fun benefit, possible art? I'm on a roll with drawing dragon age characters. Check out (one of) my blog(s)!

You can contact me on:
or on the blog, whatever :'D
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