26 May 2015 @ 04:45 pm
Name: Erika
Email: fireofflowingwater@gmail.com
Timezone: EST

What you RP:I mainly role play multiple paragraphs and in 3rd person. Detail is something I look for in writing and in a writing partner. Doesn't have to be absurd, but I like to get invested in the plots I write. As far as genre and era go, I do anything and everything under the sun. My favorites are modern/supernatural, modern/fantasy, historical/fantasy, historical realistic, mythological, steampunk, horror, and fantasy/adventure.

Characters you RP: I usually RP female leads and fill in characters as needed. I like to flesh out the writing world with characters and stories that loop and interweave. Their personalities tend to range from fiery and fierce to sweet and innocent. It honestly depends upon what we're writing and what we need.

Characters you’re looking to interact with: Anyone who plays main male characters would be lovely. Given the write story, I'd be happy to shuffle that around. Any personality is great.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
I have a few ideas in mind, actually. We don't have to do them, but they at least provide a starting place.

** A royal family has fallen under a curse for having mixed blood. The prince/princess of this family is cursed in some way and has their family name has fallen into despair. A once prosperous royal family has been rejected and the prince/princesses only hope is in the form of a fiery servant who seeks freedom in the mansion above the village. Their bond in unlikely and at times rough, but they bring out the best and worst in one another. What happens when the curse starts to break and the other noble families turn their eye on the power this prince/princess holds?
** A Greek mythology story about the champions of the gods fighting demons amongst the earth and in their own heart. A widower seeks the afterlife, but is not granted it until he finishes his quest. A sister must find her brother across time and the space of earth. A deal is made with Hades and an equally powerful one is made with Athena.
** A circus is more than it seems and the secret powers within are growing stronger. What appears to be a simple circus act is closer to real life than people expect. (Still looking for a conflict with this one... I am thinking dark romance, but not sure.)
** Two warring nations come together and settle their rocky differences in the shape of a marriage. However, another nation, angry at this bond, capture the princess and she is cursed to remain near the river lest she shrivel and die. Will she get back to the marriage she so dreads? Will so embrace the wishes of the magical nation?
** In a world where most people have power over the elements, a war is waged between fire and water, light and dark, earth and air. Both sides seek power and balance, but through subjugation of the other. There is a prophecy about a child with abilities over more than one element. The power of this child will be vast and enough to sway the tide of the war. The mother of this child escapes from the war into a portal that brings her to the modern realm. She leaves her home, her supposed dead lover and father of the child, and lives peacefully in this realm for ten years. After those ten peaceful years, her world has found her and seeks the child.
** Anything involving pirates would be great! I haven't had one in a long time and I would LOVE it.
** I would love a gritty and modern supernatural story. Something involving city crime, witches, vampires, werewolves, and that sort of thing. I'd love to get into factions, gangs, and anything that involves the struggle for power in a broken city.
** I am open to ANY ideas. Please, lay them on me!

Do you smut?: If the story calls for it.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: I am very e-mail friendly. Please, shoot me a message and I'll get back to you. I'd love to hear from anyone interested. Expect my responses to be at least twice per day. :)
26 May 2015 @ 02:13 pm
Twisted Island

The playground of the forgotten goddess.

Toto, this doesn't quite seem like Kansas anymore. The island is far from the world you remember. This isn't your home, this isn't even Earth from as far as you can tell. But why? How did you get here? It seems the whims of an unknown and forgotten goddess has decided to make you her plaything, dragging you from your world and timeline and placing you on an inescapable island. Welcome to Twisted Island, where anything can happen and it usually does.

The island changes with the mood of the goddess. It’s her playground and you are one of the very many toys in it. But you’re not alone. There are others stuck on the island just like you and if you’re lucky the goddess didn't just steal you away, but friends and family you know as well. Best idea though? Make friends, powerful friends. Make sure there are people to watch your back because when the island starts to change, you're going to need every little bit of help you can get.

Will you survive, or will you give up and break under the pressure? Apply and become one of the many playthings that the goddess loves to toy with on Twisted Island. Only canon characters are allowed. The game will start May 10, 2015. Go check out the Wanted Characters or Holds page and get your application in!

