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27 June 2016 @ 02:07 pm
Just like my FE:F search, I'm going to make this short, sweet, and to the point.

I'm here for an Overwatch RP of Hanzo Shimada and Jesse Mcree. Preferably canon-verse but I'm down for a good AU if you've got one. If not, we can come up with something following the lore of the game itself (which I'm still catching up on.)

This would be long term over email or skype with a few paragraphs per post and I am willing to play either party. Given the nature of Overwatch, please be prepared to play some NPCs as the situation calls for it, either fellow Overwatch members or enemy masterminds and I will do the same. We can include some side romances too (PhaMercy, Reaper76, etc.) but the main focus is gonna be McHanzo.

This will be plot based but will likely have some smut when the situation calls for. Smut will not be the focus whatsoever.

Comment/Contact me here if you're interested.
I also play on PS4, currently level 32 if you need some friends. PSN: HairlessRaptor
27 June 2016 @ 11:06 am
Hey ya'll, I'm back and looking for a new partner or two! For most of the cravings listed below I have at least a basic plot idea or a character to play. I love working together and developing a story, don't make me do all the work!

I'm looking for M/M only. Multi-paragraph, third person style preferred. Hoping to find someone who loves detail and character development as much as I do. Don't be shy to shoot me a message if you have an idea you think I'll like, I love to chat OOC and plot and fangirl and be friendly. Please be over 20, as I prefer dark themes and smutty stuff.

Email me - a.curious.heartt{at}gmail !

Forbidden romance
Human trafficking
A/B/O (though I'm very new to this)

Age gap
Abusive relationships
Knife play
Praise kink

Kiddie stuff (12 and under)
27 June 2016 @ 11:28 am
About me:
Hi! Nice to meet you. :)
My name is Arlequin not really obviously as that would be very strange in real life, and I'm a mid-twenties female who does have a job, but with too much free time and the need for creativity on their hands.
My writing style is third-person, past tense and I prefer at least a paragraph as one-liners really kill the mood quickly.

What am I looking for?
~ A partner that ideally is over 21 years of age.
~ Someone who doesn't mind writing over e-mail. (I have AIM/Skype, but please ask me about it.)
~ Third person, past tense and at least a paragraph preferred.
~ m/m or m/f pairings (I don't mind playing either m or f in that setting).
~ Someone who actually contributes to the story out of their own rather than just rolling along endlessly.

What kind of genres am I interested in?
~ Sci-fi (think aliens, not colony building)
~ Supernatural (vampires, werewolves, angels, demons... etc.)
~ Fantasy (elves, mermaids, etc.)
~ Slice-of-life (but please do have a good idea for this..)

Any fandoms?
Not at the moment, sorry!

Any specific storyline ideas?
~ 01 - Hospital #01
In this scenario I would like to play one of my two doctor/surgeon characters. (They each have a faceclaim, but I can live with a description just fine! I will also explain them further if you're interested in this.)
The doctor/surgeon would be rather overworked and probably quite stressed. Because of that they're not the nicest person in the world, but they'd be the specialist your character either gets referred to, or a visitor to a relative/friend who is treated by the specialist. Or perhaps they can run into each other outside of the hospital for whatever reason, feel free to suggest me ideas for this!

~ 02 - Hospital #02
Opposed to the idea above, the roles are reversed here. With you playing a doctor/nurse (m or f) and me playing the patient.
A large accident happened while your character was on duty, and they are asked to stay a little longer to assist even though only one patient will be brought in for treatment. The patient is in really bad shape and needs constant surveillance in order for him to not die. At first they obviously wouldn't be very responsive, but since it's a longer treatment period because of his injuries a relationship slowly forms between them, eventually resulting in contact outside of the hospital as well. My character will eventually resume his career in music even from the hospital already, but still make time for yours obviously!

~ 03 - The geisha
I think there are several options for this one... The only catch in each scenario: it's not a woman. It's a man.
01 - The geisha comes to live with your character as some kind of gift to the father of your character, who either has no idea or knows very well what this is all about.
02 - The geisha comes to live in the neighborhood where your character lives, either as a mailorder bride or as a gift to a man of any age (over though 25 please...).
03 - On a rainy night there suddenly is a strange noise outside of the front door of your character's home. Your character might think of a burglar first, but since no effort to come inside is made, they shrug it off as being nothing. Later the doorbell rings and a man who seems irritated above anything else asks if your character has seen a geisha around, which they haven't. The man leaves, and not long after that your character either goes outside to walk their dog, or to throw out the trash, something anyway, to find the missing geisha hidden somewhere on their property. Completely soaked and freezing obviously. Will your character bring 'her' back to the man that was on their doorstep earlier, or take them into their home themselves? That's up to you!

