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21 October 2016 @ 01:08 am
Hello, I'm just the video game nerd living around the corner who is a little shy but when we click you will see a different side of me. I'm some times random I love random things and funny memes.

Unfortunately, I only role play over e-mail I don't feel comfortable with instant messaging programs like Kik or Skype. I'm usually available through the day but it varies, I'll let you know when I'm online.

E-mail: doctor_pepper_fan@hotmail.com
Time Zone:PST
Characters I play: Rick, Carl, Shane, Lori, Andrea
Daryl x Rick
Carl x Lydia
Rick x OC
Shane x Lori
Michonne x Andrea
Rick x Lori
Hello! I am an experienced and literate role player, and I prefer people who share those qualities. I am looking for roleplayers who are willing to take the role of certain characters who will be paired up with my oc. Here, I will post a list.
Black Butler: Sebastian, Ciel
Ouran High School Host Club: Kyoya, one or both of the Hitachi twins
Inuyasha: Sesshomaru
Soul Eater: Death the Kid
Kamisama Kiss: Tomoe
Fairy Tail: Gray
Seven Deadly Sins: Ban
My Little Monster: Haru
One Punch Man: Genos
Karnival: Gareki
Hero Academy: Bakugou, Dabi
Tokyo Ghoul: Kaneki, Ayato
Blue Exorcist: Rin, Mephisto
Magi: Judar
Hooziki no Retetsiu: Hozuki
Gintama: Gintoki
DRAMatical Murder: Aoba, Noiz, Clear
Space Dandy: Dandy
Attack on Titan: Levi
Well, that's all I can think about for now. If you play any of these characters and are interested, shoot me a kik message at: Melody.loves.music
21 October 2016 @ 06:12 am
A wonderful good morning/day/evening/night

I'm Kurou and I just got a craving that's not really fleshed out at all.
Watching the new Touken Ranbu Hanamaru Anime and playing the Touken Ranbu game I got this strange craving of having either Kashuu Kiyomitsu or Yamatonokami Yasusada meet their master Okita Souji (Who could either be from from the Hakuouki series or an original interpretation)

For this I don't really have a story but I'd love to have a nice mixture of story and dirty fun with bot parties being switcher thought I guess with the sword that's been choosen with a slight tendency to bottom.

Btw I'd like to play the sword but I'm fine to play another Shinsengumi man if you want to double. Hijikata would be a nice choice since his swords are also in the game but I'm sure we can make up something for somebody else (Saitou would be interesting for example)

If you are interested you can reach me at yamane.kurou[at]gmail.com
20 October 2016 @ 10:13 pm
I'm so late to join in on the amazingness that is Voltron!! I'm like, the only person in my group of friends that has seen it and I've been craving to do an RP with it since I started watching it! :D I'm hoping to find a romance-centered roleplay, preferably in the canon universe of the show just because I think there's so much we can do with it. I enjoy a multitude of genres- anything from angst, fluff, hurt/comfort, you name it so feel free to share any ideas if you have any! Also, if you'd like to include any smut scenes in the RP, please tell me your age when you send your first email my way. As much as I love smut, I will only include it if you are over 18 years of age! Also, I'd prefer if smut is not the entirety of the RP XD

Characters I can play: Keith <3, Lance, and I may be convinced to play Pidge
Pairings I like: Shiro/Keith, Lance/Keith, Shiro/Pidge

If you're interested, just send an email my way! We can discuss plots and stuff when you message me ^^ My email is: fadingsunset34@gmail.com
20 October 2016 @ 06:12 pm

Who I am
You can call me Blue, or Fluffy, whichever you prefer. I'm 19, soon to be college student with plenty of time on my hands. I am a female and I prefer to rp with other females, sorry! I'm just more comfortable that way.

I write in third person present tense. I usually try to match my partner's lengths, but I can go anywhere from 250-1000 words depending upon what I'm given to work with or write against. But this being said, I'm a casual rper, I write for fun and I would rather write with somebody who doesn't feel pressured to give me a book every single reply.

