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02 December 2015 @ 01:29 am
Name: Molly
LJ: This one, not used to rp over.
Email: cygnuscoperal@gmail.com
Skype: cygnuscoperal
Aim: ask me :)

Hi! Allow me to introduce myself. I'm a Chai loving, twenty-five year old, shoe collecting cat enthusiast that also loves to roleplay. My aim is to find some longterm partners with the same interests.

Now for what I'm interested in. I'm looking for m/m original storylines where romance is part of but not the only thing that drives the plot. I like fleshing out a world for our characters to interact in. Because of this I highly encourage my partners to write multiple ( even female) characters. I like well written drama, plot twists, assholes, unlikely allies and even some bro-Nance. My own characters sexuality will always be secondary to their personality.

Please be 20 or older when you contact me. Strictly for my own comfort, not because I doubt your ability to write when younger.

-Space colonies
- Hired guns
- Rebels
- Maybe aliens
- Space pirates

Modern (no pure slice of life)
- Bands
- Security or bodyguards
- Military
- Spies
- Organised Crime

- high fantasy
- Urban Fantasy

Steam punk
-Corrupt government
- Hired guns
- mutants

Feel free to make suggestions!

Written it before and will write it again. I like there to be a build up to the smut, have it make sense within the plot.

The usual nopes I believe. Toiletplay, scat, underage characters ( no characters under 18) or beastiality.

Feel free to send me a pm here, shoot me an email or poke me on skype.

01 December 2015 @ 07:16 pm
Name: Mel
Age: 21
Email: trixyvixens@yahoo.com

18+ ONLY

Right off the bat, here's a little about what I'm looking for. I tend to play female characters, and I only do female/male pairings. I don't care if you're a girl that plays a male character; that's fine. I'm also looking for someone who will try to reply at least once everyday. If we're roleplaying through email, I will expect a few well written paragraphs. If we decide to roleplay on yahoo messenger, just a paragraph or two is enough. I'm also looking for someone detailed, and with English as their primary language. I'm not an ace with grammar, but nothing is more irritating than jumbled up garbage for sentences. And be warned, this roleplay will involve a lot of violence.

I AM LOOKING FOR SMUT IN THIS ROLEPLAY. There are plenty of little rules that come along with that, so read on if you're still interested and you will find out.

Da Rules
-Detailed character profiles are important. I only ever use OC's. I develope a new OC for every roleplay, and with each new OC comes a short backstory. Backstories aren't usually shared unless asked, but it helps me keep my character going straight the entire roleplay instead of veering off to something different. This also means physical traits, noticeable quirks, etc. have to be thought about.
-DO NOT POWERPLAY. This means, never assume what my character is thinking, feeling, or doing. I won't ever say what your character is doing, unless its to explain why my character has done something you already did.
-Do not overpower your character. For example, unnatural abilities/weapons. It's excruciatingly irritating.
-Do not mix OOC with IC. If you want to chat OOC that's fine, but separate emails are required for IC and OOC.
-Do not lorebreak. If you are a certain type of creature, you have to stay within the traditional bounds of that creature. For example, vampires traditionally burn up in sunlight. Not sparkle.
-Smut Rules: I enjoy detailed smut. A quick one, two will quickly find you without a response. I don't fade to black either. I'm not opposed to much, so I will list my few limits. No vore, gore, beastiality, rape without OOC discussion, "potty play", vomit, extreme domination without OOC discussion, or snuff.

If you have still not been deterred by "Da Rules", then please read on for my idea. Or craving. However you would like to think of it.

I have't had a good vampire roleplay in a very long time. I was thinking of something modern, or even futuristic. Or, something loosely based off the modern world but with a steam-punk/Victorian spin on it.

I'm thinking of a world that used to belong to vampires, and that humans for obvious reasons almost destroyed the race completely. Now, in this world, vampires have spent hundreds of years hiding and growing their numbers with plans to take their world back from humans. So you have your traditional vampire hunters, vampire covens/houses/dens(whatever you call them), and the traditional bad-ass fighting scenes that come with them.

