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20 February 2017 @ 08:16 pm
- Original RP only.
- Ages 16-19ish.
- Active.
- EST timezone; however, all timezones are accepted.

Hello, I'm Moo. Unfortunately, I've been having problems finding roleplay partners due to my age, and I rather not lie out of desperation, so I shall place out an ad and hope for the best.

Anyway, I've been roleplaying for 4 years; started on an old game as well as forums, but I'm not longer interested in roleplaying with masses, but rather a one on one. On that note, I'm not necessarily looking for a large handful of partners, only a few.

On with the roleplay details.
Type of partner I'm looking for:
- Active: 1+ post a day - if you know you're not going to be available for a while, have the decency to inform me, please.
- Considerate: If you don't want to roleplay with me anymore, tell, don't poof.
- Not chatty: So, I'm not really a big fan of OOC unless it's necessary. I prefer just roleplaying with small side discussions when need be.

Roleplay Details:
- All genres besides history are accepted.
- Only looking for mxf.
- Original characters only, but plots and settings from movies/shows/books are acceptable.
- No real faceclaims, but drawings (whether anime or realistic portraits) are acceptable.
- Personally, I enjoy dark themes, so if you're squishy about that, please be aware.

Posts Requirements:
- 3rd person.
- 5+ sentences.
- No text talk/reasonable grammar, spelling, & punctuation.
- No power play (unless agreed by both parties).
- Character's "speech" dialogue must be within quotations unless the characters are communicating by other means.

- Pedophilia between characters.
- Perfect characters.
- Bestiality.
- Ya know, stuff like that.

My weaknesses:
- Character development.
- Detail.

This is a list of things you must tell me, failure to do so will lower the chances of a response D8
- Name & Age.
- Timezone.
- Your roleplay weaknesses.
- Any plot ideas you have; if you don't have any, no worries, we'll come up with one together.
* I'm a huge fan of Webtoons (ap).
- Skype: bzrksteve

Hope to hear from you soon.
20 February 2017 @ 06:50 pm
Hi, my name is Coll! I’m a 29 year old lady with a full time standard 9-5 job. That said, I have some free time on my hands. I’d really love some new RPs.  =D I’m very friendly and willing to plot. I mostly roleplay video games and original plots.
A few things about me:
- I am looking for people who play in the third person and post multiple paragraphs in their responses. (Please give me at least 3 paragraphs and I'll be happy with that. Anything less and I get put out and most likely will not respond back to you out of disappointment ^^; Sorry.) I will also match my partner's response length.
- My hard limits are rape, vore, mpreg (good god no mpreg never ever mpreg), pedophilia, and a few others in between, but those are the big ones. If you ask for any of these four things, I will delete your post immediately. I don't mind rape being mentioned in a backstory, but I won't play it out. I'm not too keen on large age gaps unless we're playing a supernatural creature with a human. They need to look about the same age.
- I don't really care for unhealthy ships. I don't like cheating or abuse in relationships--that sort of stuff. I'm not about that life. - I am a slash (both mxm and fxf) roleplayer. I will not tolerate seme/uke paradigms. You will play a switch or there will be no smut. There are only certain canon ships I'll do mxf for. (like Lightning/adult!Hope or Tidus/Yuna for example.) I won't do mxf for originals.
- I will only accept roleplayers who are 21+. If I find out you're under my age limit, I'm going to delete you immediately.
- All kinks are based off of character preference, not my own. I'm also not really a kinky person. Sorry about that.
- I like canonxoc for certain canons. If I play a canon for you, I expect you to play one for me. Compromise! Some ships I will not do canonxoc for.
- I know this sounds like me being a hard ass, but I really like becoming friends with my partners and exchanging headcanons and songs!
- I roleplay through email only. No exceptions.
- I try to post every day. I really do. Sometimes, I'm just too tired to do so. ^^;;; Be patient with me.
- Once the roleplay gets off the ground, I have skype. You can ask for it--but only after intros are exchanged. Every time I've given someone my skype before we started, the roleplay never got off the ground.
- If for some reason I stop responding, I legitimately forgot. Just poke me. There are times when I'm at work and look at an email and forget to respond to it later because i thought I did.
Well, if I haven't scared you off, you can check out the rest!

Puella Magi Madoka Magica. I can play Kyoko, Homura, and Mami. I can also do originals in the PMMM setting, gender bends, or Puer Magi. (Magical Boys.) Seriously, my kingdom for a PMMM roleplay. I’m also not opposed to mixing canons and originals!