I only write with people over the age of 18. I do write explicit scenes, and I enjoy a good portion of mature themes in rps (mild gore, sex, things just generally not for people under the age of 18).

What I write
I only do original characters. But that being said, I am not against canon settings. I do have a handful I'd like to try out, and I will list them.

For original settings, I would like to do world building together. I don't do any of that "i don't know, what do you think", I want to hear your ideas too!!
But that being said, I'll throw out some of my own ideas.

I'm a sucker for a good old opposites attract scenario with twists. Florist opens a shop across from a tattoo parlor, the nerd and the jock. But with different twists that can make them more than a story that would be boring. The florist is secretly a werewolf and that's the reason they are always heading home early. The jock and the nerd do like each other but they always seem to meet in the worst situations.

Another idea I'd love to try is a healthy BDSM relationship. An actual full relationship that doesn't only revolve around sex. I myself and knowledgeable about these things if you'd be interested.

Artist/muse; I'd like to play an artist character, who happens to fall helplessly head over heels for a muse. This can be most anything.

Adventurer/person being dragged along on those adventures. Treasure hunter, monster researcher, anything goes!

Dystopian setting perhaps?

Fandoms I wouldn't mind dabbling in:

Haikyuu!! (I'm a sucker for school sports clubs what can I say?)


Until Dawn

Tokyo Ghoul


Marvel movie/comic universe (I'd love to play my own idea of Peter Parker)

Sons of Anarchy

Star Wars

Characters I play
I play male and female characters. Anywhere from 15-35 in age. I can double or triple. I prefer playing M/M or M/F. I prefer playing females in M/F or I can double, but it's been forever and a day since I've done M/F.
As for M/M, I play switches. I don't do bottom/tops (please don't even come to me with the terms seme/uke unless you want my face to melt back into my skull).
I don't do huge age gaps in relationships, and I prefer for them to be happy and healthy.

I don't have many pet peeves, but I guess you can say the one biggest no is: I don't like love triangles. If you make a character who your character has a crush on or vice-versa.

How to contact me
You can contact me on my email (it's where I prefer to write!): Fluffyadventurer@yahoo.com
Current Mood: Adventurous
20 October 2016 @ 05:09 pm
Hello, I'm Zeal.

The Basics
MxM and MxF (Maybe FxF if I'm convinced with a good plot)
Third person
Past tense
Responses range depending on what I'm given
Long-term rps
I do smut, but NOT as a main focus.
Kinks don't really bother me besides potty play. I've done rps with incest, mpreg, yah name it.
To follow up on that, I'm legal.... ohohoho
I rp as seme/uke/seke
I will not be your seme boy though. I'll be a seme, but throw me a bone and let me be other roles as well.
I like romance to be in the rps if it isn't obvious.
I'm usually free and respond frequently. No life
My time zone is EST
I can play multiple stories or characters at once.

If you decide to message me, tell me a basic introduction of what you're interested in, please.
And if you have any questions for me feel free to ask.

Kik: Masterzeal
Email: masterzealous@gmail.com
Kik is preferred

Thank you for your time~

Well, hello there, everyone!

You can call me James. I’m 23 years old, RPing for the past six or seven years. My style is third person, past tense, the-more-written-the-better. That means I’ll have no problem sending and recieving a few shorter replies every now and then when the plot/action calls for it, but I’ll generally strive to give multi-para replies.

My preferred pairing is M/F (with me playing as the male main) but I can double on occasion, if the plot calls for it. I’d strongly prefer to RP with female roleplayers.

I’m on the GMT +2 timezone, if you care. You can expect me to reply daily, or, in the worst case scenario - once or twice a week. I will try to let you know if something’s happening in my life that will keep me from replying. English is not my first language, but no one complained yet about my writing! :) I do try hard to write well, and this is not an issue at all.

