25 April 2015 @ 03:15 am

I'm currently looking for someone to roleplay a dark, mature-themed plot with me. I have quite a few ideas for this, such as a med student who is forced to work for a mad scientist after he saves her life; a serial killer taking a young woman under his wing after she accidentally murders someone in self defense; a human who accidentally summons a demon and then proceeds to get into all sorts of trouble with said demon; a young woman who sells her soul for the power to find her missing sister; and a post-apocolyptic story in which angels are the bad guys, and demons are the good guys.

Of course, we don't have to do any of those. We can always brain-storm! Or if you have plots of your own, I'd love to hear them!

Anyway, if this sounds like your sort of thing, then read on!

| The Particulars |

*Please have decent grammar and spelling. I'm not someone to obsess over these things, but repeated mistakes are distracting.
*No one-liners! I'm not looking for a novel, but a one-liner gives me nothing to work with.
*Be friendly and willing to throw out ideas!
*As the title implies, I need you to be okay with mature themes, such as cursing, violence, smut, etc.
*On that note, please be at least 18!
*I've been roleplaying for years, and my style tends to include doubling by default. This isn't a requirement, but it would be great if you were on board with this!
*I only do m/f pairings. That's just what I'm comfortable with.
*Email or Skype based RPs are both fine.
*Please be able to respond at least once a day. I'll understand if you can't get around to it every so often, but I need frequent replies to keep the creative juices flowing, or else I start to lose interest.

| Contact |

(if you are hoping for a Skype RP, email me first and I'll give you my username!)

I look forward to hearing from you! :)
25 April 2015 @ 12:49 am
this is a pretty basic search. if you're keen on writing joel and you're 18+ and don't mind messaging me over lj to discuss things further then please do so.

thank you~ <3
24 April 2015 @ 05:50 pm
Name: Call me Sid ^-^
LJ: This one!
Email: sylphmugen@live.com (please be sure to contact me here! this is how i'll reply the fastest, and email is also my preferred method of RP.)
MSN/AIM/YIM: i don't use these at the moment, sorry D:
Timezone: Central

What you RP: I've RPed lots of things! Lots of anime and the sort, some include Naruto, Death Note, Inuyasha, Black Butler, Pokemon, Zelda, FMA... also some real life RP with celebrities and such. My current craving is DAI!

Characters you RP: I will RP as anyone that you want me to. It doesn't matter who, I always try my best to portray anyone and everyone! I have RPed plenty of males including Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki, Kabuto, Orochimaru, Minato Uzumaki, Gaara, Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Sebastian Michaelis, Edward Elric, Al Elric, Sheik from Zelda, L, Light Yagami... I can hardly remember any females I've played though I do think I once played as Hinata from Naruto. As I said, I'll play as anyone, I'll probably just need some time to research depending on who it is. I do typically also always play as an OC, typically female though I have done some M/M. I'm open to anything.

Characters you’re looking to interact with: I am very much wanting to interact with Solas</b>!

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: The storyline i'm not 100% clear on, however it would likely be similar to the storylines in DAI with a personal twist of some sort. I haven't finished the game yet but I am very hooked, and have already spoiled plenty of things so don't be afraid to explain anything to me, haha.

Do you smut?: Yes! I prefer it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Do remember to try to contact me at sylphmugen@live.com, my RP style is usually OC/Canon, paragraph form and third person. I'll write anywhere between 1 and 7 paragraphs depending on the situation and am pretty detailed since I do write often and read, I also reply frequently usually, though it is a bit random. I'll do anything from replying several times a day, a few days a week or it may be a week spread apart, typically sooner however if I'm interested enough haha... I don't mind doing Canon/Canon or OC/OC. Usually I will find a partner, and I will play for example, Varric paired with their OC and in another scene Solas and my OC. Side characters I also don't mind and encourage as it makes for a more interesting story. If anyone has any questions or wants to set something up email me. :) Oh, and don't email me if you know you can't commit to an RP!
24 April 2015 @ 03:47 pm
I'm keeping this brief because it's rude to make people scroll down pages to get past something they're clearly not interested in.
If you think we MIGHT have shared interests, please drop me a note. Thanks.