Original. Hit me up. Anything is good. If you want a something with a lot of smut, just let me know up front. I'm pretty flexible. I like steampunk, horror, creepypasta, victorian era, medieval/fantasy, modern/fantasy, would like to try cyber punk even? Never played it, though. I'll give anything a shot and I'm sure I have a character for it or at the very least, can make one. It must have fantasy, by the way. I’m also a big fan of supernatural beingxhuman, or two different races mingling with each others. The only thing I'll outright say no to is slice of life unless it's monsters/supernatural creatures trying to live among humans. I'll only accept mxm and fxf for original lines. Please note, I DO NOT play vampires or werewolves. I don't mind roleplaying with them, but I personally do not like playing them. If you want to do a plot that is vampire or werewolf based, you have to play those species. I'll also take random intros for original! Just tell me the genre you're sending me in the title or if you want platonic, mxm, or fxf!

Fire Emblem Awakening. I’ll die of happiness if you’d like to do m!tacticianxChrom. I’m looking for a Chrom. I can also play m!Morgan, Lucina, and a couple others. Let’s chat about it. I have a couple AU ideas, considering, well, you know how Fire Emblem is. There’s a war, let’s go fight the war!

Fire Emblem Fates. This, here, is what I'm craving the most. I've played all three paths, but prefer Conquest and Revelation. I want to play Corrin. (Male.) and am open to ships. (As long as they're mxm and fxf.) I'm mostly looking for a Xander (!!! Boy, I want Xander the most. Xander/Corrin happens to be my otp.), Leo (!!), Takumi (!), Ryoma, Silas, or Kaze. I also ship Selena and Camilla. (I play Selena.) I like AUs and doubling, so I'm sure we can figure something out. I am also leokumi trash and can play either... though I'd rather do Corrin/Leo and Corrin/Takumi. I also like Sakura/Elise! (Slight preference toward Sakura.) I much prefer AUs and am willing to hash something out with you. No OCs for this. Sorry.
Addendum: Currently really craving Leo/Corrin.

Persona. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do a Persona or Persona based roleplay!. My favorite pairing for Persona is Yu/Souji/ProtagonistxYosuke. I play Yosuke. I am seriously craving another Yu/Yosuke roleplay like woah. We can discuss this. I also REALLY like the idea of the P3 Female Protagonist/MinakoxMitsuru. I’d be playing the female protagonist. We can also do a whole new Persona group, too.

I’d also like to do something with Black Butler. I'd like to play a male oc against Ciel If you play Ciel for me, I’ll play Elizabeth for you in a fxf line or I will also consider playing Sebastian for your oc, but I'm VERY picky on this because Sebastian is a vainglorious bastard who needs entertainment. So! Try me, just don't say I didn't warn you if I tell you no. I also have a demon, if you want to play a contractor in an all original variation. (Note: my demon will not be your character's butler. He laughs at the very idea. He can change his gender, so he can be a she.) *Please note, that sebciel is a GIANT NOTP of mine, so don't even ask for it.

Tales of. The first thing I'm looking for is a Sorey to my Mikleo. My kingdom for these two babies who are too pure for this world. The second thing I’m looking for a Richard to my Asbel and kinda have some vague ideas for this! I also roleplay Tales of cross overs and have a vague idea for that, too. I would also love a Gaius for my Wingul. Can discuss other Tales pairings, will be fine with ocs if you’ll afford me the same. I’ve played all of the Tales of games released in the US EXCEPT for Eternia and Vesperia. That doesn't mean you can't play these characters! I'm totally down for Asch/OC and will try and accommodate you as well. I also recently bought Tales of Berseria. I'm only about 15 hours into it, so no spoilers!

The World Ends With You. I play Josh. Mostly looking for a Neku or whomever you want to throw at me. I'd prefer AUs (kind of have a basic idea for one) or post-game. Please, for the love of all things holy, do not play Neku as a weak willed little thing who won't tell Josh to go eff himself if he doesn't like what Josh is doing. We can also do a whole new Game with all ocs.

The Legend of Zelda. I’m looking for a Link and am looking to do a brand new Zelda roleplay where we split the cast and have fun times~! I have a male oc. There doesn’t need to be romance, but would like. I can play Ravio or Midna for one of your ocs, if you'd like.

Devil Survivor 2. I want to play the main character (Hibiki/Hiro/MC) against a Yamato LIKE BURNING Also, Shin Megami Tensei IV, I'd love a Flynn/Walter chaos route roleplay where I play Flynn.

Kingdom Hearts. I kind of want to do an all-original setting with new Keyblade wielders, new villains and everything. We'd each play a keyblade wielder or something and fill out the cast. If you're not up for that, I do love SoraxRiku--I'll be playing Sora. (I love this ship with my whole heart.)