Game will start on May 10th. APPLY TODAY.

twistedlandmods | twistedlandrp | twistedlandooc
Premise | Rules | F.A.Q. | Holds & PBs | Wanted | Character List | Application
Player Contact | Player Status | Dropbox | Friends Button | Calendar
In Game Information | Timeline Recap | Code Page | Tags
26 May 2015 @ 07:47 pm
Timezone:uk (dont know the time zone sorry)

What you RP:
I am up for anything and am really craving a good master x slave (with me playing the slave) with a dark twist, but here is a list of everything i do. I will try other things so if you dont see anything you like just ask. :)

vampire x something (this could be anything from another vampire to were-wolf to human or anything more you can think of.)

vampire x neko !

vampire x runaway !

vampire x were-wolf !

were-wolf x something (again this could be with anything)

fairy x something (anything again)

elf x something (again with anything)

dragon x human!

7 deadly sins (i would like something mixed with this)

(I will also do other fantasy ones just ask)

family !!

single mum x doctor !!

woman x highlander !

brother x sister

brother x brother

sister x sister

mum x son

mum x daughter

dad x son

dad x daughter

dad/mum x baby sister

dad/mum x another

brother/sister x brother/sister's best friend

brother/sister x brother/sister's enemy

enemy x enemy

best friend x best friend

best friend x best friend boyfriend/girlfriend

high school


jock x shy

new boy/girl x cool guy/girl

cop x runway

kidnapper x kidnapped

babysitter x teen son/daughter

(I do other odd pairing as well just ask)

Neko x something

master x slave

robber x cop

bad boy/girl x good girl/boy!

witch x something

mermaid x something

demon x angel

demon x something

angel x something

Fandoms (please ask, I may do them if I know them or I may not but please ask I am always willing to try new things.)

(that is all I can think of, please I do mostly anything so just ask if you want to try something but you do not see it here.)

What I do not roleplay

Harry potter



Characters you RP:I like to play the more sub role or switch but I can do dom when needed. But I would like to double if you would like me to be a dom, so I get to play a sub as well. :) unless you have a really good plot, I may go for just playing the dom.
Characters you’re looking to interact with:Someone who can play a strong dom and master who can keep my sub in line (which is a hard job ;P)

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:Please check out my site for my plots, also for more info on me. :
Do you smut?: Yes I love it, but can also fade to black if you want.

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Yes I am dyslexic but I always try my best, and I love to write a lot but you have to give me something to reply to to do that. :)
26 May 2015 @ 12:06 pm
LJ: mr_vyce
Looking to RP Over: E-mail
Timezone: EST

Hey there, one and all. While my LJ has the full information rundown, here are the essentials:

  • As I'm over 20 years old, all partners must be at least 18 years old in real-life. All characters in sexual scenarios must be played at least 18 years old also (aged up appropriately if younger in canon).

  • I'm looking for largely upbeat, lighthearted stories with action, adventure, meaningful conflict and drama (not contrived melodrama and forced grittiness), slice-of-life moments amidst the chaos, character growth, great clashes/triumphs and, above all, hope. Bad things might happen, but the tone is optimistic overall; the story isn’t endlessly-numbing darkness where the most painful outcome always happens, dark/triggery subject matter is casually included to be shocking/edgy, every relationship ends in tragedy or betrayal, tragic backstories are so common they lose all meaning, and life's nothing but misery and defeat.

  • If you aren't comfortable writing at least two paragraphs per post, I don't think I'd be a good partner. (I don't want to feel like I'm intimidating/outpacing someone, or forcing them to keep up with a standard of length they find excessive or exhausting.) I don't demand perfection (mistakes happen), but I do demand strong effort: A solid grasp of spelling, having honed language mechanics in general, good detail and description are highly important.

  • I'm very relaxed when it comes to post frequency, and am cool with receiving--and giving--replies once or twice a week. If you demand multiple replies daily, I wouldn't be a good partner.

  • One-shots, short-term, long-term...they all delight me. Looking for a plot-centric RP with a side of smut? I'm game for that. Looking for a smut-centric RP with a side of plot? I'm game for that too. (I have a kink list and can provide a link if requested.)