Now, if we’re talking fandoms, I have one big craving at the moment: Batman. Basically, if you’re into the fandom, send a messgage, and we’ll brainstorm! I’m pretty much open for suggestions. I have an inkling of an idea for a Harley/Jason RP. I also have an original idea for a Bruce/Pamela RP. Yep, Pamela. The premise is that Pamela is brought to a hospital after her incident with Woodrue. Bruce, as the main donor of the hospital, in his first years as Batman, takes an interest in her, hoping to assist her recovery and turn her into a role model/symbol of hope for Gotham. However, Pamela’s descent to madness and villainy is inevitable, and Bruce might have an accidental part in that, too. I’d love to RP this thing as a slow burn action/tragedy/drama, exploring our own OC (R-Rated, gritty, dark) Gotham and other characters in it, depicting Pamela’s journey. This is a plot I'm really, really craving to play. Really.

Regarding OC’s, I have one RP I’m really craving, a Neo-Noir plot. Here's the basic premise: A police detective on a years-long manhunt after a serial killer. The department has no information about the identity of the killer. The only thing that connects the murders is a sign the killer leaves - a specific kind of cut - for example. The Police Department hires a psychologist as a counselor in the case: Either a trauma counselor, to help them deal with the gruesome cases, or as a criminal profiler that will help them catch the killer. Our police detective - the head of the squad in charge of finding the killer - isn't too appreciative of the newest addition. He's been in the streets for 15 years or so, rough around the edges, cynical and sarcastic. His marriage and his personality aren't stable. So he tangles with the psychologist in an affair, not knowing she's the serial killer he's been looking for all along.

You can imagine this kind of story might involve copious amounts of smut, mind games, violence, gore and all those dark-yet-fun adult themes.

Now, about Smut and limits: I am of legal age in my country. I do not hesitate to write smut (even though I prefer not to RP PWP) and limits in the smut context can be discussed privately. Regarding drugs, violence, language etc, I don’t have limits and I can handle anything. If you contact me, please be over 18.

You can send me a message on odroleplay@gmail.com, and then we can chat, plot and brainstorm! I might be convinced to switch to skype or Gdocs, but we have to talk a little over e-mail first. :)

That’s all, folks! Have a great weekend!

20 October 2016 @ 08:50 pm
Hey, it's Mal here with some various calls for RP! (I'm a 27 year old transmale living in the UK, if it matters XD)

First up, I've been recently indulging my inner anime trash child and rewatching some of Naruto - finally trying to finish the damn thing. So far I've only got as far into the climax as Obito becoming the Ten-Tails jinchurriki and Sasuke getting off his narrow ass to help out, but I've read the cliffnotes of what happens next and know the bare bones of it, at least.

My favourite characters to play have always been Naruto himself - a good Sasuke player is ALWAYS appreciated, I ship those two pitch as tar and twice as hot - and the Ame Trio (that's Konan, Yahiko, and Nagato of Pain fame).

Failing that, it would be really interesting to start again with some OCS – I have a new jinchurriki for the Nibi, for one, and a couple of kiri-nin I never got to try out back in the day :3

Secondly, I would REALLY love to play some Voltron RP with someone! I can do Hunk, Keith, Shiro, and Pidge (who I play as trans, if that's alright with you.) I'd love me some worldbuilding and xenobiology headcanons – I particularly ship Keith/Lance (the more rivally and rough the better, although I've had my fill of these two as of late) Shiro/Allura, and Hunk/Shay. Tbh I could really use some Shiro hurt/comfort, that would be amazing.

(Also I had a weird dream last night that the Altean people were actually alive and being enslaved by Earth forces who suddenly had FTL travel and the tech to stand up to Voltron if necessary? Idk, maybe that could be a plot idea XD)

Thirdly, I WANNA PLAY GEMSONAS WITH SOMEONE. I have a Citrine footsoldier, a Mistake (Druzy Quartz, if you catch that drift) as well as a Sapphire kind-of office worker and her Seed Pearl. Pre-Steven Universe or same Era Homeworld or else back during the Gem War, may it please ya. Also, if you have original ideas about Gem physiology and makeup, I would love to hear them. (Suffice to say I mislike some fandom ideas about them conforming to the human idea of 'female', put it that way :/)

Lastly, if you're not looking for anything fandom-shaped, please check out my merfolk setting and tag on my RP ideas blog.