Final Fantasy. I'm cool with most things here. Some characters I play are Lightning (my favorite), Cecil Harvey, Yuna, Cloud Strife, Kadaj, Vanille, Terra Branford, Garnet til Alexandros/Dagger, Bartz, Faris, Noel Kreiss, Ramza (Tactics), and some others here and there. Some of the ships I play are Lightning/adult!Hope (I play Lightning and have some au ideas for this), Zack/Cloud (I play Cloud), Tidus/Yuna (I play Yuna), Fang/Vanille (I play Vanille. I'll also play Fang/Lightning), Zidane/Garnet, Cecil/Kain (Cecil) etc. There are others. I've played almost every Final Fantasy except the online ones, so just ask. There are a few canons I play that I'll pair with ocs, like Noel Kreiss for example. This is probably the only place you'll catch me for mxf. I would really love a Ramza for one of my ocs as well? Like I said, I'll play certain canons for you, too! ... or maybe just something with Final Fantasy Tactics in general.
Addendum: I just finished FFXV and would love to try out being Noctis--looking for Gladio, Ignis, or Prompto--or a mix of all four. We can discuss but my favorite ship is IgNoct.

Bravely Default/Bravely Second. Ringabel/Edea, otp for life. I'd like to play Edea. Also willing to consider Tiz/Agnes (Tiz.) or Yew/Magnolia. (Magnolia.) Prefer an AU for this. I won't do this genre without Ringabel/Edea, though, keep that in mind.

Pokemon. I have a male Elite Four trainer I'd like to use against any character. I have a couple other trainers here and there. Why not, bring it on. If you want romance, it has to be m/m for this. I don't mind gijinkas or whatever they're called. I also beat Sun/Moon! So we can do some Alola stuff! Maybe a plot with the Ultra Beasts? Neaaaat.
Ace Attorney. Okay, okay. I only do canon/oc for this one, fam. I've also only played the first three games and Ace Attorney Investigations. I'm looking for a Miles Edgeworth to my male oc and for you, I can play Franziska von Karma for fxf. Might be talked into playing Phoenix Wright for you, depending on your oc.

ATLA. I have a male earth bending oc (with a spirit pal who follows him) that I'll do mxm with. I'm really up for anything here, except LoK verse since he doesn't seem to fit in there so well. Canons? OCs? Sure, whatever. I'll leave it open. You wanna test a new OC or practice a canon against him? Cool.

There are also a few fandoms that I play, but only with an oc cast such as: Dead Space, Gravity Rush, Fatal Frame, Etrian Odyssey, and Silent Hill. Note: for Silent Hill, I will NOT be playing romance.

As for Silent Hill... I'm up for putting canons in a Silent Hill verse as well as using originals.

The same goes for The Last of Us. Canons in a TLOU universe could be fun. Same with ocs.

Maybe something based on Transistor? Or YoKai Watch? Yomawari Night Alone? Hey, maybe some creepy Japanese horror with a haunted town in the vein of Yomawari?

Suggest! If it’s along the lines of what’s mentioned above, then by all means. Other fandoms are: Okami (Human form!Amaterasu), a 999/Zero Escape based roleplay, Demon Gaze, Dragon’s Crown, Animal Crossing (humanized villagers), and more. Seriously, just ask. Ask away. I know some older animes but video games? I most likely know it, especially if it’s an RPG. I’m also a fan of AUs.

Again, if any of this interests you, mail me at xdeathtarot@gmail.com.
20 February 2017 @ 06:45 pm
Hello! My name is Rhiana, you can call me Riri or whatever you please, it's a pleasure to meet you! I am an eighteen-year-old, going on nineteen this upcoming March, in the EST timezone who is obsessed with literature & gaming! I've lost one of my long term partners, and now I have more fandoms, so why not get some more roleplays going?

яσℓєρℓαу яυℓєѕ
-Share the spotlight! This included no god-modding, no Mary-Sue's, etc. It is our plot, and it is only fair to share the spotlight in the roleplay.
-Be 18+ This is a requirement, as I enjoy writing smut and including mature themes into roleplays. I'm sorry!
-Grammar & spelling. Please have adequate grammar and spelling, or at least proof-read your replies. I won't nitpick every mistake you have, of course.
-Respect my limits. These include pee/feces play, necrophilia, pedophilia, and bestiality. Respect mine, and I will respect yours. This includes me excluding f// or m// because you are not comfortable with this.
-Commitment. Please let me know beforehand if you plan on leaving the roleplay, as ditching is quite annoying. Please do not message me if you are going to leave after the first message.
-Preference & Maturity. If we both happen to have the same main love interest, or something similar, let's compromise and be mature. I only do OC/Canon, unless stated otherwise.
-Length. I write multiple paragraph style, writing about 400-800+ each character. I attempt to make both sides equal, and I would appreciate if you would too.

| αиιмє |

Attack on Titan: Levi, Mikasa, Jean.
Noragami: Yukine, Yato.
Soul Eater: Death The Kid, Soul.
Haikyuu!!: Nishinoya, Oikawa, Kuroo.
Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki, Touka, Hide.
Free!: Momo, Rin, Haru.
Message me with your anime fandoms, and we could perhaps compromise!