But! I am in no way limited to these three ideas. These were merely some suggestions to get you started. If this ad inspired you in any way, please do not hesitate to throw it my way!

Thoughts on smut?
I'm absolutely not against it, but for a reason please. I'm not a big fan of PwP in any way, and I don't fade to black. Also, smut is only possible with people over 21 because it will make me very uncomfortable otherwise.
Besides, doing my day-job from jail would also be slightly problematic for my financial situation.

Anything else?
If I forgot anything, I'm sorry. Please ask me about it in your initial contact post and I will do my very best to give you an answer! Also, please introduce yourself a bit, as messages like 'hi wanna rp?' will more than likely be ignored... ^-^;

Contact information:
E-mail: xnanatsunotaizai@gmail.com
27 June 2016 @ 11:49 am
Hello! Since the Summer is here and I have more free time, I m seeking for a roleplay partner!

How I RP:

- Past tense, third person,
- Paragraph style,
- I reply one, but most of the times more times a day,
- Only on email.

Smut? Yes, I smut.
Limits: Mpreg, gore, toilet-play, death.

I have a couple of ideas from a few fandoms and also, a few ideas for OC.

( The characters in cursive are the ones I prefer playing )

The Mortal Instruments:

Clary x Jace
Alec x Magnus
Maia x Bat

The Infernal Devices:

Gideon x Sophie
Gabriel x Cecily

The Dark Artifices:

Emma x Julian
Christina x Mark
Christina x Diego
Mark x Kieran

Black butler/Kuroshitsuji

Alois x Claude

Kuroko no basket:

Aomine x Kise
Midorima x Takao
Kuroko x Kagami
Murasakibara x Himuro

Original characters:
(M/M only)

Vampire x human pet
Vampire x new vampire

If you're interested, please send me an email to campbellhiko@gmail.com . Thanks for reading!
Name: SR, Rose, Madhumor, whatever
LJ: this one, but it's just used for RP stuff
Email: Bewildered.reason(at)gmail(dot)com
Timezone: EST

How I RP:
-> Mostly I play by email
-> Paragraph style (1-3 usually)
-> Up for doubling characters
-> Tag 1+ (sometimes way more) times a day. Occasionally missing a tag on my double shift day.
-> Slash for the main pairing (open to others for non-main-pairings).

Game of Thrones.
I have two Lannister muses looking for lines. . .

Tyrion Lannister is looking for someone that can hold their liquor (or that can't at all because that is fun too). Must be able to hold a conversation and understand basic wit; beyond basic wit is preferred, but he would live with basic. He has a fondness for bastards and other forgotten children, but mostly for wine and wit. He has a new fascination with dragons though.
Would be extra interested in a Jon Snow, Viserys Targaryen, Ramsay Snow Bolton, someone from his current location, or a Jaime for him but super open to others.

Jaime Lannister is looking for someone that can keep up with him in a fight, that will make him loosen up at times even if he acts like he hates it, and that can convince him that perhaps there are other options than waiting for his sister to stop being so vengeful and insane. Perhaps someone who can get him to tell the story of how he became a Kingslayer and let go of some of the guilt that came with breaking that oath.
Would be extra interested in a Rhaegar Targaryen, Robb Stark, Bronn, Oberyn Martell, for him but super open to others.

Vampire Chronicles
I play: Nicolas De Lenfent and my more than just a tiny bit insane violinist is mostly looking for a Lestat, Armand, or Louis for him but open to others. but he could be talked into playing against an OC if it was someone from the theatre, or from a modern theatre. Must be able to handily bouts of insanity, or have a past connection that makes Nicki able to handle that they can't handle it. Should appreciated music, the arts, and the merits of talking to someone that isn't always completely sure what the hell they are talking about.
27 June 2016 @ 05:13 am

Who I am: OKami, an RP/writer veteran with enough time and a mighty need, located in central Europe

How I roll: I normally use a combination of an instant messenger and GDocs. E-mail is an absolute last resort, because it looks horrible. I currently run a game on Skype that's 1 reply/3 days and one on Gdocs which is realtime if we're both online. Technology is capable of wonders. So are you if you shed the misconceptions about platforms and post length.

