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16 February 2017 @ 03:15 pm
Dragon Ball craving  
Howdy people of the internets.
I'm craving a dragon ball RP. A little AU. But, before I get into the details of this
Looking for someone who'll write in the 3rd person
Fluid length, 100-500 words
Willing to do it on email
To be moderate in the abilities they gives characters

More information about the AU:
It's based in a world in which the Red Ribborn Army won, so the world is under their control. So this world is a fight between the RR army and their androids, vs a resistence force comprised of soldiers and stronger humans. Maybe a few aliens in the mix as well, depending on characters wanting to be played. It'll mostly be OC based.

If you're interested, please contact this email: demonofluck@gmail.com