| νι∂єσ gαмєѕ |
The Walking Dead: Luke, Lee, Bonnie.
Resident Evil: (Your OC? Let's discuss it.)
Borderlands: Jack, Zer0, Maya.
Overwatch: Mcree, Reaper, Sombra.
The Wolf Among Us: Bigby, Bloody Mary, Snow.
Stardew Valley: Haley, Shane, Harvey.
Message me with your gaming fandoms, and we could perhaps compromise!

| вσσк ѕєяιєѕ |
Harry Potter: Ronald Weasley, Remus Lupin, Luna Lovegood, Hermione Granger, Sirius Black.
Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus: Leo Valdez, Piper Mclean, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase.
Pretty Little Liars (Books): Jason DiLaurentis, Hanna Marin, Caleb Rivers, Emily Fields.
Message me with your book fandoms, and we could perhaps compromise!

| тєℓєνιѕισи & мσνιєѕ |
Supernatural: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Crowley, Castiel.
Pretty Little Liars (Show): Jason DiLaurentis, Hanna Marin, Caleb Rivers, Emily Fields.
New Girl: (Let's discuss this.)
Law & Order: (Let's discuss this.)
American Horror Story: (Let's discuss season and such.)
Message me with your television/movie fandoms, and we could perhaps compromise!

| ςσитαςтѕ & ραѕѕωσя∂ѕ |

Our best bet with communication is Skype or Email, but I also have Tumblr's for most of my OC's.
Email- goldenn.threadd@gmail.com
Skype- noncreativity

Fluff- ѕωєєтιє ρσρѕ
Angst- вℓαςк ℓιςσяιςє
Spice- ςιииαмσи яσℓℓ
Mixture- ναиιℓℓα & ςнσςσℓαтє тωιѕт

I hope your day was/is fantastic, and everything is good and well! Ciao!
20 February 2017 @ 03:15 pm
Hey there, I am Sarah! I am twenty-four years old. I am a stay at home more to two little boys (5&2). Therefore, I have a lot of spare time on my hands. I haven’t role played in about two years now. I used to manage a store, and between that and home life - I had no spare time. But, now I have so much. I live in Texas (Central US Timezone). I am generally online between noon and midnight.

My oldest son started Kindergarten this year, and my two year old is easier to manage now. There will be times (weekends) when I might not reply for a day or so, though. I usually spend time away from my apartment, and I don’t really like replying from my phone or tablet. If they role play is good and steady odds are I’ll reply to you almost every day. During the week though, expect about 6-7 replies per day, no problem. I understand if you’re busy, and I won’t bug you until its been a week. That’s when I’ll just shoot you a message. Please don’t be sour, and just let me know what’s going on with as little detail as you want. And, if you know in advance you have to disappear for a while, please let me know, and I’ll do the same for you.

I have no limits, really. I just ask - no weird shit (pedophilia, anything to do with urination, vomit, saliva, or feces, necrophilia, or bestiality). Please tell me your limits, too. If you don’t, I’ll assume you have none. With that being said, also, I ask my role play partners to be at least 18. I would actually prefer you to be over 21 (It’s a maturity thing). I have two kids, and I feel like that ages me to at least 40 (ha-ha).

I write in paragraphs. I start with a hefty introduction which will generally consist of 10-15+ paragraphs. I like background information, and details. I role play in third person, also. We can include pictures of our character if you’d like, but that’s up to you. My replies after my introduction will be 2-4 paragraphs depending on whether we double or not. It might be less per character if we do double.

I would really like this to be long-term. We can discuss all the details so we are both happy with the role play. Role playing is meant to be fun, not stressful. So, if you want to change something in the role play, let me know. Or, if you want to trash it all together and do something different - Just. Let. Me. Know. I’m looking for friends to share this experience with, really. So, talking in OOC is fine. We can have a whole conversation while we role play. I don’t mind at all. I love talking, and odds are, I’ll probably be asking you a lot of questions about yourself. I love to talk :D

What do I role play? >>>

Odd Pairings

Royalty x Royalty
Royalty x Slave
Royalty x Pirate
Pirate x Pirate
Pirate x Slave
Slave x Slave
Teacher x Student
Coach x Student
College Student x College Professor
Best friend x Best friend’s sibling
Best friend x Best friend’s boyfriend/girl friend
Bride x Best man
Groom x Maid of honor

The list goes on guys. Just Skype me an pairing you want to try out, and we can make a plot or use yours.