  • I usually play male characters in a variety of established and original settings, and I'm looking to play opposite female characters. Despite their varying personalities and mindsets, they are usually in their 20s-30s and are all switches (they enjoy being the seducers [even if some are inept at it], but also appreciate a woman able and willing to take charge in the relationship [though not in a dom/sub fashion]). While tthey aren’t “gloriously/beautifully flawed” as I hear other writers describe their characters, they're not boringly infallible/invincible power fantasies or one-dimensional self-insert Gary Stus either. I just don't focus on having my characters be clearly "broken" and in need of fixing, demand they have something to angst/brood over, inject a traumatic backstory for its own sake (if it fits the character, it shows up in bite-sized chunks rather than crassly shoving the darkness down your throat), or put primary thematic stress on their failings, traumas, vices and fuck-ups.

My current cravings are under the cut. ;)

Read more...Collapse )
25 May 2015 @ 11:49 pm
Hello everyone! I'm here with a few plots I've been craving lately! This'll be a short post, forgive me if it isn't too detailed! Anywho, here are the plots:

Something with a monstergirl. Preferably something mammal

A SAO plot with OCs, nothing too complicated

A world were every one carries a mark that matches their soulmate's, two different races, humans and nekos

That's all! You can Contact me at Leo-legacy00. Sorry this was so brief!
25 May 2015 @ 08:38 pm
Hello! Alright, so, I'm going to do my best to keep this brief. I know a lot of the time, it gets hard and tedious to read when there is too much information. So, I posted here a little bit ago, but I'll go again. Alright then, to start with, I'm a female in her early twenties, and I live in Texas. I've been roleplaying for quite awhile now, and unfortunately I've left the medium which I used to roleplay for most of that time, for personal reasons. So, after a little bit of not roleplaying, I've been really missing it, and I'm ready to get back into it.

Like I said, I'm going to try to make this short, so first things first: You must be at least eighteen if you want to message me. I don't believe in censorship, meaning that I am not against cussing, blood, and sex. As a matter of fact, I refuse to do a roleplay that won't allow smut. Of course I love plot just as much, but without smut, it gets old. Along with that, I expect my partner to be literate, and give me more than just a couple sentences. You'll be dropped if you do that. I am a person who only does multi-para roleplays, so I prefer that you average around 300-600 words per reply. More is always amazing, but if you do less than 300 as an average, I'm not very interested.

With that said, I do also like mpreg, so the most likely way you'll interest me is by saying that you're open to that. I'm not saying I won't do a roleplay without it, but there's no guarantee I'll really remain interested. Same said for romance, I absolutely adore romance, and it would be very hard to get me to do something without it. If I did, I don't think I'd like it very much or stay interested. Fair warnings to you.

Right now, I'm only looking for ORIGINAL CHARACTERS, and, seeing as I stated I love mpreg, I'm only interested in M/M. I prefer to be more realistic and not use the set top/bottom standard, though my characters do tend to be a bit more submissive, and, regardless, I would like to be the character who gets pregnant. You can talk to me if you're interested in a destiel roleplay as well, chances are I'll say yes if it's AU.

[ Here is a list of ideas/pairings I have.]These are the pairings/ideas that I have thought of, but I am always open to suggestions, and I would love to mix some of the ideas below together as well. Please note that the more ●'s, the more I want to do it, and the more ○'s, the less I want to do it.

Master / Slave : ● ● ● ○ ○
Prince / Prince : ● ○ ○ ○ ○
Prince / Commoner : ● ● ● ○ ○
Teen(16-19) / Adult ( 28-40 ) : ● ● ● ● ○
Two separate species : ● ● ● ○ ○
Alpha / Omega : ● ● ● ● ●
Omega / Omega : ● ● ● ● ○
Father / Son : ● ● ● ● ●
Brother / Brother : ● ● ○ ○ ○
One night stand : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Accidental Pregnancy : ● ● ● ○ ○
Dominant / Submissive : ● ● ● ● ○
Sex shop worker / Nervous customer : ● ● ● ● ○
Rich / Poor : ● ● ● ○ ○
Werewolf / Other(Warning for Bestiality, Can be mixed with alpha/omega ) : ● ● ● ● ●
Jock / Geek : ● ● ○ ○ ○
Professor / Student : ● ● ● ○ ○
Celebrity / Normal person : ● ● ● ● ○

And, if you're a fan of Yuu Watase, I would love to do a roleplay based on one of her worlds. Maybe something with Fuushigi Yuugi or Arata kangatari. Though, Alice 19th would be an interesting world to try as well! Anyways, like I said, I'd love to do it set in one of those worlds, though of course we'd tweak it, and it'd be M/M. Though I haven't done any fandom or M/F in awhile, I would even give some thought into doing an Arata/Kotoha roleplay, where I'd love to be Kotoha.