Some notes: I usually try to at least check in with my RP partner daily, and it would be cool if that was mutual. I don't necessarily expect daily posting, especially if you're sick or busy, or if I'm sick or busy - hell, I had one partner where WEEKS would go by between our posts and that was awesome because we'd just read back and know what we were doing - but I love talking to my RP partners and getting to know them as friends!

Nothing would make me happier than someone who doesn't hear from me for a few days and drops a line to check that I'm still breathing. I do it all the time for my current partners, and while sometimes I've deliberately dropped a thread because I can't think of what to post/ I've run into a block, it would be much easier to get back on the proverbial equine if I knew that my partner was still interested, too! Instead of just radio silence and me having to make the first move all the time.

Dude, I will TELL you if I don't want to play with you any more. If I've gone silent it's usually just spoons, and knowing someone else gives a shit helps A LOT.

Finally, PLEASE APPROACH ME WITH YOUR OWN PLOT BUNNIES AND IDEAS. Nothing wears me down faster than someone going 'I dunno, what do you wanna do'. This trip oughta be a Fusion, not just two dumbasses who don't know their elbow from their excretion chute XD

Anyways, if any of that interested you and you think you can handle this hot mess, contact me at:

My email: bastloki@gmail.com

or Skype: lilacsofthedead (PLEASE tell me where you found my handle in your contacting message – I have bad experiences with spambots)

I only RP via gdocs or email, but I REALLY love getting to know you over IM, and I find I actually click with people better in realtime, you know?

Good hunting!
20 October 2016 @ 02:37 pm
mystic messenger
crimson peak/gothic horror/romance
wwi/wwii romance-y stuff

hey hi howdy. thanks for coming by.

a little about me:
⦁ call me rae.
⦁ 24 year old unemployed temporarily full-time employed grad student with too much time on my hands.
⦁ GMT-4
⦁ my preferred roleplay medium is emails with ooc over skype but i can probably be talked into gdocs, discord, private forums, or some other platform. however, you'll have to email me first to discuss.
⦁ i write third-person paragraph-style. my intros generally range from 700-1000 words per character and my replies 200-500 words per character. depends on what we decide.
⦁ largely craving mxf but if we are doubling and you would like a m// or f// ship that's fine by me. if we are not doubling i play a female main.
⦁ i have no limits except the usually underage/non-con/toilet stuff.
you must be 18+. this has not so much to do with content as with the fact that i'm a 24 year old adult.
⦁ tangentially related but i'm a giant nerd for romance. give me romance and i will give you my whole heart. i am also always seeking the sex/drama/angst trifecta.
⦁ i'm fairly active. i can usually get out a mid-size reply a day. i'd like to get a few responses a week.
⦁ i'm ditcher-friendly. life happens. i won't come after you.
⦁ i like using faceclaims, though they must be of real people (actors and models) with the exception of vg fandoms ofc. please feel free to request a specific fc from me. i'm almost always happy to oblige.

all my fandoms and ships are listed alphabetically under the spoiler. characters i prefer to play are listed in italics and favourite ships are marked with an * asterisk. just because i haven't listed a character or ship does not mean i'm not interested, so unless i say otherwise feel free to ask me about it!
[click me]
the borgias
cesare x oc*
cesare x lucrezia*
juan x oc
juan x giulia
juan x sancia
rodrigo x oc
rodrigo x giulia
micheletto x oc (m//)
other ships i can't think of idk suggest

crimson peak
thomas x oc*
ghost!thomas x oc
alan x edith
alan x oc
lucille x edith
lucille x oc (f// only)*

dragon age
alistair x f!warden
cullen x inquisitor
cullen x amell
cullen x f!hawke*
anders x f!hawke
anders x amell
solas x lavellan
dorian x m!inquisitor*
blackwall x inquisitor
leliana x f!warden
leliana x f!inquisitor
nathaniel x warden
nathaniel x oc

this is honestly just a sampling. i am willing to play basically any canon from tamlen to samson to michel de chevin that your soul
desires. the only characters i definitely won't play are bull and solas. i am reluctant to play fenris and zev at the moment, but if you
have a cool plot i can see what i can do.