My odd pairing plots:

Prince x Princess

In a world where Humans, Elves, Orcs... (Kind of think World of warcraft) exist, there is a war that will end with a marriage. The High Elf King has agreed to marry his eldest daughter to the Human King's Eldest son.
The daughter is more than happy to be married off because she has a secret; its not a wedding that will happen but a bloodbath. She, and her Elfen brethren plan on taking over the castle from within, starting by poisoning the Prince before their wedding day.
But, what the Princess finds is that the Prince isn't as hostile and violent as his King. He is kind, and sympathizes with her people, and then feelings form. Will she be able to kill the Prince and save her race or will her heart stop her?

Vampire x Human

A girl gets into a wreck off a deserted road after breaking up with her long term boyfriend. When she wakes up bandaged up and in the infirmary of a castle. After wondering the halls, she finds herself in the company of a Count. He is brooding, handsome, and mysterious of course.

On the hunt, a vampire finds a scent he hadn't smelled in century: human blood. He finds a woman among the wreckage of her car, and returns her to his home. She is beautiful, strong, and mysterious to him. He watches her for days as she heals, dreaming of her blood and her warmth,

Being cursed to this castle and castle grounds over a century ago, she was the first human woman he had seen in a while. Could she be the one to break his curse?

Teacher x Student

The popular girl at school had everything; the best friends; the nice car; the cutest boyfriend. But, behind it all she's hiding her hurt. Her mother, a drunk and prostitute, is never around. And, when she is, she brings men around who don't treat her daughter nicely. Her father is really just a letter with money, and after telling him about her situation with mother, bought her a car to "make up for it".

A second year, newly wed, soccer coach sees the pain and the strength in the popular girl, and insists she joins the team. He becomes the person she can confide in, and soon, she becomes the person he can confide in too. Can they keep their relationship professional with all of the out of town meets, late night practices, and one on one time? How will the popular girls boyfriend deal with his girl friend slipping away from him? And, what will the teacher say when he finds out his wife is pregnant?

I have role played Pirates of the Caribbean before. I wouldn’t mind another Jack x Elizabeth role play. Other than that movie, I haven’t role played anything else. Though, I’m up to try:

Death Note
Tokyo Ghoul
Attack on Titan
Game of Thrones
The Walking Dead
The Hunger Games
The Maze Runner
Shadowhunters (Or Infernal Devices)

Just send me suggestions, really. I’m very open minded.


Skype: Sarahfarahhh@gmail.com
E-mail: Sarahfarahhh@gmail.com
20 February 2017 @ 01:04 pm
What I'm looking for: A female or male who are active a lot and rp as a female. Must like furrys and fnaf. I don't do human x human

What do I rp: Pokémon, others (usually based off of sexy pictures.) I rp dirty anthro, feral furries. I don't do gay rps, only straight. I don't do rps that have your OC and my OC. Just mine. And I don't take turns.

Who I am in Rp: male human. Blonde. Brown eyes. 5' 5". White skin.
Personality is: funny, sometimes sarcastic, optimistic, wierd, introvert.

My rps are different than others. I usually make them up from pictures of deviantartists like wsache2020 or daytripperguy. And the other rper play as a character(s) in the picture or my idea. I only have 1 OC and the other rper will have to change the character they are in every different rp.

Fetish: Anthro, Feral, Bondage, Kissing, Inflation, Smothering, living tail (sometimes), slime, rubber, balloon, female dominance

Frequency: I am usually free in the afternoon and near night and at night.

Writing style: I talk in first person, short sentence (sometimes paragraph for descriptions)

Favorite Ferals: Cat, Wolf, Dragons

Message me on kik as jolteon001
20 February 2017 @ 08:49 pm
Greetings, I will keep this short but sweet :)

I am a 22 year old male on GMT looking to RP over Skype with males, females and other.

I really have no objections when it comes to RP and I usually fit my RP style around the other person. I am more into originals with plots we both talk about and agree on before hand and I am experienced with playing a lot of different roles and characters. But if you have an idea let me hear it and I might be up for it :)

Thanks for reading and i'll hope to talk to you soon.

Skype: FrankScot16
20 February 2017 @ 04:21 pm
hello! i decided to post on here to try and encourage more roleplays and meet new people so i'll get straight to the point...

who am i...?
- nineteen years old
- female
- from the UK, GMT
- i am most comfortable writing in third person, past tense, so please understand this when contacting me
- i can rp on any platform, just ask!
- i enjoy getting to know people! you can always tell me about yourself outside of roleplay

what am i looking for...?
- i am only looking for an m/m (fandom or original) roleplay
- i am picky about grammar and accuracy so please be widely literate and precise!
- i at not looking for a roleplay that is purely based on smut
- however i do want to include it, and i prefer both of the characters to be versatile (this makes the rp more interesting)
- i love detailed and long replies that i can work with, so please write around 2/3 paragraphs!
- looking for someone that is willing to brainstorm and is easy to communicate with
- basically a friendly and fun person to rp with!

any fandoms...?
- i watch a lot of anime and would be happy to rp as any of the pairings, but i am not limited to these! i am always open to originals.

anime i will rp with (i am not limited to only these, just ask!):

  • Shingeki no Kyojin (Levi x Eren)

  • Free! (nearly any pairing)

  • Haikyuu (Kageyama x Hinata and Iwaizumi x Oikawa usually, but i am open to any other pairing!)