[ Here are a list of things I will not do.]
- Historical plots, unless they're medieval fantasy.
- Anything involving feces, vomit, or guro in a sexual sense.
- I don't particularly like feet in a sexual sense, either.
- Roleplay with characters that are Gary sue's.

[ Here is a list of (some of) the Kinks I like to do.]
- Bestiality
- Incest
- Rape/Non-con
- Dub-con
- Feminization
- BDSM, both light and extreme
- Piercings
- Tattoos
- Threesomes
- Multiple penetration
- Dominant/Submissive
- Knotting
- Biting and scratching
- Marking/Mating
- Nipple play
- Come play
- Sloppy seconds
- Orgasm Denial
- Sex toys
- Master/Pet
- Anal Training
- Begging

To reiterate, if you are interested in a romance M/M roleplay, preferably with mpreg, and you are a multi-paragraph roleplayer who writes in 3rd person-past tense, then you should definitely message me. You must be eighteen years old at the very least, with few to no limits, open to both plot and porn. I'm always open for OOC chat as well! Please be patient if I don't respond immediately, I work and I'm going to school, so sometimes life can be hectic.

If you're interested, please contact me at: Diseaseandcease@yahoo.com
Give me a little introduction and tell me what you're interested in doing. If you just drop me a line that says "Hey, want to roleplay?", I won't respond.
25 May 2015 @ 08:39 pm
Email: kcrowns@yahoo.com
Or if you wanna use Kik it might be easier just email me and I'll send you my kik
I'm just looking for an rp buddy who does the same style as me
Me: *I walk in* hi
Greg: *he looks at you* hey.
Like first Peron type like that ive always done it like that it would be hard for me to adjust it any other way.
But I'm very good at writing and communication, I'm good a creating ideas and plots (for myself unless you want me to help you lol otherwise I let you control everything on your side of the rp)
I'm a huge marvel and DC comic book nerd so those are the character that would be involved the most with meme(but I also am into game of thronesthrones, walking dead, spartacus, the 100, ect) however I will do any characters for you even if its something I don't know about I'll look them up and learn about them if they are the character you want to rp with. (I'm very good at)
And I'm not very picky at picking which characters go for who I'm very understanding and easy to talk to about it.
Current Music: Green day, three days grace, ect
25 May 2015 @ 07:05 pm
Name: Rassilon
Skype: Rassilon Alpha
Timezone: EST

What you RP:
I'm really looking at originals at this point. I can do F/M. M/M, and F/F. With a variety of special pairings. I can do almost whatever you think would be fun. Just... Keep it normal.
Characters you RP:
A variety.
Characters you’re looking to interact with:
Anyone really.

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
Umm... Come up with something.
Do you smut?:

Is there anything else you would like to add?:
I'm chill. I don't like writing a ton of stuff for no reason. I will give you plenty of stuff to work off, I hope.
25 May 2015 @ 03:43 pm
Name: Justalittlemad
LJ: This One
Email: justalittlemad13@gmail.com
Timezone: PST, I would prefer somebody close to the same timezone as myself, within a 3 or 4 hour window. This isn't a requirement, just a preference.
What you RP: Right now, I am looking for a Supernatural RP. I have a couple of uncommon pairing that I would like. I'm looking for Sam/Crowley, Sam/Lucifer, Sam/Dean, or Sam/Gabriel.
Characters you RP: I would prefer Sam and some various side characters, but I am also open to Lucifer as well.
Characters you’re looking to interact with: Any of the other characters listed in those pairings and various side characters.
Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing: I actually have a plot concept/idea to expand on for all of those pairings if you're interested in them. I also have a much more in depth and complicated plot idea for the Sam/Dean pairing.
Do you smut?: Yes, but you need to be at least 18. I would prefer somebody closer to my own age, which is 23, but I will RP with anyone at least 18.
Is there anything else you would like to add?: I only RP over email as I spend most of my time on a mobile device as I'm not always around my computer or home.
Hello! :) You may call me Hina! I’m looking for an Original, Long-Term Fantasy Rp partner! Please read this entire thing; I will try not to make it long!