i love everything about these games and i love au's and honestly just lay it on me. i love modern au's, i love what if's, i love it all. gimme the dragon age.

diaval x oc*
diaval x older!aurora*
phillip x oc
phillip x aurora
oc x oc

marvel cinematic universe
steve x oc*
steve x wanda
bucky x oc
loki x oc*
pietro x oc
thor x oc

i need to be so so clear that this list encapsulates all the characters i am willing to play and all the characters i am interested in playing against. i will ONLY play steve, pietro, and thor and i am ONLY interested in playing against bucky, loki, and pietro (the exception being if you want to pay a canon against one of my canons). i do like the other characters i just have no interest in roleplaying them or aganst them. we'd have to do some pretty intense plotting to get me into this as i've burnt out on mcu a little. i love au's, so feel free to lay them on me.

i am NOT interested in doing any crossovers with x-men or guardians of the galaxy please do not ask.

mystic messenger

jumin x oc*
zen x oc
yoosung x oc
jaehee x oc
seven x oc*

i've done jumin, zen, yoosung, and seven's good ending routes and am familiar with the other endings. i'd most like someone to play jumin or seven for me. i can play anyone in return, includin v and possibly saeran. i would rather this be set after the game or an au since i'm not big on chatplay~
pacific rim
chuck x oc*
raleigh x oc
raleigh x mako
yancy x oc
herc x oc

i will absolutely not play newt or hermann, sorry.

snow white & the huntsman/the huntsman: winter's war
eric x oc
eric x sara
eric x snow
william x snow
william x oc
oc x oc

i'm more interested in oc shenanigans in this verse than canon but i'm happy to play canon for you.

wallander (bbc)
magnus martinsson x oc
magnus martinsson x linda wallander
kurt wallander x oc

i've seen the first three seasons. i just. really love magnus.

i'm gonna be real honest. i don't actually have any plots. what i'm gonna do instead is list some "settings" and then throw a bunch of key words under the spoiler. from there we can sort thing out. the keywords i'm most interested in are italicized. i've also listed some looser ideas/pairing below.
[click me]
espionage & murder
media inspo:
bond films ⦁ the night manager/anything by le carre ⦁ wallander ⦁ the hour ⦁ the man from U.N.C.L.E ⦁ tinker tailor soldier spy ⦁ kingsmen ⦁ hinterland/y gwyll ⦁ the third man ⦁ casablanca ⦁ etc.

cold war ⦁ modern espionage ⦁ murder ⦁ detectives ⦁ scotland yard ⦁ international intrigue ⦁ arms dealing ⦁ perfect crime gone wrong ⦁ seemingly straightforward case leads to huge conspiracy ⦁ mistresses ⦁ falling for a suspect ⦁ undercover forbidden romancejetsetting exotic localespartners in crime/justice double agents bond girls who are more badass than bond ⦁ affairs ⦁ ordinary life turned upsidedown ⦁ ex-soldier/cop pulled back into the game ⦁ "you killed my family." ⦁ justice or vengeance ⦁ assassins ⦁ no one you can trust ⦁ corrupt officials ⦁ romance tom hiddleston's face ⦁ organized crime ⦁ old flames ⦁ kidnapping ⦁ betrayal ⦁ trafficking ⦁ framed ⦁ prisoner of war ⦁ love in a time of _____ ⦁ luxury ⦁ warzones ⦁ wwi ⦁ wwii

this can be modern or 20th century.