There is more to explain and discuss, and ideas to throw back and forth. So if you're still interested in talking about the roleplay and giving me ideas of yours to splash in some pzazz and color, send me an email. Happy hunting.

P.S. If you think you would like to roleplay, but have a different story in mind, don't be shy to share :)
30 November 2015 @ 07:20 pm
Hello, I stalk this place often. The few times I've posted it felt like people just saw free noncon which wasn't what I was aiming for. So here I go again -

Online name: Myuu
RP form: rpladymyuu@gmail.com

I am actually looking for a specific itch, it doesn't mean I'm not open to other ideas... but this is the one I'd like to try. Let me explain a few things -

I am looking for adults (18+) to play in a highly SMUTTY but still has plot and tons of Drama, this person needs to be willing and okay with taboo and dark situations such as noncon, R, light torture, multiple characters in sad situations. Just general darky stuff. Also, the only things I don't do is childred (16 and under), any sort of toilet play.

I am not looking for complete domination, or my characters to be unable to move/talk. I don't want rag dolls. I want things to happen, I want chances for all the characters to resist and fight and talk it out. I am not looking to jump right into the smut, but it can come quickly if wanted.

So now if you've survived reading that.. what am I after?

I am after an ancient Arabia themed (doesn't have to take place in a real time period, fantasy it up!) setting where a wealthy lord/sultan/Caliph decides he wants a unique harem. This harem will be collected with different types of women (or men if you want to do a ..bi-harem? But there has to be women too, not looking for just m/m at all). These women will come with different back stories, and range from loving their life to fighting it all the way.

The girls may come with unique abilities also, especially if fantasy setting, and be different races such as elf, fae, half things... Different shapes and sizes and different stories.

So now that we know the very bare bone set up:

What you play: The Leading man (and any other characters) -You are a lord/Sultan/Caliph. Personality however you like and build also. Though I prefer big size difference its okay. He doesn't have to be human, (Orc, werewolf, half demon ect) I would like your character to at least be dominant and knows what he wants and will do what he wants to an extent. Up to you to how you play that out.

You are welcome to play and add any sort of characters seen fit.

I play: Leading ladies. I star a small cast at first, or if you want to hand pick and go one at a time we can also do that. I play to what the other wants mostly, but my characters will have have goals and dreams of their own... even if it means they are horny sex kittens :P

Anyway, please message me if you are serious about playing out a smutty plot with multiple characters!
30 November 2015 @ 08:13 pm
Hello! I'm Dakota, an 18 year old female, and I'm looking for some new partners.

For starters, I only role play over email. I don't do fandoms or animals, but most other things are game. Right now I'm particularly interested in something crime based, slice of life, or Victorian vampires, but feel free to suggest other things! I'm not particularly interested in medieval fantasy or sci-fi, but go ahead and try me!

I role play characters of all genders and sexualities. I will do smut, but only if you're at least 18 and it's not the focus of the role play. It's definitely not a requirement, and I will role play with people under 18, just no smut.

I like drama and angst, but that doesn't mean there won't be cute or fluffy moments. Balance.

If you contact me (which I hope you do!) please let me know what you're interested in, even if it's just a vague idea or there's a character you've been dying to use. We can come up with something!

I like to write. You don't have to give me novel length posts, but something to work with please. I can usually send out 3-4 paragraphs minimum, and intros will be longer.

My email is inprimarycolors@gmail.com. If you have any questions or are interested, drop me a line there! c:
30 November 2015 @ 12:14 pm
LJ: This one. Feel free to send me a message, but I don't RP on here.
AIM Screen Name: Crash.Bang
Skype: marvel.rper
Email: crash.bang@aim.com

Listen, I'm not a terrible person, but right off the bat, you more then likely won't like me very much. If you love to RP and take it seriously, then read on.

If you say you're capable of posting at least once a day then I'll pay you back with the same amount of participation. Life issues and busy schedules or disinterest are not things I'm interested in dealing with. I'm a busy person; I've just started my own business from home and I'm not interested in motivating/begging someone to write with me.