About Me
Of course you already know that my name (not my real name) is Hina! :3 I’m a 20 year old female living in the CST timezone with a great love for rping! I’m a senior in college but I’m on summer break right now, leaving me with a lot of time in the day. The reason why I say ‘in the day’ is because I work from 10pm to 7am T-Sat, with Sunday and Monday nights off. I can sometimes reply to an rp on my phone during work, when I’m on breaks or at Lunch (I’m not eating at 2am :P). Besides that, I’m online just about all day and every day!

Why I Roleplay
I roleplay in order to escape from the boring realities of life and seek into collaborative stories that excite me! I love gushing over the romance of our characters, having freak outs if one of our characters are in great danger, being at the edge of my seat on surprise twists, blushing my way through sex scenes, being at ‘Ooohs’ and ‘Ahhhs’ at the many awesome characters and settings my partner tosses in, all that great stuff! I love collaborations because it allows interaction between two people’s characters and worlds. Sure I could just draw up characters and come up with backstories but there’s no true interaction in that. I love putting my thoughts into the world that we’ve created and really becoming invested in it! I love rps in which you can turn it into anything that you want, with freedom between both partners to mold the created world! I also love lucid dreaming for this very reason, because anything is possible! There is a reason why I’m only looking for 1-2 partners (though don’t let this scare you off, I may not have found the partner(s) yet!). When I’m interested in an rp, I become very invested in it! All of my ideas, whether they pop up when I’m at work or napping (hehe) go into the rp! Roleplaying is my obsessive hobby! The only barricades to the fun in this is if we, as partners, don’t understand each other! We have to be compatible as buddies and writing partners for this to work. Which is why I’ve listed some things below. :)

Age Requirements
You must be legal everywhere, which means at least 18 years old! I’d feel more comfortable if you were below 25 years old but I won’t reject you just because of that! I might accept 17 year olds, depending on how you are writing-wise.

Limits and Narrative Preferences
I have no limits other than bestiality and pedophilia between our main characters. Those themes can indeed be in the rp but just not between our main characters! For example: I will not play a 13 year old love interest to your 25 year old but you can have a 21 year old side character that’s interested in a 13 year old. Or it doesn’t even have to be a side character; whatever it is, as long as it’s not your main! I have no qualms on smut but I prefer it not to be the main point of the rp, nor the characters have some sort of sexual contact within the first few posts. When it comes to rape scenes between our characters, it must be either agreed on through OOC or consented between us without OOC. When I say the latter, I mean that if I don’t intervene the scene by saying something in OOC, that means I’m fine with it. I’m not a huge fan of love at first sight or insta-romance because I’d feel as if the relationship is too rushed. I want actual development between the characters that isn’t forced!

When it comes to narrative preference, I rp in 3rd person, paragraph form, and past tense. I do not feel like any other form of these three can clash together with this! I tried before and it just didn’t work; it became WAY too confusing. So if you’re used to rping in 1st person or script form or present tense, please do not contact me! It’s too difficult for some to make a sudden writing style transformation and I understand this so I don’t want to force you to write in a style that you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with.

What I’m Looking for in an Rp
On Writing the Rp
Ultimately I want something that feels realistic, in the way that fantasy can be realistic anyway. I’m not looking for something cliché or that doesn’t fit in the rp. For example, it comes out as cliché and cheesy if your character is walking along and stumbles upon a shiny gem that gives him/her all the powers in the world. Or if our characters are badly losing a battle and your character suddenly gains a crapload of random power to defeat the opposing side. Hm, it just feels too random.

World and Character-Building! :D One of my favorite features in freestyling! I absolutely love creating or exploring parts of the world that my partner or I create! Although I don’t go into so much detail as Tolkien with his settings, I make sure to try and paint a picture of what I’m visualizing in my head! Diversity in the world is a must! Different characters, personalities, species, cultures, etc. I’m a bit tired of the typical elf as a main character because they all end up being the same. For some, it’s elves as majestic beings that enjoy the finer things in life and some are basically humans with sharp ears. When it comes to character-building, this takes longer to do, obviously. It takes time to develop characters and really get to know them.