period drama
media inspo:
pride and prejudice ⦁ sense and sensibility ⦁ northanger abbey ⦁ persuasion ⦁ emma ⦁ mansfield park ⦁ jane eyre ⦁ wuthering heights ⦁ the tenant of wildfell hall ⦁ cranford / return to cranford ⦁ north and south ⦁ crimson peak ⦁ great expectations ⦁ bright star ⦁ liaisons dangereuses ⦁ vanity fair ⦁ the duchess ⦁ wives and daughters ⦁ in secret ⦁ the paradise ⦁ madame bovary ⦁ etc.

fallen fortunes ⦁ marrying for money ⦁ arranged marriages ⦁ class difference old flames ⦁ marrying for love (and regretting it) ⦁ ancestral estates ⦁ country cottages ⦁ napoleonic wars ⦁ the seaside ⦁ disappointed love ⦁ childhood friends ⦁ orphans ⦁ small towns where everyone knows everyone's business ⦁ moving from the countryside to the city (or vice versa) ⦁ old money vs. new money ⦁ young widows / widowers ⦁ adultery bored aristocrats grand tours ⦁ young love ⦁ balls ⦁ secret meetings ⦁ love letters ⦁ english moors ⦁ family secrets ⦁ miscommunication ⦁ sexual tensionlove / hate relationships ⦁ industrial revolution ⦁ repression

this can be late-18th century, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian, WWI, or 1920s.

gothic horror/romance
please see the keywords above and throw in:
(literal) skeletons in the closet ⦁ family secrets ⦁ faded aristocracy ⦁ murder ⦁ siblings who are a little too close ⦁ ghosts, real or imagined ⦁ housekeepers who know more than they seem ⦁ crumbling manors isolation ⦁ trauma ⦁ sex sex sex ⦁ hidden identities ⦁ heaving bodices ⦁ psychological terror ⦁ madness ⦁ asylums ⦁ witchcraft

what is says on the tin fam. love me some wartime romances.

homefront ⦁ french countryside ⦁ a very long engagement (both the movie and... a very long engagement) ⦁ english countryside ⦁ london under the blitz ⦁ train stations ⦁ long goodbyes ⦁ love letters ⦁ "i'll wait for you" ⦁ young widowswounded soldiers ⦁ nurses ⦁ axis soldier x allied civilian ⦁ badass military women ⦁ smokey lounges ⦁ adultery ⦁ "he told me to look after you" ⦁ war brides

autumn ⦁ coffee shops ⦁ hades & persephone au ⦁ tourist/college exchange student x local ⦁ undercover royalty ⦁ tom hiddleston's face ⦁ soldier x s.o. ⦁ summer love ⦁ old flames ⦁ one night stand turned not one night stand ⦁ bridesmaid x groom ⦁ bride x groomsman ⦁ troubled marriage ⦁ winter ⦁ small town drama ⦁ super rich 20 somethings who own social media and are definitely going to die young ⦁ something with biker gangs set to halsey and hozier ⦁ babies and family fluff?? maybe

if you've come this far and still want to get in touch, please send an email to snoufleurs@gmail.com. from there i can give you my skype or whatever else you require to start planning and get something going!
20 October 2016 @ 12:32 pm
Hi there, I'm really craving some f/f (yrui) right now. I'm dying to RP a high school slice of life scenario involving two girls falling in love! I have a few different directions to take the plot in, if you wana hear more.

I'm mostly looking for vanilla slice of life high school shenanigans complete with yuri anime style school uniforms and all! HOWEVER if you want some fantasy elements, I'd love to do something with Magical Girls (ala Madoka/Pretty Cure/etc.) to spice up the high school romance if you don't like vanilla slice of life in your yuri.

As far as kinks and smut goes, my limits are your limits, but in particular for kinks I'd love to find someone who's okay with, among other things, bondage, possible dubcon/noncon, and maybe even threesomes/group sex, along with girls fightign and wrestling around.

If anyone is itnerested, I play by e-mail. granis25@gmail.com