Yes, I'd like to be your friend. Yes, I'd like to get to know you. Yes, you can vent if you need to... but I'm not going to be terribly happy if your real world problems constantly create issues for your RPing. I am your RP friend. I'm friends with you because we RP. It's as simple as that.

Busy with work? I get it! Family related issues? Trust me, no one understands more than I do. You have a headache? ...No, sorry. I live, work, and write with severe headaches and stomach problems on a regular basis. You're depressed? Yep, so am I. Every therapist I've ever been to suggests writing as an outlet.

So you see, I'm not into excuses, and if you have a laundry list of them, I'm SUPER not interested.

Now that I've made myself feel like a sufficient bitch and scared off the people who probably are not going to take this seriously, here are the things you should know.

I'm in my late twenties and I'm in EST. I'd say that if you live outside of the North America or the UK, and if English isn't your primary language then I'm probably not interested. I do enjoy talking OOC in AIM or Skype and RPing via email or google docs. If you can write fast and you have some time to dedicate, I wouldn't even mind RPing in IM. But, I don't use LJ for RPing, however feel free to send me a message here.

My posts can range from 450 words to over a 1000 in para/novella. I don't exactly expect that kind of effort from my partner, but if you're able to produce a couple paragraphs of plot driven writing, I would be over the moon

I've been writing for about 15 years. I'm not an expert, but I'm looking for someone who is sufficiently literate. I'm not talking about flawless grammar, but I do expect for you to string together a decent sentence.

I don't typically write a tonne of smut, but I'm comfortable with it. That being said, I don't set my plot around smut. I have plenty of decent story ideas, and I'm sure if I get a decent response to this ad than I will probably list them all in some kind of website.

I don't do slash. I can't not reiterate this enough... I'm down to play the male character, but I won't slash, so please don't ask. If you want me to play a male character then you're going to play one for me.

I'm pretty strictly a fandom RPer, however... if you decide you like my style and you want to develop something original with me, then send me a message and let me know what kind of ideas you have. But, leave your other specific headcanons at the door. If you RP with anyone else, I'm not really interested in including that headcanon in our RP. Stuff specific to the character is fine, but outside relationships and occurances are not.

I'm no nonsense. I'm friendly, and I'm happy to make everyone's acquaintance, but I'm here to RP. I'll post anywhere from 1 - 5 times a day as a break from work. Those who are up for posting 1 - 3 times a week (or less) need not apply.

Considering the fandoms I'm into, doubling is pretty much a must. If you're interested in playing your OC and only your OC, then it's probably not worth your time to contact me. I'll drop you like 9th grade French class.

TL;DR: I'm looking for someone who's going to take things seriously. 18+ and Novella Style. If you have examples of your writing, I'd love to see them.


***MCU - I've been developing a plot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe for YEARS and I'm looking for someone who's comfortable with playing multiple characters and who's comfortable playing against an OC. I don't develop mary-sue-esque characters, nor do I write one off plots. If you're interested in doing this, it's long-term or it's nothing at all. The canon characters I play include Tony Stark, Thor, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanoff, Maria Hill, Odin, and some others. If you're down, I'll need you to be able to fill in the gaps. I do have a plot for this, and it's not immediately immersive with all the characters playing at once. This is my biggest craving right now (I don't pull in a tonne of mythology stuff into the Asgardians, so heads up on that).

**Jessica Jones - As you can more than likely tell, I have a pretty sharp attitude. I wouldn't mind playing a bit of Jessica Jones and potentially some other characters from the series. It's still so fresh in my mind, so I don't really have any plot ideas yet. However, if you enjoy the show, hit me up. We might be able to figure something out.

**Sherlock - I have a couple plot ideas for this. I have an OC for this as well, but I also play John Watson and would be looking for someone to play Sherlock. Please note once again that I don't write slash. Outlining again here for various Johnlockians who might be into that.

*Doctor Who - Don't have any plot ideas, but I'm interested in developing some who are looking to play the 10th Doctor to my Rose Tyler. I've watched this arch several times and played quite a bit too. I'm very comfortable with her character.