I’m looking for smooth transitions in the rp. For example, if there’s a battle-scene, I’d rather not the characters time-skip to a safe-place and rest. I want them to force their way to a safe-place to demonstrate that it’s not exactly easy to do this when battle-worn. I’m not a huge fan of time-skips when it’s generally inappropriate, unplanned, and not discussed between partners. Please do not think that it’s okay to randomly timeskip, regardless of intent, without consent between both partners because it kind of screws any plans up! I’d prefer nice switches between fast-paced and slow-paced scenes. Although not specifically slice of life, I would like it if the characters could have downtime once in a while!

On Pairings
I do MxF and MxM. When it comes to MxM, I can do this without mpreg or with it. But if we do mpreg, the baby cannot come out with no explanation! Hey, my major makes me a little picky on organic anatomy! XD There has to be at least a semi-realistic explanation to how that babeh’s getting out! Magic is an okay cop-out for me! I’m completely open to being the male that gets pregnant if you want me to. And if you do want this, please say so when you first contact me so that I can make a specie that it’ll work with. When it comes to MxF, I prefer to play male as a main but I can play female. I can also double but I’d rather not double at the very start of the rp. I’d rather us get used to the first two characters before entering the second set. I do not have specifics on bottoms or tops; I’d rather my partner not have specifics either!

On Plots/Freestyling and Genre
I prefer to freestyle but if you need a plot to get it going, we can come up with a starter lot. If you don’t know what freestyling is, it’s when you don’t have anything collectively planned when the rp gets started. After it begins, we can put ideas into the rp. If you have never freestyled before, it may be difficult for us to be compatible. Freestyling requires a lot of things that plotting does not need, one including great flexibility with characters. For example, if you create a main character that cannot live outside of the ocean, that character will handicap the rp by limiting it only to that one place. I love dark themes and great twists in rps! I don’t know why dark themes are appealing to me but maybe it’s the same reason why I love Springtrap from FNAF3 and Pyramid Head from SH. >.> By the way, if you do need a starter plot, we need to come up with something that’s open. So I’d rather not a plot that’s basically School for Gifted Children or Stuck on an Unfamiliar Island. Plots like that don’t work for me because they’re too closed. We can do something like Human Enters Other World or Otherworldy Being Enters Human World if you want but ultimately I hope that they become even more open than that! If we do these, I might be more inclined to playing as the Otherwordly Being. XD Just be prepared for that if we do on one of those two because I tend not to play humans as my main character. We can talk things through in OOC or just let it all happens as it goes but I’m not a huge fan of discussing the entire rp/creating the entire world at one time in OOC.

Everyone knows what Fantasy is, right? It seems like everyone has at least a general idea but my idea of fantasy isn’t just magic, supernatural beings (vampires, werewolves, etc), and generally impossible things. It’s lore, myths, imagination, stylized creationism (not biblical), etc. It’s so much more than just people with powers! This rp can range from High, Semi-, or Low Fantasy but I do not do urban fantasy as the main theme!

What I’m Looking for in a Partner
On Frequency and Availability
If you cannot be active, please do not contact me! I become disinterested in an rp if I get a reply only once or twice a week. I understand that people have lives (we all do, minor or not) and this is why I’m searching for someone who is at least somewhat active. Basically, I’m looking for someone who’s dedicated to a long-term rp and can do more than just drop a few replies a week. As I will, please notify me if you cannot reply that day. If you’re sick, you don’t have to notify me immediately because I understand that some illnesses just drain your energy! But mind that if you’re gone a week without a reply (and I mean randomly, not being sick or something), I will assume that you’ve become uninterested and have dropped the rp. If you return after one or two weeks, I may or may not want to continue the rp.