What I do: Interaction. Therefore, my posts will be one paragraph long most of the time; if I wanted to write novels, I wouldn't be posting RP ads. Third person past tense, you know the deal. Smut. I do smut and I'll be expecting it to happen at a point during the plot. I can play male and female chars, and I can do m/m (always) and m/f (when I'm in the mood).

What I don't do: script, the usual vore-gore-scat kinks, disappearing without a word and doubling in the 'You write me this specific character for my story and I write you this other specific character for your story' sense of the word.

What I need: writers. Co-authors. Someone who actually knows what 'quality over quantity' and 'show, don't tell' means. Someone who doesn't feel like half-assing plots and grammar/style is laidback fun. I need your absolute best in exchange of mine.

What I like: Dragon Age 2 / Overwatch / Warcraft movie.

Dragon Age 2 is my favorite, I love it, I know it, I'm good at it. I love to play Anders and my Garretts but I'd happily manage others, too. Got a lot of ideas for this one. Most of them seem smutty, but that doesn't mean the story won't have a plot.

Overwatch, well- I don't play the game. I'm into this for the chars, namely Hanzo, Genji and Zenyatta. Any combination of those is great and I'd welcome McCree and Lúcio as well. Let's not talk about the rest. (possibly I could put up with a bastardized, mellowed down to a manageable level Junkrat. ALso, you can bring a Mercy to play.)

Warcraft is in experimental stages, seen the movie, read the comic, don't know anything about the game, so if you do, either help me out or steer clear of me. I'm looking to play Medivh against Llane, Lothar and who knows who else... I mean, surely he ran into some nice folks other than that lady he mentions?

AIM: ladyokami
Skype: gaalkrisztina
Hangouts/Yahoo: ladyokami
E-mail: ladyokami@gmail.com
26 June 2016 @ 09:21 pm
Hello! I'm Haley, 25, in the EST. I haven't had the greatest luck finding partners that stick around lately. Hoping you might change that!
Really searching for a m/f but could be persuaded to f//.

Contact: Thompson_h@icloud.com, I only roleplay through email.

Writing Style: Usually third person in paragraph form but I can work with what you give me. Usually write minimum of 2-4 paragraphs.

OOC Style: I'm not all about the roleplay, I'd be interested in getting to know you as well. Honestly I'm pretty friendly and have no problems talking about day to day life as we roleplay.

What I'm looking for: Someone in it for the long haul, haha. Or maybe even a short roleplay, I'm pretty flexible. 18+,
Please for the love of all that it holy DON'T give me a "wah, nobody like me", character.

What I won't do: high school, toilet, minors, rape, toilet or super weird things.

What I will do: I'm pretty open and honest and we'll tell you if I don't like an idea or a way to tweak it. Just ask, more then likely I'll do it. Into smut but would prefer some type of plot not our characters going at it 24/7.

Characters: I am open to playing a male or female character. Usually the opposite of what you will play. I will play side characters but I will not double.

What I roleplay: Usually original content only unless you persuade me otherwise. I am really into modern odd pairings, crime, some fantasy, and post-apocalyptic. If you suggest it as long as I can make sense of it I'm open to it.

Plots: I really don't have many in mind but I have a crime plot I've really been wanting to try as well as a historical one.

Please email me with a general idea of what you're looking for along with any limits!

If you have any questions or just want to pop by and say 'hi', feel free!
26 June 2016 @ 08:34 pm
I'm Heather. I'm 23-years-old; over ten years of role-playing experience. My tastes range far and wide, but currently I'm craving a story plot in particular. I'd like it to be male/male but I'm willing to compromise.

Anyway, the premise I had in mind is something I found in a graphic novel. The relationship is between a grouchy seasoned detective and his "kid" nephew. And I would love to recreate a story with similar elements (the incest bit I find intriguing). I'm indifferent as to which one I would play as; I'll leave that up to you.

Feel free to shoot me an e-mail at youko_kurama68@yahoo.com if you might be interested.

Alternatively, I have an AIM, too: masochisticlam

Hope to hear from you soon!

Will discuss details upon contacting me.

hi there.

welcome to my gothic horror/romance one on one search. i'm a 24-year-old graduate student in the humanities in canada (EST). i've been roleplaying for many years and like to think i've gotten pretty good at it. i'm currently writing a thesis and finishing my degree but not in classes, so i'm online a lot and filling time i should be working with roleplays.

T H E  D E E T Z

here are some rules and preferences. i'd appreciate it if you went through them before contacting me.

i'm equally happy to DOUBLE or not. i treat both characters equally in doubling situations. if we are not doubling, however, i will play female.

i'm largely searching for MXF but if we are doubling and there is an m// pairing you have in mind i'm happy to oblige. i'm not super interested in platonic ships for main characters.