  • Kuroshitsuji (Sebastian x Ciel or Sebastian x Claude)

  • Owari no Seraph (Mika x Yuu)

  • Tokyo Ghoul (Hide x Kaneki or Kaneki x Tsukiyama)

  • Noragami (Yato x Yukine)

  • Zankyou no Terror (Nine x Twelve)

  • K-Project (Misaki x Fushimi or nearly any other pairing)

  • Prince of Stride (Riku x Takeru)

  • Ajin (Kei x Kai or Kei x Kou)

  • Yuri!! on Ice (Yuuri x Viktor)

- outside of anime, i would rp with:

  • Assassin's Creed (we would make our original characters, with the plot of the games/movie)

any more info...?
- i am just a really friendly (and soft) person hoping to find a fun rp partner
- my only limits include kinks involving the bathroom, foot fetishes or mpreg
- i am open to anything else so don't be afraid to ask!
- before contacting me, please be open to a 'versatile' role
- i find that roleplays which do not focus on the stereotypical sub/dom roles are much more interesting
- please be open and easy to communicate with!

if you are interested, contact me on:

20 February 2017 @ 10:16 am
Hello everyone, I’m looking for a few good men (or women) to join me in a Rp adventure. I have quite a few ideas rattling around in my old brain but a couple stand out. Ideas I’ve wanted to do for a very long time but I haven’t found anyone to play them.

First idea DBZ. Gohan (or any of the other half bloods sons.) begins dating a human girl in high school/collage with a disability. She’s blind. One day, he is walking her home from school when they are attacked by the androids (or some other bad guy) and gohan (or any of the other half bloods sons) is outnumbered and in a moment of crisis, She shows she is more then she seems….(full story on request. I would play the girl.)

Second. OC Justice league/ Teen titans like. I have a character Dela, who is a half human/Amazon girl who goes to a human high school. The idea I had was, she joins the super hero group and tries to balance the ‘super’ and the human aspects of her life. Including a ‘super’ boy who has eyes on her, a human boy who wants to know more about her. (possible love triangle. And having it all come to a head. I had a bit of a plot bunny where both boys think they are going to be the one who takes her to prom…and they both show up….and the s@#t hits the fan) and a villain who wants her head. (. Just a little request. I think she would work well with Conner Kent (or the like. A dark, brooding Anti hero… she is an Anti hero herself. She isn’t evil…but not above using her strength for personal gain. For example. Not telling the judges of a weight lifting contest of her Amazon blood...) Their personalities would clash…beautifully.)

Third. Harry Potter. I have always found it ‘convenient’ that, on the night they discovered that scabbers was peter Pettigrew was a full moon. My idea is that it wasn’t a full moon, peter is handed off to the dementors and Sirius’ name cleared. Harry would be ‘adopted’ by Sirius but first, his house needs to be cleaned and Remus volunteers to help his old friend. after a while, things begin to grow with them. (possible they had a past relationship in school. Where Sirius wanted to but Remus couldn’t bring himself to. I think it would be sweet for Remus to look over Sirius, tending to him, helping him recover while still in the castle. I can play either but, for this one, I prefer to play Remus)