On Demeanor and Limits
I’m looking for someone who is nice and non-demanding! I’d rather not someone who just seems overall boring and uninteresting because it makes me think that you may not be able to make the rp interesting. You don’t have to be hyper like me but I’d hope that you’re fun! I’ve deliberately cut back on smilies in this post to make it shorter but I’m generally a laidback and bubbly person. Please do not demand that I reply or act as if your time is more valuable than mine. I’ve come across some people who get annoyed if I can’t chat with them at a certain time or who act as if they have a right to know my schedule. I will drop you like a hot plate if you act like this! And please no pet-names like “babe” or “hun,” especially if you’re male! Regardless of intent, it’s kinda creepy if you’re a guy and naming women on the internet like this. Please be open to OOC chatting! We can chat on Gmail’s Chat or Google Drive if you want but I am more comfortable just doing email. For the rp, my medium is Email and nothing else.

I prefer someone with few limits! If you have a limit that I cannot clash with (such as fading to black or not being able to handle cursing), I will decline you.

On Writing
I’m looking for someone who is descriptive but doesn’t do purple-prose! Who can be lengthy if he/she needs to but doesn’t have to! And of course, someone who Shows and Doesn’t Tell. Please do not come to me if you don’t know what that is or don’t have a good understanding of it. I need to know what your character looks like (no face claims or anime pictures), what the environment looks like, etc. I will not spoonfeed you information in the rp but I also won’t make anything difficult so please do not ask me anything like, “So what would he/she like for Christmas?” If the characters are gifting each other, surely they must know each other at least a little bit to figure this stuff out! Please do not give me one-liners or less than one paragraph. If I write 5 paragraphs, please try to match me at least a little. You don’t have to write exactly 5 paragraphs but don’t give me only 1 paragraph in response to it because it took me effort to write that much. When I write a lot, it’s because there’s info in there, not just to spread things out. For example, my intro tends to be a bit long. If you provide a lot of writing, please don’t let it be fluff. Such as, writing out the character cooking, then taking a bath, then reading a book, then staring into the stars. At certain times, such as when a character is pondering r worrying or something throughout the day, this is appropriate! But when it comes to an intro or a random post, it gives off the feel that you’re writing for quantity instead of quality. I believe in Quality and Quantity! Also, Paragraph Breaks! Please know what they are but also don’t abuse them! One or two sentences generally does not need a paragraph break. That’s just wasting space. Dialogue requires paragraph breaks. Please do not have two or three people speaking and squish the dialogue into one paragraph. Every piece of speech gets its own paragraph, except in cases where the same character is still talking (every utterance by a different character requires a paragraph break).

On Godmodding and Metagaming
Please no godmodding or hijacking characters! This means do not play as any of the characters that I play unless you ask and I give you permission. Not even the bald guy that I toss into a bar and get into a fight; don’t even control him! You may also not assume relationships unless it’s agreed or appropriate. When I say appropriate, if my character says, for example, that his mother was a whore and probably had more children than she could count with different men, then you’re fine with bringing up a character that’s my character’s brother or sister! Or if my character has cheated on his ex-wife with many women on drunken occasions, I’m fine with you making your character one of the many women he’d slept with while he was drunk. But if my character says that she doesn’t have any siblings, please do not create a character that is her sibling. With metagaming, I do not appreciate you taking information from OOC or narrative and putting it into the rp. You cannot take from my character’s thoughts that she’s hiding an object in a drawer and then let your character find the hidden item in that drawer.

On Grammar and Spelling
Please use appropriate spelling and grammar! Do not come to me if you’re not confident in these skills. I understand that we all make mistakes so I’m not at all asking for someone who’s perfect in grammar/spelling. But I’m asking for someone who, if they catch a mistake, will correct it before sending their post to me. I’m not a believer in “As long as you can understand it, then it’s fine!” Because it’s not “fine” for me. I will not correct you because we do sometimes make slipups. But if it’s obvious that your spelling/grammar skills will be a problem, I may not be interested in rping with you.