Star Trek CU - I play multiple different characters including Kirk, Scotty, Uhura, and others. I can play from the television universe as well, if that's something you're more interested in. I have a couple plot ideas for this as well that would require some OCs playing supporting roles as aliens from other worlds.

Other Fandoms that I've never RPed, but could be persuaded to:

  • Batman (mostly JokerXHarley stuff if anything)

  • Daredevil (Netflix Original. I haven't read many of the comics)

  • Game of Thrones (If you have an idea for this, you'll really have to rock my socks off before I agree)

  • Star Wars

  • Rurouni Kenshin

So that's pretty much it. If you're interested (which I'm sure very few are at this point), you can leave a message for me on here, but if we're to communicate further I'll need at least an email address or an AIM SN from you (or whatever other messenger you use).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - HELLO FRIENDS!
yo, i'm rusalka, your typical nerd-ass trash.jpg
thank you for taking the time to look at my search thread. i appreciate it and i appreciate youuu. also, all this lowercase and texttalk is just me casually typing. sorry not sorry ;w;

i’m 23 and a writing enthusiast seeking to be your main roleplaying squeeze. full-time uni student (shout-out to my people; i see ya’ll on here, fighting the good fight in the name of higher education) and part-time queen of the trash pile. i've been roleplaying for a while. it’s been…ten years? eleven? since crawling back from a lengthy hiatus, i’ve been itching to drown myself in fandom roleplays (i’m only looking for fandoms right now). so bring itttt. i have a ghastly amount of time on my hands. mostly b/c i ignore all the stuff i have to do. (pls help me continue the tradition of being a filthy procrastinator.)

my ideal writing partner is someone who loves plotting and brainstorming as much as i do. someone who won’t vanish at the drop of a hat and pop back at random. in essence, i’m looking for creativity and consistency. and, ideally, i'd like some long-term roleplays. but, as with all roleplayers out there, i have rules and wishes and whatnot. (listen friend, listen. i know. i know there’s a bunch to read but i'd like to avoid as many misunderstandings as i can, ya know?) onwards!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TERMS & CONDITIONS
mxf and f// pairings are my faves (i play both males & females, btw). doubling? heeeeell yeah, sounds like a fun time to me. canon/oc is insta-yes. i'll be the canon to your oc anytime. i don't care who it is, even if they’re obscure/don’t appear a lot, i will play them for you. (if you play a canon for me, in return.) so, just tell me who you want me to play and i'll be all for it. btw, multiple characters and pairings is my shit. & i’m cool if a roleplay starts with a pair already being involved (as long as there’s backstory). i think it can be cute; fight me.

let me start off by sayin i’m interested in something long term! i’m available for chatting and roleplaying more or less every day of the week, assuming i don't have any unusual assignments or other obligations. (i have like 5% life so i'm on the internet a lot.) so, i’d love it if you were active, too! post once a day or two? sometimes twice a day? i’m an adept writer, and i’ll mirror the amount i’m given, be it 200 words or 2000. so, for length, just write however much feels natural. that said, i can be fussy over quality & good characterization. oh, and i write in 3rd person, past tense.

here’s the thing: i love both my oc and the canon my buddy asks me to play. as a result, i think it’s super to write equal/more for that canon as compared to my own oc. ‘cause then they reciprocate and everyone's happy, ya know? so if you’re one of those golden people who write more for their partner’s side than their own, i will fuckin’ lavish you with attention. i will reciprocate the eff outta that.

i really hope this goes without saying, but i don’t roleplay with minors. so, if you’re under 18, go play with legos or something. (sorry not sorry.) i’m comfortable with most topics: sex, swearing, violence, w/e. lemme know what your limits are and where you draw the line. the only real restrictions i have are that i won't roleplay out pedophilia, bestiality, or noncon. but if something else you bring up weirds me out, i’ll tell you.

sometimes things just don't work out. and that’s ok, it happens! i'll let you know if i'm no longer interested. that said, i’ll never leave a roleplay without a word or an attempt to fix things. i get that shit happens or that people suddenly aren't interested anymore, but a heads up isn’t too much to ask for! ain’t nobody wanna deal with senseless waiting. ain’t nobody got time for that.