Fourth Harry Potter. One evening, after winning the big game, James and Sirius are both drunk (off fire whiskey) and talking about girls. James going on about how much he loves Lily and Sirius drunkenly suggests that the two should ‘practice snogging’ so James knows how to do it with Lily. They do it and laugh it off, being silly drunk. But that kissing leads to other things between them two of them. Under the guise of ‘preparing James’ the two do all manor of things. But they are carful not to let anything they do affect their relationship, neither are gay, of course. They just happen to be two guys messing around with each other. The physical acts between the two are just…things to do when bored, they don’t mean anything….(I can play either of them.)
Fifth. Harry Potter. (yes, I know lol.) I have always wanted to do an ‘afterlife’ type of story with the marauders’ meting once again in the Afterlife. First James, then Lily, then Sirius and finally Remus. (I’d rather not have Peter Pettigrew there.) I figure, this could be a SiriusXRemus pairing as well. Remus finally allowing to happen what the fear of his ‘curse’ wouldn’t allow him to do in life. (I can play either.)
Sixth. Demigod/Percy Jackson like. I have wanted to do a Rp with my character Demigod Charity Athenis. (full Bio on request.) Could be inside of the camp or out. (an oblivious human could be quite funny.)
Alright, now that is out of the way, here is the nitty gritty…
Grammar isn’t that important to me. I won’t bite your head off if you forget to dot an I or cross a T. You can expect me to make a few mistakes here and there. I am human, after all. So long as I can understand what you mean, we’re good. (and if we are talking OOC them I’m not running the spell check on it.)
Just like grammar, I’m none to fickle about length as well. I generally give you back what I get. So if I get a few lines, I’ll give back a few lines. Here is a couple of examples of my posts. (all starter posts.)
Standing in the great hall, looking quite out of place against the finery around them, three different creatures stand. One of them, the oldest, stands in front of his sons. A long white beard, braided with stones. Dressed in Hand made animal hide amour, his ears are pointed and extended two and a half inches from his skull. A dull crown on his brow. Beside him and slightly behind, are two other males. Younger then the first. They look like carbon copies of each other. Twin brothers. Both dressed, much like their father, but on a different scale. One of the boys wears black, light chest plate to protect him. A smaller crown at his brown, between his pointed ears. His brother wears light brown leathers to protect himself, an exact crown copy sat on his head, though a little tilted to one side. Both boys wear a belt of sorts around their waists, each with an identical knife blade sticking out. Each Face carries battle scars but the most important thing is the looks on their faces. While one is stoic, stone faced, the other wears a grin from ear to ear, unable to stand still, looking around at all the beauty around them. The twin in black sneers at the gold and jewels around them “Such wasted recourses for unneeded luxury.” He says, none to quietly. The older man turns his head sharply at him and hisses “Tema, Hush.” When, at last they are introduced to the princess, all three unfurl their great wings. Each wing four feet long. Transparent but with lines of blue. The fairy king steps up “may I introduce to you, your highness, my sons. Tema. Prince of the northern habitats” The son who spoke steps up, arms crossed over his chest. He turns his back on the princess, batting his wings to her, a proper way for a fairy to say hello. He turns back around, tucking his wings back. Then king smiles and says “And this is Temra, prince of the southern habbi-” Temra doesn’t wait until his Father is finished before nearly running over and batting his wings for her as well, but, unlike his brother, he creates a strong gust in his excitement, blowing hair back. When he turns back around, he wears a huge smile on his face, the exact opposite of his stone face brother. “It’s nice to meet ya.” The king clears his throat, giving his son a look for his actions “Temra is…very excitable….” He makes a Sound in the back of his throat “I’m unsure about Elvin society, but in our home, the bride-to-be chooses Her mate.”
Grey sits, perched like a bird of prey, on the top of a small shack out in the middle of nowhere. Below him, a news crew is setting things up. Adjusting lights to compensate for the fact the sun has gone down. It’s nearing midnight. Grey, as a creature of the night, cannot go into the sun light without serious injury to himself. The winds billowing his black coat around his body. None of the humans below notice him but he has eyes on them all. He’s never really liked reporters all that much. They tend to loss impartiality and grill him about what he does. Since vampires were ‘discovered’ four or five years ago, everyone wants a piece of him. Half the population hates what he is, the other half hates what he does. How else can he feed his men besides this? The men are going to die anyway, he’s just the executioner, he’s no different then the guy who flips the switch on old sparky after all..

Grey spots a pretty young thing, freaking out, a microphone in her hand. That must be the reporter they sent this time. Hmm, looks a bit young for being here, alone. Poor thing must be freaking out, being here all by her lonesome. A small smirk comes to his face. He just can’t help himself sometimes. He jumps off the roof, landing in front of the girl. “I vant to suck your blood!” In a fake Transylvanian accent. ”Blah! Blah!”

Grey grins, showing his sharper-then-normal- canines “I’m only teasing.” he takes her hand and gives it a shake. “I’m Grey” His real voice is accented but it’s quite subtle, only can be heard in a couple of words. New English. The strangest thing about the man are his eyes. His right eye is red, normal for his species but his left eye is blue. He looks almost like he is wearing contacts but forgot to put one in.

Now, I have to admit, Smut is a sensitive topic for me. Boys, I’m sorry, but I just don’t feel comfortable doing smut with you unless I’m comfortable with you. I won’t refuse to rp with you, just please accept my hesitance with Smut-y things.
I’ll say right now, I’m no stranger to Rps with…interesting content. I really don’t shy away from taboos but there are some things I don’t want to do.
Forcible Rape. Never been a fan.
Anything that happens in the bathroom coming into the bedroom. Just…no. (and I don’t mean taking a shower, washing your face, brushing your teeth etc….)
Abuse in a relationship. That wouldn’t sit very well with me…
Overall….if you want to try something…unique, then just ask me before. Common courtesy, ya know?
Now, that is a bit hard to explain. I can only be online a couple hours a day so you may not hear from me for a bit. Now, if we are online at the same time, then I’ll be able to respond quickly. If not, the next day, certainly.
I just have to say this. One thing that kind of irks me. If you know you are going to be gone for a long period of time (like a week or more.) then please, please let me know. I know life happens but please, just let me know. Ok?