If you'd rather email me directly, you can reach me at dnt_x-lj@yahoo.com
24 April 2015 @ 11:01 pm
Name: Anna
LJ: This one :)
Email: GreenTeaxChocolate(@)gmail.com (Best way to contact me)
AIM/ Skype: Just ask:)
Timezone: GMT+1


I’m looking for people that are 20 (I'm 24) or older to rp with. I highly prefer M/M pairings right now and rp over AIM,email,Gdocs and maaaybe Skype.

What I RP?
Really just looking for a Marvel, FMA, BBC Musketeers or Original plots right now.

For Original rp's I prefer the following genres: fantasy, anything dragonrider(ish), steampunk, pirates, sci-fi, mafia, historical settings. For historical settings I am really craving something set in ancient Rome or the Victorian area.
*I don’t do any kind of school setting.

Characters I write as:
FMA: Edward, Envy, Scar and Riza.
BBC Musketeers: Athos, Porthos, Aramis, D'Artagnan, Constance and Treville.
Marvel: Steve, Bucky, Clint, Bruce, Warren, Pietro and Daken.
Original characters: Mainly male oc’s. I like a bit of a rough, strong guy that’s still a flirt.

Characters I am looking to interact with:
Anyone and everyone! Feel free to make suggestions.
*canonxcanon pairings are preferred in fandom settings.
*Not looking for ‘anime ukes’ or overly submissive characters.
*I don’t write against underage characters simply because it makes me uncomfortable.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
Rping should be a fun way to pass time, if you can't post for a day or two, no problem! If the rp just doesn’t work for you, not a problem! Just be friendly and not afraid to discuss ideas.

Do you smut?:
Yes but only with plot. My limits are: toiletplay, mpreg, underage characters, bestiality and drug abuse.

That's all for now~
24 April 2015 @ 09:53 pm
This is just a quick one, but it's been a while and I'm really desperately looking for a Steve Rogers to play against my Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. I love the Marvel Cinematic Universe to pieces, and there's a few other muses from there I play, but I used to have a great Steve player who I lost to lack of time.

I only RP via email and gdocs, and while Stucky gives me life, I'm not much one for writing out smut. If these criteria are cool with you, please contact me at:

My email: bastloki@gmail.com

My AIM: mousewolfapple

Or My Skype: lilacsofthedead (Please please please tell me where you found my handle in your contacting note. I've had such issues with spambots that I no long add people automatically.)

Hope someone's out there!
23 April 2015 @ 11:40 pm
Name: Tabitha
LJ: this
Email: addxcted@gmail.com
MSN/AIM/YIM: Addxcted (AIM)
Timezone: CST (U.S.)

What you RP: See tags! But I am mainly seeking play from 'Orange Is The New Black'.
Characters you RP: Alex Vause but I could be tempted in the direction of Piper if a really spectacular player came along.
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Piper Chapman, Nicky Nichols

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: Typically, I'm looking for a long term partner that likes romantic (yes, I realize I play mostly FxF pairings) stories that doesn't necessarily mean smut. Smut can happen, but it should not be the focus of the story.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I post paragraph form and prefer a partner who will be able to play over a messanger of some sort. I'm generally too impatient for e-mail or journal play. Hit me up.
23 April 2015 @ 05:33 pm
Twisted Island

The playground of the forgotten goddess.

Toto, this doesn't quite seem like Kansas anymore. The island is far from the world you remember. This isn't your home, this isn't even Earth from as far as you can tell. But why? How did you get here? It seems the whims of an unknown and forgotten goddess has decided to make you her plaything, dragging you from your world and timeline and placing you on an inescapable island. Welcome to Twisted Island, where anything can happen and it usually does.

The island changes with the mood of the goddess. It’s her playground and you are one of the very many toys in it. But you’re not alone. There are others stuck on the island just like you and if you’re lucky the goddess didn't just steal you away, but friends and family you know as well. Best idea though? Make friends, powerful friends. Make sure there are people to watch your back because when the island starts to change, you're going to need every little bit of help you can get.

Will you survive, or will you give up and break under the pressure? Apply and become one of the many playthings that the goddess loves to toy with on Twisted Island. Only canon characters are allowed. The game will start May 10, 2015. Go check out the Wanted Characters or Holds page and get your application in!