my goal is to find some steady roleplaying buddies: plot with me, share character headcanons, tell me about your day, etc. i love love love talking to my partners and i will make time for chatting and roleplaying with you. you want to implement an idea? cool, let's talk about it! i’m eager to roleplay a variety of characters and ships, so toss any plots/scenarios you may have at me. i’d love for us to fangirl over our characters, pairings, and plot together. ;u; oh! and, if we get along and share multiple fandoms, i’d be up for multiple plots. cause, ya know, if we click, then why not roleplay all the things?

best way to contact me is by email at sleepyrusalka@gmail.com but there’s also skype at sleepy-rusalka. i only rp over email, tho. so, go send me a message & pls feel free to ask me anything. meanwhile i'll be lurking around in a totally super not weird way. totally. *wink wonk*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - FANDOMS
please contact me for any fandom listed below, even if it’s not under ‘current cravings’. i’m up for anything, i really am. i'm au-friendly, too.

“who plays whom”: me x you

hans x oc
anyone x oc

elder arthur maxson or paladin danse x oc
literally anyone x oc

asher millstone or wes gibbins x oc
literally anyone x oc

josh washington x oc
literally anyone your little heart desires x oc

avengers; criminal minds; divergent; dragon age (origins/awakening/2/inquisition); the elder scrolls; game of thrones; harry potter; the hobbit; homestuck; the hunger games; life is strange; lord of the rings; mad max: fury road; mass effect; rise of the guardians; skyrim; the walking dead

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BYE FRIENDS!
30 November 2015 @ 02:09 am
Name: Kris
LJ: godinthesnow
Email: godinthesnow@gmail.com
Timezone: EST

What you RP: Fruits Basket
Characters you RP: Akito (anime or manga), next gen Dog, Dragon, Cat, or Monkey
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Shigure, next gen God, any animals of your choice

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I would give most of my limbs for an AkitoShigure line, honestly. Something pre-series could be fun for them, or even Akito adjusting to life without the curse. Really, I would just love to explore their relationship and how awful they rather were to one another after the whole thing woth Ren. Wouldnt be opposed to including Kureno in the line at all, or some other animals!
Alternatively, something next generation, with us splitting the characters up as we please. The only thing I would ask for this is the ability to play the dog and possibly shamelessly pair them with the God character. Beyond that, I would be happy to explore possibly another outsider besides Tohru coming in and making a ruckus, or dealing more with the family itself.
Do you smut?: most definitely, any gender pairings, non-binary and anything of the sort welcome!

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I am just a really shameless Akigure shipper please give me a chance if youre at all interested, I hope to hear from you!
29 November 2015 @ 05:46 pm
Contact: Skype- AuldLux  AIM- sansarmor  YIM-vintagedarksoul  Email- sans.armour@gmail.com or-here- send me a message!
As a note, if you don't see exactly what you're looking for just ask! I'm not as bad as I seem and asking  never hurt no one! ^_~
Age: Over 25+ looking for people at least 21+

Alright so without wasting a bunch of words, here's what I am looking for in a nutshell:

  • -high fantasy (I'm really craving a medieval style sort of rp, you know, where we get a crew or pair together and go cause some high fantasy hijinks fighting terrible beasties. I will also take this setting to the Victorian era as well as modern but think more Hellboy-ish for that one)

  • -posts from 300+ words (I like long posts but they can be useless sometime. I am a-OK with smaller posts as well. Personally, my openers are about 1000+ and I write normally 400-1500 per post)

  • -lax posting schedule ( I get days where we can chat back and forth and then others where I am not able to reply for a bit. I currently have stories where we do multiple day posts with a few breaks  and others were we post about once or twice a month. AKA don't have any expectations or restrictions on this. I gotta life outside of this, ya know.)

  • -willingness to try out stories and see what sticks (it's a simple fact that the longest term writers I have been working with are either flexible to trying out storylines and going for others or are always find a way to write regardless of getting stuck. The ones that wont work are people who see characters doing something they didn't want or envision for the story and then say 'I can't write anything for x,y,z reasons.)