What I’m Looking for in a Character
On Original Characters
In this rp, the characters must be Original Characters! I do not want to rp as, with, or against a Fandom character or in a Fandom setting. Please do not play as an Elf specie that was originated/inspired from Tolkien’s universe, for example. If you have a premade character, please make sure that they are appropriate to the rp (the ocean example above) and do not expect me to create a character that will specifically match yours. I will not create a “Dave” to your “Mimi.” If you’re afraid that the characters will not mesh, create or use another character. I also do not share character biographies because I’d rather us explore both of our characters within the rp. This also means that I’d rather you not info-dump your character’s information on me through OOC or intro post. Info-dumping doesn’t allow the reader to learn anything about your character within the rp because we’re basically reading about it instead of the character we play finding out about it. It makes it feel like you’re narrating to me instead of your character telling this to my character. Occasional bits of information is fine but revealers like your character’s mother being a Witch Queen, for example, kind of ruins the shock factor because I would know before my character does. And then I have to sit with that info until your character tells mine before I can utilize it. XD Please no mary-sue/gary-stue characters. Surely we all know what this means by now! Please no main characters that are “wise” if you don’t know how to play as them. To me, roleplaying characters requires a certain amount of acting skill so if you can’t act as if you’re wise, your character definitely won’t come off as one harboring wisdom. One thing people who like making wise characters like to do is to make their characters like, 4,000 years old. It just makes me facepalm, really. XP And I would rather not have main characters who are as stacked with powers as a high-school mum at the very beginning of the rp. I need round characters, not flat ones with only one trait and mode of expression! If I feel like your character is too flat, I may be less inclined to want to rp. I will not drop you immediately but I will want to offer a little warning. And please don’t have characters that aren’t reactive. For example: A reptilian monster would come out of the gravel and a male character witnesses a small, seemingly frail child scare it off by injuring it by sling-shotting rocks at its vital points. The un-reactive male would just shrug or not say/think anything about it. That’s really annoying because it’s unrealistic. I wouldn’t expect the male character to gush and go, “OMG WTF HOW’D YOU DO THAT THAT’S AMAZINGAHOUHEFUAFA” cause that’s…kinda unrealistic too (unless it’s a really excitable guy XDD Then that’s different!) but I’d expect a realistic expression to something that’s not exactly common. From what I’ve come across, some people who play un-reactive characters are the ones that want their characters to be in the spotlight all the time. We need to share this rp, hence collaboration! Take turns playing out ideas and such!

Worlds and Settings
I’d rather not have a specific setting for the entire world; I want diverse cultures and settings that makes the world feel like an actual one. For example, the architecture of USA buildings is different from that of Japan. We can have different settings or even mesh them; we can have Victorian in one place, Medieval in another, etc. When it comes to settings you’ve made up, make it feel like a real place instead of just saying, “There was a large city surrounded by mountains in the distance.” Describe it at least a little bit! And when I mention diverse species and cultures, I don’t mean just elves, orcs, furries, etc. Not to say that they’re boring species but they’re all generally overused. If you want to create a species, take some time within the rp to develop them! :D Please do not come to me with a world that you've already set up because it takes the fun out of the other partner being able to create different things ;^; And no offense, but I also don't want to basically plop my characters into the novel/book/short story you're writing on your free time :P

Contacting Me
Whoo, finally done! I hate that it’s so long, especially when I tried so hard to minimize explanations, but this is what happened. XP Thank you for those who actually read this! As I said above, if you didn’t, I may not want to rp with you! The read’s worth it, I promise!
I do not rp on Skype, Google Drive, AIM, IM, GChat, etc. I will use Gmail Chat, Email (of course), and Google Drive for chatting but that’s about it. For my medium, it’s ultimately Email.

When you email me, please put in these supporting details:
1) Age
2) Timezone
3) MxM (with or without mpreg) or MxF and what gender you want
4) Writing Sample
I’m putting these in here because I’ve seen many people do this and I figure that it’s to break the some ice? Or to get the information that could easily be forgotten in the first contact. XD But I want a writing sample so that we can both get a good taste of each other’s styles. If we’re not compatible as writers, we shouldn’t rp. If your style’s okay but could use some work, I won’t reject you just because of that! What I’m looking for in writing style is descriptiveness, grammar/spelling, and use in dialogue. You can use a writing sample from a previous rp or make one up but please let it represent your true writing ability. So don’t use a post from a year ago! And please let the sample be more than one paragraph. If it’s less, I will assume that that’s your usual capability and reject you. I will give you a writing sample as well. I’m not looking for people who are professional writers, of course! I’m just looking for people who can, well, write! XD If you don’t include these four things in your first email, you will most likely be ignored because it will be obvious that you didn’t read this. :P