Well…that’s about all I can think of right now. If you are interested in any of the plots I’ve asked for or have any questions or want to know anything about me, shoot me an email at shellikat21@yahoo.com
PS. I’m much nicer then I’m coming across here…promise 
PPS. If you collect fan art, then it’s a plus for me. I do and love to trade.
PPPS. I love to spitball ideas with my partners. (it gets bit boring doing my ideas all the time lol)
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20 February 2017 @ 09:32 am
Hello, I'm Samantha (or Sam). Dreadfully bored and craving a casual roleplay. I believe I'm a literate, capable writer, but I don't desire beyond writing a couple paragraphs per post. I promise my writing is grammatically sound, will help move the plot along and add character development without godmoding. I'd rather have quicker consistent replies than wait days for either of us to compose a novel.

I ONLY write original characters, even in canon settings, and prefer you write original characters as well. I like being inspired and following the rules set by a fandom setting, but I don't like co-opting canon characters when their story is already being told, and feel like I can never write them justice.

I also ONLY write fantasy. No realism, I live that ish every day. There has to be some form of 'magic' in our world, even for sci-fi, or I get bored. I like establishing rules and a functional system for our magic, even when it develops over time, because magic without limits or consequences is no fun.

I write male and female characters. I'll also write MxF, MxM or FxF relationships without preference, it really depends on my partners taste. I adore imperfect romances between unlikely characters that don't happen instantly, and playing around with their chemistry and tension is often more fun for me than portraying the relationship itself. I can do small fluffy slice-of-life scenes (even in a brutal fantasy world) but not constantly, and ultimately, there has to be a plot greater than our characters love driving our story line.

I can fade-to-black, or write detailed smut, when it comes to sex. Porn without plot doesn't interest me, though, so if you're just looking for somewhere to get off your mpreg furry fetish, please look elsewhere. Kinks and squicks can be discussed privately.

I prefer to RP over email or googledocs, but we can plot and communicate OOC over messengers. I don't have any plots in mind because I prefer our characters to create their stories instead of knowing everything that's going to happen beforehand. I promise, I won't godmode or control your character without permission, but I like throwing twists and turns in a game to keep things interesting. If you like to plot everything out beforehand and go into immense detail about characters and setting like you're writing a seven season tv pilot, chances are we won't get along. I'm fine with establishing character sheets and basics of the world, then I like to jump right in.

Avatar: the Last Airbender (haven't finished Korra, so first series only)
Harry Potter (prefer post Potter era, Hogwarts game or Aurors could be fun)
Dragon Age (haven't finished Inquisition)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (historical Slayer from Victorian England, Old American West or Feudal Japan)
Firefly (would love a story line aboard a new ship with new crewmates, or a line about a Companion stuck on Border world)

Steampunk airship pirates
Fantasy world based off Feudal Japan, or Old American West (as you can see, in love with both those periods of time)
Mythology with a modern twist (like modern Hades and Persephone)
Original fantasy mage school
Original 'gifted' students or superheroes
Medieval-inspired court intrigue and monarchy life, but aboard a spaceship (with psychic magic similar to the 'Force')
Urban fantasy cliche paranormal romance with psychics, vampires, witches, werewolves, fae, etc.
High fantasy world like Skyrim or Middle Earth undergoing 'alien invasion'

Reach me at my.twisted.tomes (at) gmail (dot) com
20 February 2017 @ 08:07 am
Hi! I'm Ally! The first ever RP I ever did with my best friend was a Creepypasta RP since we at the time looooved those web stories. She is no longer with me, but I have a craving at the moment. I'm not proud of it since its so very cringey and barely liked anymore lol, however, since my last partner is pretty much gone and I have no one to RP with, I'm gonna try my hand at this but it's so scary to post and pretty sure its gonna take a while before I get anyone, but AH IMMA TRY!

I play as any of these:

-Ticci-Toby (Mainly use this guy)

-Eyeless Jack

-Jeff the Killer



-BEN Drowned

-Laughing Jack

-Bloody Painter

Eyup, I'll even play as Slendy or other characters sometimes if the story calls for it.

I have rules, kinks, and limits, but contact me first, I don't have many limits though. OCs or canon welcome. And I prefer M/M but will let M/F slide lol. Contact me for plot!

Contact Info:

Kik: TheSlashers

Email: TehEmoKittyKarkat@aol.com

Skype: my2phetaliaismylife

Phone Number: Contact first!
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