  • -long term writing, stories can last however (longest writer is 8 plus years story, other stories last multi-years or we go through various stories)

  • -messenger rp or a combo of email and messenger (which helps out with the above schedule, because if we catch each other on, awesome! If not, we can do offline posts and emails)

  • -a good sense of humor (because humor is awesome in a story, even if things go dark

  • -adult-themes (because these can be super funny as well. I am all go for that! Drugs, alcohol, sex, murder- all the stuff that gets tv ratings up! I can do all pairings with an assortment of crazy people, creatures, and what not but I prefer my main characters to be m/m or m/f with me playing the female. I am not adverse to f/f or playing the male but I've been burned on too many damsels in distress and it will take some convincing...which might not work. Still never hurts to ask)

  • - 21 to 25+ perefered (Why? Because I am over 25)

  • - a general sense of screw all (this is a hobby and should be be fun, making things too serious can get annoying. Also, if it does not work out, that is that. Takes two to tango, folks. One party decides not to do a story, that's it. I won't get all butt sore. You shouldn't either)

  • -OOC is NOT needed (welcomed, as it is fun to chat, but not needed. I get it. We are all different people and may or may not want to talk about life. I am chill with that. Either way, as stated above, lets have fun)

These seem a bit open? Why? Because I am. Seriously. I love being flexible and finding a good plot. Sure, I've got a few, but I would rather hear from you and form something. It is nice to make a world with a writing partner rather than doing some bland pre-made. So let's chat and find something we like!

Also, don't fear to bring me a specific. Normally I like the challenge of writing one and I am not rude. If I don't want to do the rp I will simply say "Sorry, pass but thanks for asking!" And I mean that. Thanks for putting yourself out there but I don't think I can write what you're asking. Normally, however, I say yes and give it a go! Because I love to try new scenarios and characters.

That being said, what are you waiting for? Gimme a call out and let's do this!
29 November 2015 @ 06:31 pm
Hello all. Thanks for taking the time to read my request post. I have found great writing partners here but have never actually considered making a request of my own until now. I want to thank you again for taking the time to read this!

Currently I am interested in writing love stories or romance based plots taking place in a current, modern setting. Currently my main craving is to do something with high school characters. I like the idea of doing something where one character is an athlete and the other is the child of the coach of that team. This is my main desire right now but I am always open to ideas for other ideas!

You can contact me by messaging me on AIM or YIM. My screen name on both is fwizzor.
29 November 2015 @ 11:51 pm
Hello everyone who takes the time to read my post! I'm a 24 year old female and I'm looking for a few more RP partners. My preferred way of RPing is e-mail. I'll try to reply at least once a day or every other day. My post length depends on the setting and if there's a lot of dialog but I'll usually give you something between 400-600 words. (My intros are usually longer.)

If you wish to contact me : rosannacookie@gmail.com

I'm craving some M/M original and I'm open to many plots. However I've been playing dominant characters in almost every RP I've ever had so this time I prefer to play as the submissive. So basically if you're willing to play dominant and enjoy doing it, I'll love you forever!

I do have a few pairings/plot ideas but feel free to come up with your own ideas. The last thing I wanted to ask is if you wish to quit the RP please tell me? I won't bite I promise.

Parings/ideas. (I wish to play the characters in italics.)

- Rich (spoiled) young man X homeless young man
- Young man X older man (could be a teacher, stepdad, his best friend's father or just any other man. )
- human X demon

Then there's a plot I really want to try:
My character will be the son of the richest man in town and your character will be the son of the leader of a criminal gang. The father of your character and his gang will kidnap my character and keep him in their basement. Instead of asking for ransom they need my character's father to do other things for them (like matchfixing maybe) and so my character will be in that basement for a long long time, tied to the bed. Your character who's really just forced into this life and is still very young and often abused by his father whenever he refused to do what he's been told, is in charge of bringing my character food and to keep him quiet and check on him often. Through this they develop a special bond.

I'll be looking forward to hear from you! Have a great day.