Game will start on May 10th. APPLY TODAY.

twistedlandmods | twistedlandrp | twistedlandooc
Premise | Rules | F.A.Q. | Holds & PBs | Wanted | Character List | Application
Player Contact | Player Status | Dropbox | Friends Button | Calendar
In Game Information | Timeline Recap | Code Page | Tags
Hello!  I'm looking for some fun, mostly romance related pairing roleplay, and moreover a partner that I can click with to the point that we can both make each other quite happy.  After all, what's a partnership without both parties getting something that they really want?  Not that I can guarantee that I'll have what you're looking for, but this ad should at the very least give you an idea of what I like.

As far as who I am, I'm a male in the Eastern time zone, and I play almost exclusively male characters.  I mostly play as top characters (even moreso when it's our first time talking), but there are times when, for the right partner or character, I can switch it up, though it might not happen right off the bat.  I'm a dominant, although that particular preference of mine is more fluid than my top or bottom preference - sometimes I like not being in control, per se.

Male x male - I'm cool with an original male on male pairing although it might be tough to come up with something novel or non-cliche.  By all means, feel free to suggest whatever you want.  Some good hooks for such a pairing might be magic or something historical.  I can do human on furry stuff, too.  In distinct contrast to the second category, any ftm or trans scenes would apply here.

Male x female - Original male on female pairings don't usually pique my interest unless they have a queer aspect to them.  I've always been into girls attracted to guys in love.  Female to male crossdressing, crossplaying, reverse traps, tomboys, etc.

Canon settings and characters - There are certain pairings that I'm into, Ed and Al from FMA, Trowa and Quatre from Gundam Wing, that I just straight up adore and will always be up for.  There are some shows that I don't have set pairings for and may do canon characters or original characters in the setting, depending on the pairing, and will be open to trying playing a canon character for you and vice versa (Kuroshitsuji, Sonic).  There are fandom settings that are really neat for original characters (Gundam in general, if you like a scene with two original male pilots, for example).  Any shows I'm at least marginally interested in are in tags, and of course, don't hesitate to ask if there's something else you'd want to try.

With that in mind, if there are any male canon characters that you've been jonesing to interact with romance-wise, and I know them enough to roleplay them at least decently, and if you're willing to be a canon character of my choice back, I would love to try and help!

What I expect -

Literacy is a big deal to me, and usually it's a dealbreaker if you're not up for using apostrophes and capital letters correctly unless something else catches me about your style.  Almost bigger (nay, bigger!) than literacy is just really digging each others' styles and enjoying the roleplay itself - what's the point of roleplaying if you're not having fun, be it me or you?  I don't have any sort of post length requirement - although I'm serious about literacy, I consider it irrelevant to getting your point across.  And although I don't expect to mesh well roleplay wise with many that may contact me from the ad, I consider myself at least laid back enough to chat and talk about whatever's up - be it what you've been trying hard to find in a roleplay partner (even if it's not me) or how your life's going.  I've been roleplaying so damn long sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and talk about stuff that isn't roleplay.  I do appreciate and prefer quick back and forth posts, but I'm not gonna hound you if you don't respond - real life is real life, roleplay isn't your job, and I sure as hell ain't the best roleplayer for everyone.

As far as perspective goes, I'll admit I end up going first person quite a lot.  I can do third person, especially at the beginning of roleplays but I tend to go back to first person eventually.  You can use whatever perspective you'd like, but keep that in mind in case third person is an absolute must for you.  I use script a lot, too, which also isn't the best, though you may have an easier time convincing me to go to novel style.

Whatever roleplay we end up doing, keep in mind that smut, sexual themes, and kinks are a very important part of what I'm looking for and therefore I expect not fading to black.  I require my partners to be at least 18.  No exceptions.

Where to find me -

I do not use kik, skype, or emails (although gmail is acceptable, it's not really optimal).  Messengers are by far the best place to reach me.

AIM - fivemonthsoff
Yahoo - wintacular
Google hangouts - PM me for it and I'll send it to you.

Hopefully I can give you something you're looking for, and good luck regardless.
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