EMAIL > GDOCS. i have skype for ooc but i won't rp over im or message boards.

i consider myself LAZY LIT/ADV. i write third-person paragraph style. my intros are usually 700-1000 words per character and my replies about 300-500 words. can be more, can be less.

i would like for this to be at least somewhat LONGTERM. i love having partners where we can pick up something else if one rp concludes or keep the same one going with new plots/generations/etc for a long time.

i don't really have LIMITS, except the obvious. i don't want pure smut but i'm fine with sex/language/violence in roleplay. i love dark themes, i love angst and grit. it's pretty hard to shock me honestly. i also love romance and shipping so.

on that note YOU MUST BE 18+. even if there's nothing explicit in our rp i'm just not comfortable roleplaying with minors.

i'm pretty active, i'd like it if you were too. a few replies a week would be ideal. i can usually reply ONCE A DAY or more.
if we use FACECLAIMS, they must be of real people (except in the case of dragon age, for obvious reasons). you are more than welcome to request i use a particular faceclaim, i don't mind at all and will almost always oblige.

i'm DITCHER FRIENDLY. life happens, i get it. i won't flood your inbox if i stop hearing from you and i would appreciate it if you didn't do that to me. of course, if i find the rp is lacking something i will make an effort to tell you or if i have lost interest, but sometimes shit happens.


as you know from the title of this thread, i am craving a gothic romance/horror, something along the lines of crimson peak or inspired by any number of books/poems (wuthering heights, jane eyre, rebecca, dracula, etc etc etc) or shows/movies (crimson peak, penny dreadful, etc). think dilapidated mansions that seem to have a life of their own, family secrets, literal skeletons in the closet, incestuous relations, madness, supernatural elements, rooms you are strictly not to enter, shady housekeepers who know more than they seem, religious figures, psychological terror, etc. add troubled heroes and intrepid heroines and it's a good time for everyone.

i just watched crimson peak so i'm kind of wanting something based around a deceitful marriage, creepy manor some hades/persephone ~feels~. i have a female oc in mind for this, but we can definitely find a way to double. i would cry a lot if you used tom hiddleston as a face claim but it is totally not necessary. this also doesn't have to be set in the victorian period. we can play with it, make it earlier or later. i would rather this not be modern, however.

i have a small plot in mind but we don't have to use it and can sort all the details out together i'm super flexible with all of this, so just come at me basically. i will probably cry over our characters a bunch and make playlists and pinboards, so just be ready for that.


[contact info]
if by the end of this experience you should wish to be in touch with me, you can send an email to SNOUFLEURS@GMAIL.COM. from there i can give you my skype if you so desire.
26 June 2016 @ 10:33 pm
Name: Becci!
LJ: BecciBelle
Email: circusandvodka@yahoo.com
Skype : CircusAndVodka
Timezone: GMT

What you RP: I roleplay a variety of things, but for right now I don’t know what mood I’m in! Therefore, I will be more interested in some plots than I will be with others. Below, I will list a few basic plot ideas that I would like to play and make my own, and obviously evolve into something new. However, less basic plots I would LOVE to play are very difficult to explain and need a lot of planning. For example, plots involving monsters or robots are in my interest right now, but there is very little demand for them!

Characters you RP: I like to play female characters! (Such a cliché, I know!) But I can double as a male if my main is a girl! I don’t know why, but girls are my preference and I love pairing them off with taller guys. (Height difference is kind of my thing.)
Characters you’re looking to interact with: At the moment, Any character you can offer is great! But then again, monsters, robots and mutations are all equally, if not more welcome!

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
I’d love to do plots such as RobotxHuman or MonsterxHuman where I play the human. I have plots lined up for these so please email and ask for details!
Another plot I would love to do is based on SansaXThe hound. Now, I am awful at playing canon characters, which is why this is ‘based on’ them instead! This would take a lot of playing and will take place in a medieval setting! So if interested please tell me upon messaging!
If interested in the monster plots, obviously these need to be planned again! So just say at the beginning of your message!

Do you smut?: I smut if there is plot! I need about a (plot70/30smut) ratio at least!

Is there anything else you would like to add?: Please don’t be shy! I will rp with anyone, literally if the plot is good, so don’t be afraid! Also, don’t worry about how much your write, depending on the plot I could write a line or a book, I’m not picky!